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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ewiec

Kog'Maw: Coordinates Locked in..... FIRE!

Ewiec Last updated on April 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Please read the Item's section. The top build is simply a basic build setup.

Kog'maw is an amazing support champion(the way I play him)(Can be a massive carry with this build). Any team should be scared to death once you have them in your sights. Please read the "Items" section. The one above is a general build setup however there are very differnt alterations and reason's below.

This build is Completely ability power and made is made to be a support champion. Though it seems that its actually more of the main dps then just a support. Guess hes both when you think about it...

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Pros / Cons

Amazing support
Perfect harasser/killer/spying tool with ultimate.
Very powerful damage dealer.
Can 1v1 (not to say he can just bum rush whoever he wants. But if you follow this guide and keep some distance 1v1'ing isn't that much of a scary thing.)

Can be said to be squishy but the way I build him (see the Item's section) isn't the squishiest like a LeBlanc but not as tanky as a Blitzcrank. Kinda like a mid way.
(ATM I cant really think of much that's bad with Kog'maw. Every game I have done with him I just dont really find myself in a position that I just go damn if only I could do this.)

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Runes are simply to give you early and late game mana. (though your Glyphs can be full Intellect or Knowledge. It doesn't really matter because by mid game your mana wont really need them.
Seals can really be cool down runes or whatever you need. The regen isn't really necessary once you get more mana and you have tear of the goddess. I mean once you have your ult and you spam it doesn't really matter because you can do better by porting back and just fully regenerating it.
Marks and Quint's are just to capitalize on your Void Ooze and Living Artillery.

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Masteries are setup to give you more spell penetration and give you mana regen, mana, and cooldown reduction along with extra move speed. This is to help you move around and keep you in the battle to help out teammates.

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Every item is in order of buy. (Different build setup at the end of this chapter) Please read to the very end there is some other information.

Meki Pendant - Helpful early game regen when you try and spam Void Ooze

Tear of the Goddess - Great early mana regen and amazing for getting forcing archangel quickly.

Boots of Speed - Helpful to get around along with your masteries.

Archangel - First part of getting great AP and getting mana/Regen

Needlessly Large Rod - Boost to Ability power

Rabadon's Deathcap - Gives you a lot more Spell damage getting you to around 350 spell (around)

Sorcerer's Shoes - Get some more Magic Pen to help with your abilities (it really does destroy people)

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - With your ult no one can run away. (the reason why I don't get this earlier is simply to max most of your damage first then work more towards slowing them.)

Now this is where it get's a bit tricky in the item buy. Here's the main final items.

Frozen Heart - For armor and mana to help with Archangel.

Abyssal Scepter - For MR and some more Ability power. (Highly encouraged if your facing AP Champions(atleast 3 of them have to be ap in my opinion)

Void Staff - More Spell damage and a lot of Magic Penetration. (Very worth it if you want your Living artillery to completely wreck the enemy.

Deathfire Grasp - More AP (:D ) and a good active if your facing against tanks that just wrecking.

Madred's Bloodrazor - Good to stack with your Bio-Arcane Barrage and the magic pen from everything else will dominate with this item. I dont prefer this item simply because you can probably do more with something else.

Chalic of Harmony - If you get Abyssal Scepter build this as well. They work very well together.

Malady - Get this only if you intend to buy Madred's Bloodrazor. The reason for this is that it will give you some attack speed while taking care of that nasty magic resist other champions have. The other thing to truly note is that with the final AP that I have (see below) your extra % on your Bio-Arcane Barrage is around 4-6 (10-12% total) Count that with Madred's. Just remember to not give up your AP or the entire damage wont really work out. (the reason for this is simply that if your going to build and AD Kog, you have to build and AD Kog. There is no i'll ad a little AP in the build. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. The entire game play of Kog'maw would change as well if you were to put more then a Bloodrazer and Malady together.

