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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Akali Build Guide by ShadowTempest07

Other Killing Machines: Akali. an AP/AD killer's guide

Other Killing Machines: Akali. an AP/AD killer's guide

Updated on November 24, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShadowTempest07 Build Guide By ShadowTempest07 1,335 Views 0 Comments
1,335 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ShadowTempest07 Akali Build Guide By ShadowTempest07 Updated on November 24, 2012
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Hi! i plan to show all who use this guide a unexpected but very useful build that i have never seen built before. Hope it works for all!

p.s. this build can be used for any lane, but I'd recommend either top or mid lanes.
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You want to use Ability Power and Attack Damage runes to help with her passive.
Her passive gives you bonuses only obtained by increasing your AD and AP.
Magic Pen. helps with your AP of course!
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Okay, so your masteries are all about AP and AD once again, helps you kill faster just because it increases your passive.
I noticed in most Akali builds, there isn't much AD or much that helps with your passive at all.
So that's why I'm making this build.
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[*] Boots of speed
always start with tier 1 boots...very useful early game.
[*] Health potion
try not to burn through them too quickly. but buy at least 2-3 in the beginning.
[*] Guinsoo's Rageblade
This is a good early game item, gives you AD and AP so it might as well be a keeper!
Mercury's Treads
tier 2 boots, these should help your speed of course, and keep you alive!
[*] Phage
This item really helps you keep yourself alive longer than expected, and it builds towards your next big item. (Trinity Force)
[*] Sheen
I know you don't need any mana considering akali doesn't use any, but it gives you a little boost of AP and it helps to do more attack damage.
[*] Hextech Revolver
I know we're building Trinity Force first but it is a useful item, it stacks with your passive's spell vamp. and helps build towards the Hextech Gunblade which we will recieve shortly.
[*] Trinity Force
YAY we get to the Trinity Force finally, ok well anyways, this is always useful, it has a widespread variety of effects, AP, AD, Attack Speed, Crit. All that good stuff. By this time in the game, you should have a decent amount of kills or assists depending on your lane.
[*] Hextech Gunblade
okay, so just like the Rageblade back on top, AD and AP but this time we have spell vamp. and life steal. WOOOOO! and it slows people along with giving you extra magic damage, AMAZING!
[*] Guardian Angel
You should be OP by this time, but just in case, and every good assassin needs one of these.
[*] Rylai's Crystal Scepter
this thing gives you AP and Health, now I'd think the game is over by now, but anyways you are fed, oh also this thing slows your opponents.
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Skill Sequence

okay so I think you should always start with your ranged ability, also when you use Mark Of The Assassin: it is best you try to hit them since it does bonus damage along with your basic attacks.

Now with Crescent Slash: you don't want to overuse this until the enemy's health is about half way down and you want to single your opponents out as well.

When you use Twilight Shroud: this can be an escape mechanism, not only does it boost your stats and make you invisible, but it slows any enemy standing or running through it, so use this to your advantage. It can also be a way to catch someone running away from you.

Your ultimate, Shadow Dance: DO NOT OVERUSE, please wait until at least 2 are ready, then after your enemy is half way down again, if they run use 1 of them and reuse Crescent Slash, if they don't die then throw Mark Of The Assassin again, then Shadow Dance one last time and they should be dead.

Now you need to make sure you don't go for multi kills unless you think you are ready for it.
Honestly, only go for them to show how fed you are, if your already that fed and they don't surrender, then keep getting fed and end it. WOOOOOO VICTORY! yeah i'm pretty crazy!
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Summoner Spells

Flash- useful escape mechanism, don't try to waste if going for a kill unless you really need that kill.

Ignite- finishes off champs, useful for multi kills and kills when getting jumped.
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Okay it was nice showing you this build, i hope this really helps out with all akali players out there! for more information or any requests for other builds you can email me at and i will do what i can. PLEASE comment and Like or Dislike!
looking forward to give more builds to You!!!! <3

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShadowTempest07
ShadowTempest07 Akali Guide
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Killing Machines: Akali. an AP/AD killer's guide

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