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League of Legends Build Guide Author bloodyarrow8

Kennen with improved 1 v 1

bloodyarrow8 Last updated on January 14, 2011
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Ok this is my first guide so gimme some feedback on things. Kennen is an awesome character if used correctly however ive always seen that even wen fed, kennen has problems with 1 v 1 battles especially against dps characters like ashe, sivir, master yi, etc. so im going to try to improve his AP build with some AS. I use it sometimes and it definitely gives me the upper hand in 1v1 fights

btw writing section is for the first build

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Pros and Cons


    An Awesome harasser
    Dominates early game / laning
    Great for team battles
    Quick ability user

    As you would know... very squishy
    Mostly sucks in 1v1 fights
    When stunned, you know your dead

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Well first things first, this build is based on AP kennen so you will need

Greater Mark of Insight - Magic Pen is extremely important for Kennen

Greater Glyph of Force - AP Kennen needs AP boost

Greater Seal of Vitality - HP boost is always a good thing

Greater Quintessence of Potency - AP in a single burst usually works for me as it doesnt exceed ap per lvl until around lv 13 and not by much

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Masteries are simple... 9/21/0 works for me but 21 in utility seems to work alright if you prefer to lane for longer (like until lvl 13,14)

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Summoner Spells

Ive been alternating summoner spells for a while and have found GHOST and FLASH the most useful.

HEAL is also a great spell but mainly useful early game when farming. Use it instead of FLASH if you usually need a boost in the laning phase.

Exhaust is alright as a spell, however ghost seems to work better with kennen

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The main part... Kennen is a great ap character however when hes caught in a 1 v 1 situation during mid or late game, your pretty much stuffed. So some changes were made to make him more hybrid however he still has great ap. Firstly get DORAN'S SHIELD and a HEALTH POT. Dorans makes kennen a powerful and lasting laner (depending on your enemies) health, health regen and armor are great and it is very worth it if your going to play aggressively. If your passive i would suggest TOME OF ABILITY to build into RYLAIS or get BOOTS OF SPEED and 3 HEALTH POTS. Either is fine depending on your style of play. Afterwards get a BOOTS OF SPEED and SORCERERS BOOTS but if you have enough, get a GIANTS BELT.

RYLAIS is a great item especially the 35% slow which helps give you more kills and assists. Furthermore the 500hp boost is great and really makes a difference. Next get a MALADY - 50% atk speed is great for kennen and it also gives you a ap boost. Afterwards, you'll want a hextech revolver. Spell vamp on kennen is great along with the ap plus later on you can build it into HEXTECH GUNBLADE... the gunblade is an amazing weapon for kennen giving him great spell vamp and a nice boost in ap and ad.

If your game goes long enough, get either a RABADONS DEATHCAP or HAUNTING GUISE if your versing strong tanks.

Remember, if you have any suggestions for items just comment!!!

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Early Game - Laning Phase

Kennen is great early game and can play mid or sides. When playing mid, stand on the side of the minions so you can easily harass your opponent with combination Q and W abilities. Your opponent might try to go to the other side of the minions to avoid your lightning shurikens leaving him vulnerable to lightning rush and electric surge combos followed by your Q move. Your opponent should be (s wording) himself and tower hugging otherwise hes a dushbag. Whilst harassing, try to last hit minions and even use your abilities to help - combination E and W abilities for minion farming is great!!

If your not going so well as in your opponent is countering your abilities and pounding you, tower hug and let him push. This way you can still gain exp and attempt last hitting minions. Also your opponent might attempt to harass you whilst tower hugging... if its working, recall or call a gank.

Laning on the sides is very similar. Use the grass to your advantage and inhabit it as much as possible. It will scare your opponents. Also make sure your team mate is nearby just in case you get stunned or attacked. With Kennen harassing and your team mate protecting, you should be able to pick off your opponents by level 6.

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Mid Game - Ganking begins

At this point, you should be at roughly between level 8 and 10. Recall if you didnt already and stock up. Buy BOOTS OF SPEED as a minimum and try to get a GIANTS BELT. Otherwise upgrade your BOOTS OF SPEED to SORC. BOOTS. Use the forest to make your way to each lane and with the help of your team, ambush the opponents. Afterwards, try and take down a tower and continue by taking down the other side and mid if possible. You should have around 3 to 5 kills and assists in total by this... if your doing better congrats!

Remember to use electric surge after lightning rush to reduce the chance of escape.

Also when escaping from battle and you really need to stun the opponent, use your ult. it might seem like a waste but if you can prevent and opponent from stealing a kill, its worth it. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to turn the battle around and finish your opponent off. After this, you should have enough to finish or almost finish RYLAIS. Continue aiding allies until the opponents beging ganking or you think the enemy can be finished with the team attacking mid.

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Late Game

Late game will always be different. Your team is either doing **** or mad and this could effect how much gold and kills your receiving. Either way, continue building items and think about ganking the mid with your whole team. If the top or bot seems easier, then go for it, but usually the mid is the way to go. Kennen has all damage-inflicting abilities, 3 of which are aoe which makes kennen one the best team fighters. Make sure your tank charges in first and throw shurikens to weaken the enemieswhen you see enemies are weakened, run in (without lightning rush) and pop your ultimate. Enemies should be dying all around you and you should be able to finish the rest off with your other abilities. Remember when using lightning rush, try to position yourself a bit further from the opponent (where they are running) so you can get a few more auto attacks and abilities on them. I always make the mistake of ending my lightning rush earlier to auto attack and they sometimes escape with anywhere from 200 to 20 health which is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!!!!

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K guys thats it for my guide. As I said it is my first guide so post comments and tell me what needs to be worked on. Remember Im not the best player in the world so i would like to have some advice from you guys too!

Thanks every1 cya