Recently I have noticed that simply building damage to out damage others doesnt really work. If you know what champions like a build like this (udyr, ashe, yi(jungle), Anivia, Mordekaiser) Obviously you arent going to be to afraid of any AP champion comming in and killing you (especially as a ranged if your aware of your surroundings). So the build order in this situation is this.

Meki Pendant, Tear of the Goddess, Boots of Speed, Glacial Shroud, Blasting Wand, Frozen Heart, Archangel, Rabadons. Now in this instance of a game i might even suggest building a thornmail a bit between rabadons simply due to facing 2 or 3 champions with attack speed. The same goes if your going against a lot of magic champion simply build an abyssal scepter first. Now I have found that simply one abyssal scepter doesnt really do much though it does get your MR around 87. Now this wont be to much if they are stacking Magic Pen. Therefore you can build a Chalice of Harmony. The reason why I don't really build the Chalice as a front item is because it doesn't really work with my way of playing combat. But that choice is up to you.

(update after a game) K so I bought these items in this order: archangel, sorcerers shoes, abyssal scepter, rabadons, void staff, hauntin guise. My AP was around 660. My spell penetration was 54 | 49%. My ult was doing around 501 (not against MR). My Void Ooze and Caustic Spittle were both doing 722 (not against MR). The score for me was 14/11/10(not the greatest but again I play as support.

(another update *freaking out*) Ok so another game i just did and i went 32-8-10 (yes its my first time getting a 30) build order was this - Arch - sorc shoes - Abyssal scepter - Rabadons - Void Staff - Haunting guise (sold it later for another archangel) AP was 800 flat (ult was doing 600 flat not counting against MR). Spell Penetration was 34 | 49%. They were mainly doing Ap which is why I did the Magic resist items but even then its pretty freaking deadly build. (Yes I sound excited and cocky but I have yet to do a game after 3 days and not deal/kill a lot. shout out to all the guys who tank it while I rip face.

If you know you have good teammates a good build I have been doing recently is this - in order - tear, boots, arch, sorcerers shoes, void, haunting guise, (defense item) - Rabadons. You can switch rabadons and your defense item dependant on whats going on.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Flash helps you get out of any thing that looks bad. Very good to help you escape.

Exhaust - Helps to keep you alive in team fights and make sure you artillery will hit them dead on.

You can get ghost however it doesn't seem helpful during anything apart from chasing the enemy. But even then your team will have slows to help it out.(or rylai's crystal scepter.

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Unique Skills

Caustic Spittle - Helps with putting down enemies armor. Extremely powerful mid/late game. Very good after you get close with your Void ooze.

Bio-Arcane Barrage - in this build not the most important thing however it can still give you that advantage early game. Later game you focus more on using your ultimate and void ooze.

Void Ooze - Another extremly powerful ability. Slows enemies, deals heavy damage, and hits everyone in its path. Apart from your ultimate this is your move used and powerful spell.

Living Artillery - Your most used spell. Once you get Rylai's Crystal Scepter it should be doing around 300 damage however it will still be worth it due to where you can shoot it. Along with chasing.

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Ranked Play

HARASS. Your ult once you get rylai's is so powerful that if you don't use it before you a battle you are simply killing your team and the battle. Take note that your ult will generally destroy most of they're health. You wont always get the kill but you will definitly lower there health. If not, killing them is very easy if they don't pay attention.
Read to the bottom.

Early game - You want to be aggressive with your partner and hit them when you can. Remember to save your Void ooze for whenever the minions are low. It's practically a garunteed 3 kill if its timed right. Save yourself when you get your Living artillery. By the time its up the entire lane will be in your control. Once you got a kill diving the turret is no big deal.

Early to Mid game - Archangel will give your AP a good boost and really help you dish some damage out. Your ult will do some more damage and help you start to destroy before a teamfight.

Mid game - Rabadons Will put your AP to around 350. Caustic spittle will start to destroy people with your void ooze. Also your Ultimate will start to do some more damage. The final damage will be around 200 with level 2 ult.

