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League of Legends Build Guide Author onatoki

King Tyrndamere

onatoki Last updated on October 9, 2010
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[will be submitting new picture now that ive edited the build]

I know that your thinking. Ya it is ap tyrn. but he still has high physical damage and more survivability then your usual ad tyrndamere.

Alot of people dont realize the most potential a champion can be so I made sure I used everything of tyrns abilities.
Reasons for going ap...
For starters his ap affected skills are bloodlust and spinning blade.
- Bloodlust has a ratio of 1:1.5 ap ratio. This is useful for when your trying to escape with your ult going and have a pesky dot(s) on you and leaving them confident if you manage to get away.
- Spinning blade is affected by both ap and ad, however your ad is converted from 1:.5 ad ratio damage while your ap is 1:1 ratio. By late game you will have an aoe spell with an 8 second cooldown that can hew through a full team. Not only is it a low cooldown but for every crit you have it lowers its cd by 2 seconds causing lots of damage. (more info later)

For dps classes most people rush damage however since tyrn has bloodlust (and hopefully crit runes) that you should get crit chance and attack speed as a first main item.

Of course after youll want dps items and you already have the crit chance and attack speed you can just go for infinity edge.

Bloodlust- Now with bloodlust I think riot severely overpowered it. with zhonyas and rlyais (as well as ignite passive and archmages savvy) your ap should be 220.8 have zhonyas 25% included (220.8/100= 2.208*25%= 55.2+220.8= 276 ap. | 276*1.5 ap ratio= 414+50(lvl 5 bl)= 464*8(number of bl stacks)= 3,712 heal power. You dont have to be a math wiz to know that 3,712 is a big number this gives you more then enough without a heal debuff to fully heal yourself.

Spinning slash- With rylais it grants hp and ap and not to mention to slow enemies with your spin not just catching up with them basically allowing a second mocking shout. The math goes as following (220.8+240= 460.8+((195+(8bl stacks= 24ad)= 219/2))= 109.5= 570.3 spin damage. Now this is without a 6th item obviously it might change depending on what 6th item you get but will only increase if you choose to get another ap or dps item.

This build also grants tyrndamere of multiple roles. You will be a self supporter and have high hp encouraging the enemy to target lower health teammates (almost tank like). You can nearly take down a team with the double invul however I recommend using zhonyas first. (its a lower cd and if u use zhonyas after u ult your going to be at low hp after you come out of it.) You can easily 1v1 but against a team it is highly prized as it is cd very quickly and can keep spinning through the enemies if you aim accordingly with a 570+ spin you could be dealing up to 2000-3000 damage in one spin through a team of 4 or 5.

Since tyrns passive gives crit chance already I figured 60% crit chance at lvl 18 full health thats all about you need to get crits during the game letting you to plan your 6th item. Again i just go with bloodthirster you heal yourself for a ton but can still go with anything you like.

please send any feedback if you have any questions.