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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blacksoul178

Kog'Maw : Call The Thunder!

blacksoul178 Last updated on June 28, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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*Im Still Trying To Find Some Better Items combination/order . Also , Im kinda New To AP Heroes, so my Runes are tier 1 atm but working towards t3 ones

wellcome to kog'maw, the living mortar, this is the ap build im using atm , ive been pretty successfull so far, getting between 8-15 kills per game/2-6 deaths, (average ratio of 2.5 kills per death)

pros of this build :
-Better Harass then kat/mordekaiser
-Extremely Strong in Team Fights.
-Less Squishy then most build
-M.Pen allows you to dish out decent amount of damage
-Medium good survivability (roughtly 65 % gank escaping chances depending on cc/position)
-Fun To Play
-Awesome kamikaze passive

-Kog'Maw's movement speed is awefull
-Extremely mana costy hero. (calice/blue buff will help compensate)
-Hard to push towers early game(low ap early game)

Goal Of The Build
-High Magic Pen
-Decent Mana Regen
-Rylay's Slow Ability
-Mortar Abusing, and using your void ooze as support for your team/ bursting a single ennemy along with caustic spittle

Summoner Spells
-Ignite: will help you get first blood easyer and will make it alot easyer to kill early game (if your logic Your Playing Mid and by the time ur lvl 3 , your opponent should be dead )

-Flash: You might wonder, Why Flash ? still aiming for the first blood, it realy helps if u flash onto your ennemy , ignite/ooze/spittle , you just got your first blood. also , makes it alot easyer to get out of sticky situation ( works better then ghost to me as you can jump Thru Doodads and juke your ennemies.

-Void Ooze: good burst Early/late game, and the slow will often save you from getting ganked/help run away (remember , you have flash and 60 % slow if non neglectable)

-Caustic Spittle: Burst Damage is The Main Purpose Of This Skill, has a very good AP Ratio

-Living Artillery : this is were the game Begins , you get crazy range (1400/1700/2000) and your attacks are devastating (first level will do ~ 200, 2nd 300-350, 3rd lvl will do ~ 500 and has a .9 sec cd , this will rape ennemies while pushing or in team fights

-Bio-Arcane Barrage. for this build , this skill is pretty useless, as you have barely any attack speed, thats why i set it up as last skill to lvl. id rather have a decent to weak escape mecanism then this honestly

Early Game
-Meki, 2* health pot,
-try to harass a bit , aim on getting last hits, your still weak,
-try to get your first blood with flash ignite/spittle/ooze, at this point , you want to feed as much as possible ,
-try not to go back to base before you have enought for calice and boots

Mid Game
This Starts When You Get Your Ult .
You are now a huge dps machine and you can harass without risking anything at all
remember your ult deals about 160-200, the hard part here, is landing your ult and mana conservation , calice should make it easy if you dont spam artillery too much
what you should get next, sorceror's shoos, and start building rylay . i personaly priorise the giant's belt vs the ap items, as 430 hp , will make you alot harder to kill.
-you should have ~ 15 % +20 M.Pen , and ~ 90 ap at this point , your skills slow by 35 % (godly with mortar)
late game starts when you have rylay

Late Game
You now have an additional slow, decent mpen , and good burst/range, (lvl 11-12 ~)
-your next stop is a haunting guise: why haunting guise ? 200 hp (non neglectable along with rylay thats 700 extra hp ) also, 20 extra magic pen. a bit of AP

Then You Want To Start Building your Zhonya's ring: Why Rylay over Void Staff ? the use on it can be life saving often , or delay you death wich will allow you to get killing blows easyer with your passive if you die . not to say , your in desperate need of AP cause 130 ap~ at lvl 12-15 is awefully low, this will kick you up to 260-280 ~, wich will basicly double your damage output

Very Late Game ?
If You Managed To Get All Those , Your Golden , now Ur Saving Ur gold to buy You Void Staff, (remember this is a m.pen build)you should reach 49 % magic pen+~ 60 raw Mpen. (anything with less then 118 MR , will get reduced to 0 or lower. Most Heroes Dont Go Over 70 MR)

If You Arent Farming Blue Buff Already well... wtf are you doing ?!?!?, blue buff with give you ~ 180 Mp5. trust me , with that much mp5, you can spam artillery nearly non stop, at this point(and before also of course, i start farming blue buff ~ lvl 11-16) and i just stay behind my team when were pushing and i spam artillery on the ennemy team and usualy steal all the kills ( i got my first quadra kill with this hero :D, and almost a pentakill). if my team is pushing a lane , i often go in the jungle and just bombard then directly on their turret and with the low cd (.9 sec-20 % ~ .68 sec cd ) i can usualy land 2 mortar on a target before they move , hence the ennemy team getting destroyed b4 even engaging in lane combat

Plz: Comment, Constructive Comments, and if your going to rate this build negatively , leave a reason to it , im not the best, and these comments will help improve this build, wich i hope will be helpfull to some other players

TY for Reading This