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League of Legends Build Guide Author Karfiol

Kog'Maw AP Build - Gotta instant kill?

Karfiol Last updated on November 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Kog'Maw AP Build - Gotta instant kill?

Hero who is not being put, with incredible range delivery and excellent support team.

EDIT 14.11 - Change Armor runes to Armor per level (for me, this is better for later game)

Short Info

Pros of ap kog
- totally incredible range
your 3 rank have 2000range ... so fun :)
- very potent slow
at five rank you gotta 60% slow...enemy never run
- ranged nuker
repeating ulti mana increase, but if necessary it may be spam
- later instant killer mages/ranged dmg
with stack of mejai and others items, your void ooze get monster damage
- not bad hp by the end (3102)
early in the game carefully, and later may be risking

Cons of ap kog
-hard to aim his ultimate
exercises in this cons drops out
-problem with tanks
build problem... do not focus on the tanks if you are not sure
-must farm more minions than others
by using void ooze (after rank 4) and artirety gots MAGE wave out...=easy, fast money
-hard stack mejai ap item
simply careful..dont risk..with your ultimate Its not so hard
when spell used intelligently and accurately = no problem :P


Caustic Spittle
not very usefull spell for AP Kog, later it will pay out passive attack speed combined with Bio-Arcane Barrage if you have no mana, or ulti 5x Stacked
Bio-Arcane Barrage
useful spell early in the game...hit it when enemy run or spam to get damage of the heroes..5rank take 6% hp at hit (-magic resistance)..and useful to destroy towers, mobs, and creep in forest
your main spell - early in game spam this (keep trying dmg all at once - enemy heros and mobs), later for escape, easy aim ultimate, help your team, control path and many many more ... we need to experiment
Living Artillery
best skill of kog, be careful to stack additional mana and anticipate..dont spam all the time, use with caution nad your brain hf

really nice and funny spell ... its simple ... if you die, runs with an enemy you have little hp and reach them ... if they run away, you can kill mobs and get a few gold :)


so we start...pick up your mana gem+potion and go to lane...While playing, try to stay back, only going in for last hits, or preferably spam the Void Ooze (you can try use enemy ports/stuns or start hitting them as they are slowed in your Ooze)

When you have hit level 6 and picked up your ultimate, start using a combination of void ooze+ulti for dmg enemy heros. When u dont have a mana while spam your spells use clarity or mana potion. When you dont have mana, or you have little life will return for shoes (minimal for the return is 1000g). Now start build Mejai, and be more cautious than before. GL HF in later game. Next start Rod of Ages - start blasting want, next use your mana Sapphire crystal to complete staff. At Rylai staff start with HP. The slow on the ultimate isn't that much but makes aiming A LOT easier. After that, if the game goes far enough pick up the zhonya's ring, for the large amount of bonus AP (and the active...useless for warwick, ryze and etc...). If the game is still going, grab a Void Staff for magic pene. If you are sure to not have gold for void staff, buy potions to AP and recution CD.

Summoners Spells
This is necessary to keep your mana up to be able to spam your void ooze or ultimate.
Allows you to either catch up for an artillery or get away effectively. For me a flash is worse choise.

TIP : If you pop it right before you die, your dead kog (passive) will move faster. Finish it :).

AP is primary charakter of this blue and quintessence directed to AP. The magic penetration runes allow you to skip magic penetration until late game. Yellow is useful to go armor or mana. But i think armor is better, 190 mana bonus (9 greater seal of Knowledge) not usefull for later game.

Offense only for 15% spell pene - this is very useful (and bonus AP + reduction CD). Putting your other 21 points into the utility tree gives you 3% movement speed which helps you kill and avoid getting killed and some mana regeneration because you do not have any other source of mana. At the bottom is 15% reduction in cooldowns for summoner spells (mainly for ghost). 6% reduction CD in utility + 3% in offense...9% in masteries + 15% when you stack melai item = 24% reduction CD free (no need CD reduction item). Clarity will help your team.

Lich Bane on AP Kog - AP Kog main advantage is the team collaboration, and magic penetration on Void Staff help your ultimate

Will of the Ancients on AP Kog - You can replace the Void staff, good choice for care players, but negative for players who going to magic resistance. In most cases Void Staff is better for me.

Archangel staff on AP Kog
For me, hp on others items is really needed. This is no good idea.

Ok...this is all...GL HF guys..for me, this build really works (1 month test).

My last game versus 2x lvl 30 (we are 18,20,20)