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Urgot Build Guide by Dil2ty Gil2L

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dil2ty Gil2L

Kill or Bust

Dil2ty Gil2L Last updated on July 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Maximizing damage early game on Urgot is what every Urgot build seems to be about, unfortunately most builds have you grab a meki pendant as your first item. This hurts that attitude of early game damage.

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Armor penetration marks and quintessences are fairly standard on Urgot, as are the seals of replenishment. The way this guide diverges from others is the glyphs of replenishment, where other guides will focus on CDR, this one focuses on mana regen. This way you can afford to get that Doran's Blade early game rather than a Meki Pendant.

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Standard knock 'em dead Masteries for Urgot.

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First buy Doran's blade.

Farm for Boots and another blade, you'll be hitting hard as hell. Even though some builds will allow for 4 Acid Hunter shots per Noxian Corrosive charge, most of the time that will require you to get into turret range, and this build allows 3 Acid Hunter shots to do a lot more damage than 3 with Manamune Urgot.

Get your third Doran's blade and Boots of Swiftness, these are great for Urgot who has low base movement speed, and shouldn't need defensive boots because you should be attacking from good range. If you think you need them you can replace these with Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads.

Now the guide turns into any other Urgot brutalizer, get some defense with chain vest, then last whisper for armor penetration, guardian angel so you can swap and survive, then replace those doran's blades and your brutalizer for three hextech gunblades if the game lasts long enough.

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Skill Sequence

Put a point in to E first. Pointless to put a point in to Q first because it's hardly any good without E anyways and E is better stand alone than Q is. E gives you vision for scouting early if you have a level one fight or if your enemies like to hide in bushes in a side lane. Obviously you're going to max Q first for the damage. You will level your W before your E for that extra slow. You're not trying to do damage with your E you are using it to set up for your Q and maxing your W before E helps with this more, plus on the off chance that you aren't dominating and you need a little survivability W is gonna help you a lot more in this sense than E.

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Summoner Spells

Flash for escaping and Flash swap combo. Exhaust for Swap Exhaust combo. You should save your Exhaust for if you are being chased or to ensure a kill by Exhausting them right after ulting them, then you obviously follow with your E->W->Q->Q->Q combo (auto attacking in between Q's).

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Summary (Stacking Doran's)

I know it looks shocking to stack Doran's Blades to some of you, but they are extremely cost efficient. When you go into a lane with a Doran's Blade it doesn't feel like the best starting item, but assuming your laning opponents are playing more orthodox building styles they won't have enough money to buy their better items before you come back with boots and another Doran's Blade. So they will have boots and another small item with a lot of extra gold because they are trying to save up for that BF Sword. Now you come in with two Doran's blades: 200 health, 18 AD, 6% life steal, and you feel hella buff. Trust me you rape once you stack them and they will be behind in items. You'll send them back to buy the way you want them to. Now that they're dead and you just caught up with a nice little bonus money, you can...guess another Doran's blade. As if that last kill wasn't embarrassing enough for them after they taunted you asking you what you were building, now you have 3 Doran's blades ready to own some kids. You get the idea, but don't build 4 please lol. No matter how well 2-3 is working for you, since you will ultimately be selling these it's not really worth the inventory slots to have more than 3 Doran's items. And yes I say Doran's ITEMS. Stacking Doran's Rings on an AP champ works as well. Doran's Shields not so much, but I have had games against heavy AD teams where I will first get a Doran's Shield and then depending on whether I am AP or AD I will buy the other Doran's item.