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League of Legends Build Guide Author Starios HD

Kha 'zix - The Ultimate Predator - Jungling for the victory

Starios HD Last updated on May 12, 2015
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Kha 'zix is an ultimate assasin which is effective on the Middle , Top lane and the Jungle .
He is very viable on teamfights as he can quickly turn invisible , outflank the enemy team and kill the enemy marksman in a matter of seconds . This guide will cover this type of Kha , the ultimate assasin in -the jungle .

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The items you want to get on Kha 'zix are pure AD with some Health and Penetration :

1. The Red Smite , with Warrior enchantment .
This helps both on ganks and during the early phase when you jungle . When you get this , usually on your first back , you are able to 100 % kill every gank you do if your target is overextending or/and have less than 60% hitpoints . You basically Smite - W(E) - E(W) - Q and you are able to defeat him/her .

2. The Black Cleaver
Since the last patch , the black cleaver is a very good item with provides everything necessary for an assasin , AD , Health and Penetration . With this item you will be able to go 1v2 , without getting harmed or torn to pieces , unlike with Last whisper where its just pure penetration and AD , get this one second .

3. Cooldown reduction boots . + Homeguard enchantment .
Not any comment about this one , only that you can get homeguard later in the game , after your fourth item .

4. Ravenous Hydra
This will boost your damage as well as your lifesteal . This is a basic item and can be bought before the boots .

5. Warmog's Armour
You can instead purchase Randuin's Omen instead of this one , but take this because it will give you a stronger boost in tankiness as well as HP regen .

6. Guardian's Angel
You MUST take this item because if you die in late game during a teamfight its all over ...
Try to get it as soon as possible after 35-45 minutes .

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Skill Sequence

You start up with Q and go :
W , E , W , Q , R(E) , W , Q , E , W , R(Q) , Q , Q , E , Q , E , R(W) , E

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Pros / Cons

1. Very good ganker
2. Very high damager during the mid game .
3. Easy to learn .
4. Fun to play

1.Very squishy
2.Mana hungry early.
3. Hard to master .


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