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Kayle Build Guide by JLS83WARRIOR

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JLS83WARRIOR

Killer Kayle.

JLS83WARRIOR Last updated on September 13, 2012
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Kayle Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi all this is my first guide, so lets get to the point.
This build is for Kayle a fighter/support champion and she is very good at both.
If you follow this build Kayle becomes a mid to late game monster killing even some of the most OP champions if played right. I've tried this build a few times and have always fielded more kills than deaths.

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Skill Sequence

Start with Righteous Fury as your first pick it will help you kill minions faster and keep controll of your lane.
Getting Reckoning next gives Kayle the power to really hurt and poke other champions, it slows and increases Kayles damage to the target while they are slowed this will be your first strike weapon in tandem with Righteous Fury to kill enemy champions.
Max out Reckoning before anything else, then Righteous Fury NEVER SKIP Intervention in the skill setup, no exceptions.
Divine Blessing is not needed early game if you stay back from other champions at the start. Divine Blessing waste alot of mana for only 60hp it comes in handy late game more than early.

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Farm like crazy if you can get a solo lane this helps alot. I've took mid and solo top with the build and did awesome at both.
The faster you get gold the faster you can buy your items.
Kayle's Righteous Fury does massive splash damage to minions and other bad guys so farm those minions and only attack minions with Righeous fury active if an enemy champion is in the lane.
Use Reckoning to keep enemy champions back near their turret, REMEMBER if your minions are getting killed by the enemy turret the enemy champion in the lane is not getting gold and this slows their build.
Be catious and take your time you can kill 3 minions at a time if you attack the middle minion. Once you start getting your items you will notice you can kill large amounts of minions in seconds.

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Unique Skills

This build gives you good speed, high attack speed and high damage. If played right you can gank, murder in team fights and support your team mates with your Divine Blessing(heal) and Intervention which makes you or your ally immune to damage for a few seconds.
Righteous fury gives you massive splash damage so in team fights you can hurt alot of champions at once.
In 1v1 fights lead with Reckoning and follow with Righteous Fury you will do massive damage this way.
As soon as you start to get hit activate Intervention to take the blunt of the attack, cast Reckoning again and Righteous Fury and if needed use Divine blessing to recover health if needed, the target should be dead by this point.
If things are going bad and your trying to escape cast Intervention and cast divine blessing so this increases your speed and make you immune to damage you should be able to get away.

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Team Work

In team fights attack after the fight has broke out, this will help you survive and use your abilities on your allies. Kayle has a slow, a heal and Intervention, which is a massive advantage in fights.

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If played right this Kayle build is vicious and can field alot of roles. Thanks for reading.