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Olaf Build Guide by BGrem261

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BGrem261

Kill Kill Destroy

BGrem261 Last updated on December 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, in this guide I will show you how I play Olaf. I prefer him to be used in lane whether that is solo top or duo bot, my preference is top lane, as he can be very viable against most champions with his "E". We will talk about his abilities later though. I guess I should state I have only been playing LoL for just about 2 months, and Olaf for only about 2-3 weeks. Since I unlocked him however he has quickly become my second favorite, only to Yorick. I really cannot think of more to say for an introduction. So, enjoy and thanks for reading!

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I build Olaf with Armor Penetration Marks, Flat Armor Seals, Flat Magic Resist Glyphs, and Flat Armor Quints. I do this mainly to give an early game tankiness along with helping late game with his ghostblade. The armor runes do help offset the fact that late game, his armor is not the greatest.

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Pretty basic here, I just go 9 in offense for armor penetration and the exhaust/ignite mastery. Then it is 21 in defense grabbing the cooldown reduction, health, and turret degrading skill. Basically, Olaf is a wrecking ball at turrets after a tough fight, if you come out on top cause of his passive and his "W" you should knock towers out rather quickly.

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The build begins with Doran's shield. Grabbing Merc Treads as soon as possible for tenacity and MR. From there you are gonna want Phage - Frozen Mallet, Chain Vest - Atma's Impaler, Brutalizer - Ghostblade, Emblem of Valor - Stark's Fevor, and Negatron Cloak - Force of Nature. With this build you will have amazing armor penetration, great life regen between your life steal, FoN, and "W", and sticking power with the ghostblade and Olaf's "Q". Substitutions can be made, but honestly this build works really well for me regardless of the situation.

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Skill Sequence

Olaf's skillset is one of the best in the game in my opinion. I grab a point in Undertow to start for early harassing, then grab a point in Reckless Swing for the almighty true damage, and then Vicious Strikes at level 3 for sustain in the lane. Obviously I grab level Ragnarok at levels 6, 11, and 16. I max his "E" first for most success in the lane I find. Has a chance to scare the opponent into initiating a fight with you so farming will hopefully come more naturally and worry free. Although if going against a 1v2 lane, I suggest maxing his "Q" first for some nasty harass to try and keep the opponents at bay. Finishing with his "W" last because it doesn't make a whole deal of difference until you add Stark's to it. His ult should always be popped when you begin the hunt for your victim, it's a great way to tell the Leona's of the world to bug off as it increases the damage you take, the armor penetration you have, and most importantly ignores all attempts of CC at you.

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Summoner Spells

With his summoner spells, I feel it is up to you obviously which you like to take, but for me when I play Olaf I take it as my roll to use my sticking abilities to chase down those pesky AD carries and use Exhaust to minimize effectiveness in fights and ignite to make the process any quicker. Of course as always Flash is a great choice here since it gives you great escapability or in my case great chasing power. Same goes for Ghost. Teleport if you feel will be leaving lane a lot.

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So, to wrap up this pretty skin and bones guide: armor penetration is your friend, and so is keeping your friends alive by knocking the AD carries of those concieted pedestals they like to stand on. In conclusion, have fun and remember to kill kill destroy!