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Kog'Maw Build Guide by TigerBladezz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TigerBladezz

Kog Maw: /J = Battle Trumpet!

TigerBladezz Last updated on August 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Battle Trumpet Kog Maw /J to win. This is the build that me and my friend created and use for Kog Maw. Kog Maw is a ranged carry. He be build many ways. The build we perfer is AS and AP ( Attack Speed and Abilty Power ). We found that this is fun and strong way to build and play Kog Maw. We spent over an hour figuring out builds and items for him that can make him accel in mid and late game. We chose the item in this build based on stats and in strength. He takes AP on each spell and AD on ultimate. His AP ratio's are very good. We hope you like this build and learn how to play Kog Maw, we have spent alot of time on this. Enjoy.

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We take Magic Penatration Marks to give all his spells more damage to other champions throught the game.
For Seals we take Ability Power. Its helps him early game with more bonus AP throught the game.
We have Ability Power Glyphs as well. So early game he is more powerful. Plus more AP throughtout as well.
Finally for Quintessences we have more Ability Power. You know what happens throughtout...
With these bad boy's you will be rocking over 27 AP at lvl 1 but with the addition of a Amplyfing Tome you will be rocking 47 AP at lvl 1. :D
With these runes your void ooze will be hitting over 110 damage at lvl 1.

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Masteries are pretty simple. Look at the tree and set them like this. In my first ranked game with Kog Maw * rocking lion dance * I did very good with him, 13-5 to be exact. Just use these and you will be set.

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Ok this is fun. For the Items start with the Amplyfing Tome and 1 Health Potion. Then buy boots and start building Malady and Berskers Greves. Once You get them both you will have very good attack speed and be shreding the opposing championg magic resistince early on. Then start building your Lich Bane its gives you AP and Magic Resitatnce, Movement Speed and Mana and the Beatiful on hit Passive that is great for ur ultimate. Once you purchase lich bane, try to get auto attack or a spell in after the passive activates. Then build a hextech gunblade. Its is great with his attack speed since u get spell vamp and life steal, and you get good attack damage and ability power which both work for your ultimate. The get a Rabadons Death Cap to just sh*t on your opposing champions. When you buy Rabadons your AP will sky rocket, your moves will be doing alot of damage with your spells. Nashors Tooth, now this puppie fell out of baron nashors mouth when I kicked his *** with Jax. This well give you crazy attack speed and boost your AP and well give you crazy Cooldown Reduction. Use his tooth wisely. Jax doesnt want to kill baron too much now he has a life you know being really OP he has things to do people to beat up. Optional items are Madreds BloodRazor, Wits End, Thornmail, Rylias, and Banshee's Vail. These are items you buy depending on who your agasint, the scores of eniemies, how the game is going, what your score is, and each one is bought for a certian reason. So for Madreds you buy it too replace Nashors or Malady if they have a tank heavy team. Wits End is for when that Mage gets Fed and You need the something to take him down. Thornmail is for when their is a fed fighter and you need to do some damage to him and teach him a lesson and use his damage agasint him switch this out for nashors. Rylias is used for when you need HP and AP so you can still slow people so they wont get away easy. Rylias would replace Hextech. Banshess's Veil is for when there is a alot of CC on the opposing team and you need durability agasint them. A CCED Kog Maw is useless. Period....

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Summoner Spells

Our perfered summoner spells are Ghost and Ignite. Ghost is good for a chase, postioning, and getting away. Ignite is for the finisher or getting them low while fighting. Its good agasint Healers like Mundo, Swain and Warwick etc.
Flash is opptional if you perfer it more then ghost by all means take it.
Exghust is a good subsitute spell for ignite if you feel you want no one to get away.
I think no other spells can be useful with Kog Maw maybe if you new then you waste and run through mana maybe take clarity but thats about it. All the rest arent a good fit for Kog Maw. Reivie, Smite, Rally are BIG no no's. Cleanse and Teleport are good if you use them alot. You can switch them out if you choose to. Heal, Fortify and Clarivoynce are good for tanks and surrports but not Kog.

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Kog Maw needs a good farm if he is not doing amazing. Once Kog has his ult he can farm easily with Void Ooze and Living Artillery, try and rack up many minion kills to get good exp and gold because the items are expensive but worth it because at the end of this build you are nearly unstoppable. Even if you are doing good you should farm. Kog Maw's ult has a stack. So be very careful with it. It drains more and more man every consectutive time you use it. So what I do is use it twice for to stacks. Then wait for stacks to come off then do it again so it doesnt drain your mana as fast.

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Pros / Cons

The Pro's:
Has great range
Has great mid and late game damage
Has good Ap ratios on most of his spells
Can be very strong with attaks or spells and both put together are unstopable
Has very good killing power with attack speed plus Bio Arcane Barrage
Looks cool
Barfs on people
His joke keeps the charge going (hence the name of the build)
Void Ooze makes for perfect ults.

The Con's:
Squishy (but with the range you wont be in team fights you will be spamming ults and attacks from the back row
Dosent have good escape ability (try not to find your self in sticky situations)
Prone to ganks
Oftenly Targeted
Slow Move speed

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is to maximize his spells because all of Kogs Spells are great so no need to make one very weak till late game any time that you cn level up ult do it because it is soooo worth it. Focus on leveling void ooze and balance out all your moves but make sure void ooze is ahead. DONT NEGAELCT HIS Bio Arrcane Barrge it is a very awesome spell. So use it wisely and you can snipe your targets. :P

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Ranked Play

In ranked Kog Maw is usally targeted some times but in ranked i figured out the kog has very good ranked laning depending on who your with. Kog Maw should not be in the fight so be in range so you can lay down all or most of your spells and Bio Arcane Barrge should not be negelcted. Its is AWESOME spell overall so use it for harrasing and sniping down targets trying to get away. When you play ranked and you are laning you should have a fighter or off tank like Renekton or Jarvan. Only be mid when you can get a hold off kog and depending on who is mid and how you are doing. Make shure you dont get ganked so dont go far out when people are missing on the map. Even of there is no mia you have to keep a eye on the map with Kog. Stay with you lane partner because you cant be going all alone in you lane and try and kill the opposing champions cause you can get 2v1 and die or get ganked so stay with you teammates. You wanna be careful with your ult harrasing because it stacks and drains mana more and more so if you harras you wanna w8 for he stacks to cool down before you keep going. When you die in a 2v1 or a gank try and get the lowest guy BUT in a team fight get the guy with a good amount of hp * unless you KNOW you can get the lower guy and kill him *. With Kog only get HP or Armor if you really REALLY REALLLY need it, ONLY play ranked wit him when you think you can or else you can get pwned. I played kog alot before the ranked game with Kog so you should to.

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Hey so this is the build that we have made up we have have spent a lot of time adnd put a lot of effort to make this this is our first build and plz no troll down votes because you dont like hybrid Kog or you played one game and did bad then said the build is **** because you didnt do well on your first game because most people dont so here is the build tht we have found most effective and fun so hope you all enjoy it and have fun with Kog Maw because he is very fun and very powerfull when learned well.