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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quemedo

Kog'maw - AD/Speed easy build

Quemedo Last updated on September 8, 2010
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Hello and welcome, this is a easy build for Kog'maw: The mouth of the abyss.

This guide will only tell about gear you gonna use, why use this build, some tips on what to do and what not to do, stuff like that.

First of all, the gear itself:

  1. First item: I choose dagger when i'm not soloing mid because of Caustic Spittle and more harass power on Bio-arcane Barrage. You should be able to harass pretty hard most people you encounter in you way and depending on who you line with, get some early kills.
  2. Second item: You will need boots fast. You are VERY weak against ganks, so having the extra moving speed is good. Using berserk's or swiftness is a good choice for Kog'maw, play with some and see what's best for you.
  3. Third: Get madred's razors first. Why? Because if you want to gank and/or get some kills you need the Lizard buff for extra damage/slow. This combo of Bio-arcane Barrage and Lizard Buff makes Kog'maw VERY strong champion early game. You should have this around lvl 8-10 tops. At this point you attacking at 1.4 speed prob and with the lizard buff killing most champions quite easily alone (if not fed ofcourse). After this finish Madred's and start Malady.
  4. Fourth: Malady is a item to finish your attack speed (with Malady you will be near 2.35speed) and a little LifeSteal will help you A LOT. Some people say LW is better but i like the lifesteal, so i stick with it.
  5. Fifth: Start and finish Frozen Mallet, gonna give you a little more survivability and Slow-on-hit procs. This will help with any champions that's try to run away.
  6. Beyond: After Frozen Mallet is done, your core items are done. You have now two slots to choose what get next. If the game is full of tanks with high armor, get a black cleaver. Lot's of tanks with magic resist (that will diminish your damage with Bio-arcane Barrage and Madred's, get a Abyssal Scepter for some magic penetration. And if the game last long enough a GA is always a good choice. Or even more damage. Your choice.

With all this your have a almost capped attack speed, very strong skills that will let you over-damage almost anyone and a very long extra range. Use this wiselly.

Some tips on Kog'maw and this build:
  • ALWAYS, and i can't say that more clear, ALWAYS get the Lizard Buff. You need it, the buff need you, you both in love. Get it. Love it. Use it. Doesn't matter if you already 40min ingame, keep using it, you gonna aprove.
  • Aim for squishies champions or high-health champions. You are made to kill them. You don't have a lot of armor pen not even white-hit high damage. You do have skills that make you do around 10% more damage based on health EACH HIT. With this is mind, you damage is fast enough to kill squishies in around 3-6sec and high health champions around 5-8secs.
  • Don't initiate fights with enemy champions that can disable you missing on the map, unless you know they are not near you. You are very weak against any kind of gank, so be aware of your surrounding and where is the enemy team every time.
  • Exhaustion can easily shut you down, so if you on a 1x1 and are exhausted remember to use your skills. Ultimate + caustic spittle + void ooze will still do damage until you can finish the enemy with bio-arcane.
  • Always use living artillery on brushes. With the low cost of mana you can find most people on brushes and avoid some ganks. Use wiselly.
  • Stand behind your group. You can enter a fight pretty easy because of the extra-range you receive, so you don't need to be near people to kill them pretty fast.

FYI: I play Kog'maw since he was an underground champion, with both AP builds and Hibrid builds. But now, AP build just not compare to full AD build and/or hibrid.

I will update this build when i find it usefull and/or via comments that may be showing up sometime.

Thank you for reading.