Mid to late game - Rylai's is when you hitting everything you can(more then before). Your mana will be extremely high so don't be afraid to spam your Ultimate. Just be wary to not get to sucked in to going "JUST ONE MORE HIT. I CAN HIT HIM."

Late game - Build whatever you need and you will pretty much do enough damage to anyone. The best thing by now is that if your facing tanks you wont have to care because they're squishes will still get hit by you.

Playing Mid - So far the middle's that I have done is simply keep hitting and don't be afraid to be aggressive(be forewarned that your mana supply early game is so lacking that a quick spam of your skills and you will run out and you wont be set up to use your ult. Turret hugging isn't bad just make sure they don't hit the turret for to long). When you get your ult mid is pretty much your control after that. Probably the hardest part at mid will be the hitting of the tower itself. Many times I find myself getting hit from side laner's towards mid when mid player down. But truly you just need to wait it out for your teammates to come and help out.

Blue Buff - The blue buff is helpful especialy if you end up building Chalice of Harmony. The spamability of your Ultimate can be fun but nothing really changes once you've gotten it to level 3 (cool down is about .90) I suppose the main thing blue buff can give you is your other abilities on a quicker cool down but sometimes your other teammates will need it more.)

Red Buff - Not all that helpful to you though if you do get Madred's bloodrazor then it can help you out a lot.

Dragon - once your level 6 find your tank and hit dragon if the situation looks good. (to be safe get a 3rd damage dealer. With at least some AP in your items you abilities should do enough damage to kill dragon.

Baron - Once you do baron you become a prime center to take down baron because your Caustic spittle will take away Baron's armor. Again with your Bio-Arcane Spittle you'll really be able to dish some damage out against baron.

For alternatives the main thing that I do is that you want to build - Tear, Boots, Blasting wand. After that is when you go into what your going to do for either defense or building straight to archangel and Magic pen. Just try and role with whatever you face.

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Team Fight

A lot if not most of the time you will find yourself with your enemy right infront of you going in and out. Use that to your advantage. Hit your Living Artillery and follow there patterns and just predict where they will go. The exact placement doenst really mean anything if you shoot it where they will go. Most people will immediatly think "kog'maw's ult move back" instead of actually thinking ok his ult is here I need to go this way. By this time your Ability Power should be near or around 350 (mid game). Your ult might be doing around 200 to 300. Count in all the magic pen you have and you will pretty much do considerable ammounts of damage.

When the actual team fight begins open up with Void Ooze. You should already have the target you want hit them with your Caustic Spittle. This will completely destroy there armor for the rest of yoru team to exploit. If nothing else the damage will be doing big. In a recent game Both Caustic Spittle and Void Ooze were doing 750 each with the ult around 350 to 400 a shot. Immediatly after hit your Bio-Arcane Barrage to keep the damage up. There should be an extra 2 or 3% on it but it doesnt really mean much except extra damage(especially against a tank :D. Keep up with Living Artillery from a safe distance once you have used your abilities (unless you want to keep close while using your Bio-Arcane Barrage). Generally the team fight will be near its end before you get your abilities back. Simply chase them off with living artillery. If you do end up losing Void ooze should be back up by now and that will be your ticket to surviving.

DeathBed: If you find yourself in a no win situation and getting chased by 3. Try and find someplace to fight back and do all the damage you can to their lowest health player. If you sat passively all your abilities should be up. The order of abilities will be this(if fighting from a bush) Bio-arcane Barrage, Living artillery, Void Ooze, Caustic Spittle, Living artillery. Remember that when you die you explode in 4 seconds. So don't be afraid after you use all your abilities to simply rush them if they are staying a bit back.

Remember throughout everything that your main abilities will be your ult simply because of the recastability and the range. This means that if you want to kill someone you have to pound the living hell out of them before you simply run in. Trust me it will be easier then you think. (especially early game).