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Kog'Maw Build Guide by jygalagg

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jygalagg

Kog Maw, Step aside Caitlyn

jygalagg Last updated on August 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone, this is my first guide For Kogmaw. I will lay out some of the finer points to playing a ranged champ. I enjoy playing Kog as Ap/Atkspeed magic damage on hit.

This build will show you how to play kog from a Caster perspective but At a range where you are safe from danger, the only time You should die is early game when you get ganked or you get a little greedy.

Let get on with it then shall we?

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Pros / Cons

Greatest ranged poke in the game
Very consistant damage in team fights
Durable for a caster (he can still brawl if needed)
Very very very annoying to fight
Becomes godly with the blue buff

Though he has the greatest consistant ranged attack in the game its still easily juked, and doesnt do a massive ammount of damage until its passive begins stacking.
Durable for a caster, Not durable for a fighter (Its best to stay out of melee range, learn to kite)
Strict learning curve, you rely on your void ooze skill shot as well as living artilary , if you use it recklessly you'll die, even if you don't you may still die
Reliant on blue buff before you get archangels and nashor's tooth (If you see a champion like kassadin on your team its irresponsible for you to even take kogmaw)

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Summoner Spells

Strong summoner Spells:
Ghost (RUN!!)
Flash (GTFO!!)
ignite (With the ignite mastery its another 10 ap, isnt good isnt bad, best to take when the enemy has a healer)

Decent summoners:
Teleport (If you need to go defend a tower, sometimes its not best to take this unless others on your team are also utilizing it)
Exhaust (Good for 1v1 fighting)
clarity (If You're new to kogmaw and arent good with mana management)

revive (Trololol)
Heal (If you need to use this, you're probably dead anyway)
Rally (Does anyone use this?)
Smite (We aren't jungling)

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For Runes I suggest using

9x Greater Mark of insight
9x Greater Seal of clarity
9x Greater Glyph of insight
3x Greater Quintessence of swiftness

This allows me to build up to 30 Spell pen at lvl 1 which is more than enough to harass any foe. I use swiftness because kog is quite slow through out the game, this allows you to chase a little better once you've aquired your rylais

Optional runes include

9x Greater mark of desolation
9x (keep clarity)
9x Greater glyph of alacrity
2x Greater quintessence of desolation
1x Greater quintessence of alacrity

This rune set up is for AD kog which I will not be not building for, AP/atk speed is far superior.

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I go with the standard 9/0/21 Mastery set up. Enough said.

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My kogmaw build focus' on ranged poke to weaken my enemies for my team. This is exemplified by the Archangels and Rylais scepter and nashor's tooth. With 31% cdr from masteries and items your ult cool down should be below 1 second, about .4-.5, But when we get down to it kogmaw is still a brawler no matter how much ap you load onto him, this is where Your blood razor comes into play. eventually you will run into someone who will juke you left and right and you will need to fight. If you haven't build at least a little ad and they single you out, your days may be numbered.

So to review:
Madreds Bloodrazor: For when you need to straight up fight some fool
Nashor's tooth: Helps your razor, helps spam abilities, Mana regen. Decent item
Rylais: Make your ult a living nightmare makes you a little beefy good item.
Archangels Staff: bread and butter caster item, Helps you spam your ult and keep your mana up.
Hextech Gunblade: Lifesteal/Spell vamp, Ad/Ap an active that helps you slow a single target. What's not to like?
Sorc Boot: Any boots will do, this is just my choice. I usually vary between Ionian and sorc, if I go ionian I build a death cap in lue of nashor's tooth.

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Kogmaw is an odd farmer early game. If you do decide to go AP/Atk speed you may have a difficult time farming early. Using your caustic spittle will help you last hit untill you can buy a madreds razor, farming from then on should be cake. Use Void ooze to weaken a line of minions and finish them off with caustic spittle.

I will stress this now, NEVER EVER EVER EVER SIT THERE AND AUTO ATTACK. Make sure that if you're attacking a minion you kill it.

I hate nothing more then seeing that early game CS going to waste. It is too important to a ranged carry. Unfortunantly its sad but true. Ranged carries rely on farming minions, not always champions :( If you play your cards right, you should gave your rylais madreds razor and sorc boots by the 15-19 minute mark depending on your cs/kills/deaths.

Once you have that be as agressive as you'd like, ganking becomes a cinche, go crazy.

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Team Work

Your roll on your team is harass the enemies when defending towers, much like corki you can harass with impunity on their tower. You either force them off the tower or force them to engage when they are too hurt to win.

your focus as kogmaw should either be the enemy ranged carry, or if you can focus out anyone person that has neglected to build magic resist but has stacked health, they will be your best bet for an easy kill.

NEVER EVER front line, make sure that to begin most team fights you are isolated from your team, raining death from afar. Nothing scares people more then seeing their health drop from an enemy in an unknown location. Once you can get someone to half or lower go into attack range and pick them off with a combination of void ooze and bio arcane barrage, they will die.

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Skill Sequence

At lvl 1 I like to level my caustic spittle. It adds some minor attack speed and gives a good last hit mechanine. Also semi decent for harass because it lowers armor AND magic resist. Make sure though you take 1 point in all abilities up to lvl 3-5 but max out your Q/E Q if you can afford to farm/harass, E if you want to go for some kills or want a better chance of escaping.

Both your Q and E have the same base damage but have different ratios. Your W should be the LAST thing you max.

To review:

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My Kogmaw match history

Coming soon to a guide near you!!

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Well That all folks. Kogmaw is an intensely fun and hard champion to play, but he is very useful to your team when played correctly.

I hope this guide can help guide some of you to victory.

Good luck summoners