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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Dalacman

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dalacman

Kog Maw - The Cutest Void Monstrosity Ever!

Dalacman Last updated on August 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is my first Guide on MOBAfire and normally I don't post my builds places because they don't vary much from the highly voted guides already on here.

Kog Maw is a champion that benefits greatly from on hit effects. His Caustic spittle passively increases his Attack Speed, allowing him to hit more often, and his Bio-Arcane Barrage is one of the best on hit effects in the game at Rank 5. Bio-Arcane Barrage is the crux of winning with Kog Maw, and built right he can quickly melt the faces off any champion in 10 hits or less. So I'm here to show how I choose to win with Kog Maw, and hopefully give you some ideas on how you might play him next time.

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Pros / Cons


    With Bio-Arcane Barrage and Living Artillery, he has the best range in the game
    Massive Damage to Tanks and Squishies alike, since were doing % of max health
    Can scout potential Ganks with Living Artillery

    Not Very Fast, though we build items that somewhat fix this
    You can not take on multiple aggressive champs on your own

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Summoner Spells

The best Summoner spells for Kog Maw are Teleport, Flash, Exhaust, and Ignite, pretty much in that order.

Teleport is because your so slow and tend to get focused out of the lane frequently, but also it allows you get around the map to guard towers and even back door with Lich Bane.

Flash is allways useful, no matter what champion your playing. If you only use to get away then it has been more useful than many other spells that could be here. It allows to get kills and survive team fights that go bad. Note: Never use this to initiate. You are Kog Maw, ranged DPS, not a Melee Carry or Tank, you get squished if initiate with this.

Exhaust is also a great spell, filling some similar functions to Flash, ensuring kills on enemies and allowing to get away from one champ. If you put the mastery point in it, it really helps getting those kills, since we don't have much Magic Pen or Armor Pen in this build.

The last spell, Ignite, is really only considered if you ABSOLUTELY need more damage, early game it can ensure some laning kills but so can Exhaust and Flash, But really it come down to your on personal preference.

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I can't really recommend any other runes than these but these are all i have atm. The Marks are really the only change i would make because im feeling Attack Speed would far more appropriate for a champion like Kog Maw than Magic Pen. Cooldown Glyphs, Armor Seals, and Movement Quints are all there because i tend to play a lot of different champs and they are the most widely usable.

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General Gameplay and Strategy

In deciding early game who you should be laning with try and go with a Off Tank or Tank that has a good slow, snare, or stun. With these abilities you can focus down someone real quick, especially if you have Exhaust. While your laning in the early game, you should be farming like a boss while trying to keep the other champs at bay, and killing them if your Tank can CC them. Keep in constant communication with your lane partner and other team mates to know if its safe to dive or not and things of that nature.

When you need to kill someone, focus him till hes dead. Open with Caustic Spittle to get some good damage in and his resistances lower, than switch on Bio-Arcane Barrage and hit him with your Liviing Artillery to ensure your Lich Bane is doing all it can.

In team fights and chases your ultimate is one of the more useful, you can hit champs behind turrets and hit multiple members of their team with it. When your tank or melee DPS engages focus the champ they hit, using the same techniques as above to take the fight as a series of 1v1's. Keep your distance, Bio-Arcane Barrage gives you the biggest range in the game for basic attacks and Living Artillery has great range, especially for the damage it does and its super low cooldown.

If you find your self without anything to do, grab an Aura, you benefit from both red and blue, or push a lane. With Teleport and Lich Bane, you can back door turrets pretty well. Always try and be there when your team goes for Dragon or Baron, your % of max health helps a lot when dealing with those Neutral Monsters.

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Berserker Greaves: I know this build relies heavily on magic damage, but this build doesn't leave a lot of room for other Attack Speed items, so we need it wherever we can get it, because the more time's you hit, the more times your dealing % of their max health.

Archangel's Staff: We build this because Kog can through some serious mana if you spam his Ultimate enough. I build this all the way up to Archangels staff because the AP helps all of his abilities, including his main damage dealers of Bio-Arcane Barrage and Living Artillery.

Lich Bane: Im still deciding on whether i want this in here or not, but with all the AP in this build it seems like a no brainer. Extra Mana, MR, and even movement speed, this baby is sweet in this build before the best part, The AP to damage on your next attacks helps greatly, especially since your spamming your abilities thanks Archangel's Staff.

Rabbadon's Death Cap: This should also be a no-brainer, with 1% of your AP giving you additional % of max health to Bio-Arcane Barrage and every other ability benefiting from AP, every AP character should take this if they don't already.

Madred's Bloodrazor: Now this is the big divergence from normal AP Kog Maw. Madred's may be the best item ever conceived of for Attack Speed characters. The Additional 4% of max health, 40% attack speed increase and even some damage and armor, this item was made for Kog Maw.

Trinity Force: I know this build is already really expensive, but Trinity force is the last item and honestly you may never see it in many games. However, Bonus attack speed, Health and Mana, and even Damage and AP, the only thing Kog Maw doesnt benefit from is the Critical Strike Chance, since we're not building that, though its not a bad thing to have either.

Early Game: We start with boots of speed and 2 health potions and mana potion. Kog Maw is squishy and slow early game, so we try and fix that get some survivability in lane. On your fist B to base, finish your boots and start work on your tear, if you can't straight buy it. Don't worry too much if your getting pushed out of lane, we got Teleport for that exact reason.

Mid Game: Laning is either going super slow or its almost over by this point and you've worked into your Archangels staff for a surprising amount of AP and Mana and you should be working on your Lich Bane by getting sheen first so your can start really spamming your abilities and melting some faces with Bio-Arcane Barrage. At the end of this phase you might have finished it and gone onto Rabbadons, if so i recommend waiting till you can buy your Needlessly Large Rod first, giving you the largest bonus before you finish the item.

Late Game: Now comes the real pain, you have all your AP items and you can melt some faces with your abillites, but once you get Madred's Bloodrazor the game is basically over for the other team, because now your doing 15% of their max health each hit with Bio-Arcane Barrage in addition to the damage from Lich Bane and Living Artillery (Which you are spamming constantly, right?) At this point, if the game goes on any longer, cause they refuse to surrender or your team is actually having a hard time (i.e. they suck) you might actually see your Trinity Force, which just reinforces everything were already doing, making you much better all around.