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Build Guide by Ranged Phys FTW

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ranged Phys FTW

Kog'Maw carry is ftw

Ranged Phys FTW Last updated on March 20, 2011
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This is my first build about one of my favorite ranged physical carrys, Kog'maw. Kog'maw has an extremely long range and is very useful when mid. Below you will read more about one of the most powerful ranged carrys i have ever played on the league ever. This build and guide focuses on early gankes, minion farming, and bio-arcane barrage domination.

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Unique Skills

Caustic Spittle

This ability is great for the beggining because it's passive gives you about 20% attack speed and decreases armor for more damage early. It is not a damaging spell but i get it for it's passive which is totally worth it. You can 1v1 almost anybody with this single ability early at lvl 1. It may also be used for damage but i highly recomend only using once in the beggining and let the next ability i'm about to show you do most of your damage for almost all occasions.

Bio-Arcane Barrage

My personal favorite ability of kog'maw's. It does percent magic damage and makes your range longer by about 150 when you first get it. So all and all it's a tank destroyer, and a ranged harrasment legend ability. It does extra damage than the regular auto-attack an is so perfect for chasing, you can kill them right from the bush in 5 shots at max level (trust me, i've done it! ;P.)

Void Ooze

Void Ooze is a very effective slow that slows about 20% when you first get it. It is pretty useful for chasing and running but it is over all just that. There isn't much use for Void Ooze in my oppinion and thats why you upgrade that last. I also recomend only using this at the end of a battle/gank/team fight that has taken place already because it is definately not a damaging ability.

Living Artillery

This ability is one of the best ulti's in the game in my oppinion. It has about a 1000 range and can do 120 dmg at 18 while the cooldown is under 1 second. The mana cost increases but the dmg of it increases each time you use it (stacks up to 5 times) and it is a mana user if you don't watch the cost/stacks. It also is indeed the best harrasment ability right next to Zilean's time bomb attack.

Icathian Surprise

This passive does major damage for early and mid therefore allowing him to be as aggresive as he wants because when he gets his Zeal/Phantom dancer he is faster than most so he can tie with anybody he wants. Or mabye just kill them!

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons

    Legendary mid
    Great pusher
    Ranged physical
    Percent damage
    High attack speed
    Armor pen
    Mid to late dominator
    Epic ulti
    Hybrid possible
    Epic ganker
    Choice 1v1er

    1 CC
    Bad against resistances
    Mana hungry
    Easily pushed
    No escape ability

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Early Gameplay/When your items are bought

Kog'maw early may be as aggresive as he needs to to rack up the kills. Early minion farming untill level 6 is what i'll usually do, and then start harrasing with my Living Artillery. I make sure to watch my mana and make sure i don't get carryed away spamming LIving Artillery or else i'll have to go back and lose some minion farming to the enemy. By level 7-8 you should have your Zeal or be close to buying it. If you can, just get the normal boots of speed and grab a zeal since zeal gives movement speed aswell. When you get back to your lane at about lvl 8, you should watch for some ganks because your Bio-Arcane should have enough range and dmg for a gank. If you can't find one continue minion farming and harrasing your fellow mid laner. When you get the enemy weak enough call for a gank from your allys and you can get a good early kill. If you can find a gank then you should push the minions back from mid and go for one. You should open with your Q and then follow up with W. When they try to run use your E to slow and ult a few times while they're slow. If they manage to get farther away than your range can handle, spare a flash for that gank. It should help you get a Phantom dancer and start building your infinity edge at level 12.

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Team Work

Kog'maw is very affective in team fights with his ultimate ability. He may use it over and over and over to weaken every enemy in it's radius for some great kills. He can also assist from far away using his W or from close using his Q to decrease their tank's armor for a "ZOMG WHAT HAPPENED HACK!" moment on the enemy tank. You do so much damage when focusing single target that you can also just take out the squishys one by one for easy chase kills on the remaining enemys. Kog'maw loves having a tank there to stand in the enemy's way so Kog'maw can shoot all of his ults at them easy. He also loves when theres someone with a stun with him. He is all in all a great character for the team.

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Mid Gameplay/When your items are bought

In mid, kog'maw really picks it up because in mid he has his phantom dancer and pickaxe building on inf edge. When you get back to mid, you can request a group push right at level 12 to 14 so you can surprisingly, rack up some squishy turret kills. When their, lets say, Teemo is at the turret protecting from us with a tank and a heavy DPS, you can either A: Ult him untill he's quarter down then flank, B: Use W to shoot him from the grass/behind his turret, or C: Go right out and turret dive him because of your passive. With kog'maw at level 14 and higher you can be an assassin and stay in the jungle untill you get a gank open, then NUKE! Kog'maw is a very heavy nuker when you have enough attack speed and attack dmg therefore making him a perfect ninja or a perfect 1v1er against many other heavy nukers.

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Late Gameplay/Ending

When you're level 16 + and things played out to where you have about 7 kills and 120 minion kills, you have Phantom dancer, Inf edge, Blood thirster, And a BF sword working on black cleaver with LOADS of attack damage. I would go so far to think that kog'maw might be able to go straight attack damage and attack speed in runes and be awesome beast like. (Oh yes, i just thought of something that might be catastrophic for all others except for kog'maw. >:P) Kog'maw is again, and i cannot stress this enough, a beast.

Thanks for reading my Kog'maw guide/build and i hope your ready to feast on some champion flesh. This has been my first guide and i hope you all like it.