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Viktor Build Guide by Butmonger

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Butmonger

Kite Star Viktor, An Idiotic Build I Play With

Butmonger Last updated on September 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So i though up this build, when i was just playing Viktor in rotation, then i thought, that it is actually viable.When i bought Viktor i was choosing between auguements...Everyone was getting red, but i didn't see much to it, exept for damage so i chose yellow.And i made up this stupid build with my friends with the Q movement speed boost and the Rylai slow is one hell of a kite.So this is my first guide, don't expect anything special.

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Pros And Cons


-Good teamfighter
-Good lane harras
-Can win alot of trades in early-mid game
-Pretty tanky, while dealing good amounds of damage
-Really good vs squishy targets, who are not very mobile


-His Q range is pretty low, and the shield is not instant
-May have mana problems, because no mana items are included in this build
-Most of his spells can be avoided, thats why he is weak vs mobile champions
-Pretty high cooldowns

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I chose these runes, because they are standart mage runes.The magic pen is needed, most ap mids will get magic res blues, and some will try to build early magic res, so i think these are necessery.The yellows are for late game deffence.You will probably be focused and you need a bit of protection.Choose from the armor per level or the health per level runes, i personally go for the armor ones.The blues, i preffer magic res, about 95% of the time you will be vs an ap mid, the 12 magic res will deffinetly help.Ofcourse you could go for ap or ap per level blues but i don't like them.So now, the quints.I choose AP, because some ap early on will help, you could allways go for ap per level or magic pen, but i preffer flat AP.
These runes will give you a mix of damage and durability.

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The masteries are nothing special, i go for them on most ap mids.The 21 in offence are pretty standart, most people will take them.It gives mainly damage but i think it is the best.And then comes the utility.As I said before, I get no mana items, so the masteries should compensate.Mana, flash cd reduction, better buff duration all that good stuff.I personally don't go into deffence, but the utility ones can be replaced with 9 in deffence.Though i preffer the utility.

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Skill Sequence

So i choose to max Q first, then E.Why is that so, you may ask, isn't E better?Well i don't think so.The E is pretty hart to hit, and especially when playing vs skilled players, who know well how the lazer can be dodged.The Q is Viktor's most reliable spell in this build, not only does it shield but allso gives a brief movement speed bonus with the yellow auguement.Don't forget about rylai, it works best with his Q, you get the most slow.I max Q, because it is guarantied to hit and the shield is usefull.There is one bad thing, though.The spell is pretty slow and the shield is given after it has returned to Viktor.People will normaly abuse this to damage him before his Q returns.You want to try to hit them with Q whenever they go for a minion, or when they are about to make a trade of blows.Also when chasing or running away, try to hit the nearest enemy with Q to get the movement speed bonus.

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So now, the item choice.You will almost allways start with boots 3 pots.Later i buy a ring,pots and wards, if I don,t have enough for the auguement.This is kite star Viktor and to be a kite star you need 2 core items.Auguemwent Power and Rylai.It will do sort of a movement speed drain, giving you a brief movement speed boost and slowing them briefly, let's not forge. About the shield so these are the basics of kite star.Now the boots.Your normal boots will be sorserer, if it is goin well.But if not you may consider going for other boots.If you are getting easily bursted or cced I recommend merc treads.But if they sent a Talon mid or something ad you might want to get ninja tabi.Later I make a death cap and a void staff for damage.Sometimes I get a deathfire grasp, but rarely.I buy Abysal or Zhonya more often, sometimes GA.