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Kog'Maw Build Guide by FiiiDz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FiiiDz

Kog'Maw Damage

FiiiDz Last updated on October 1, 2011
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I've been playing Kog'Maw for quite some time now, and after having a bunch of friends ask me how to build him, I figured I'd just make a guide I could link them to, since I don't think I've actually seen this same build and everything on another guide (not that I've looked, really). Kog'Maw has possibly the best consistent range in the game, when his W ( Bio-Arcane Barrage) is active, as it is even farther than a level 18 Tristana's auto-attack. This allows you to be plenty far away from the fight, while still kicking ***. Add in the fact that you do 10% of the enemy's max health as magic damage with every shot, and you end up with somewhere between 2.2 and 2.5 attack speed, and you are a force to be feared. Btw, I run AS Kog'Maw. I despise AP Kog, and have yet to see a good one, especially one that could beat me while I was AS Kog.

Note: This is my first guide, and I'm hoping to improve it over time. Feel free to give me suggestions on how to make it look nicer.

Note 2: Since apparently I need to prove my own credibility or awesomeness or something through stories of daring-do, I'll just say this: Pentakills are fun. I've gotten about 6, maybe more, with Kog.

NOTE ON BUILDS: The first is the one that I recommend you go with for regular 5v5 on Summoner's Rift. The second one is the same but with different runes, because it's the rune set I'm currently using on him, just trying it out. The third one is the Dominion build.

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I fully admit there are probably better runes for Kog out there then attack speed and armor pen. However, by the time I got Kog, I already had some attack speed runes, and the armor pen quints, and not much else. I decided to just finish off the attack speed runes, and honestly I've never really had much of a complaint about my runes. I've been using the same page for Kog as long as I can remember, and it's gone rather well for me.

Edit: Alright, I've added in a second one, which I will keep updated with MY current runes and whatnot for Kog, because I sometimes like to try out different sets. Feel free to try it out if you want. I figured I'd add in some survivability with the armor and magic resist runes, and leave the others because of how strong they are.

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Unique Skills

Caustic Spittle: It's honestly not all that great of a move. I get levels in it because of the passive attack speed increase. Don't get me wrong, though. Anytime you're about to start attacking somebody with your W, and if you are actually in range to use Caustic spittle, you should do so. However, in most team fights you should be far enough away from the battle that you're not actually in range to hit anybody with Caustic Spittle.

Bio-Arcane Barrage: One of my favorite abilities in the game, if not my favorite. At max level, it does 6% of the enemy's max health in magic damage with every attack. Combine this with the Madred's Bloodrazor, and that's 10%. Without building AP. Your early game harrassment, before you hit level 6, will mostly consist of either slowing the enemy and hitting them with W-empowered attacks, or hitting them with your Q and then the same thing, or all three, or just the empowered attacks.

Void Ooze: It's a decent slow, but since you're not building AP, and it costs a lot of mana as it is, only get 1 level in it until you're forced to get more. Don't use it for the damage, because it doesn't exactly DO much damage. It does its job just fine even with only one point in it. NOTE: If you're trying to escape from people who are chasing you, fire it IN FRONT OF YOU, rather than behind you, because this way A) you don't take time to turn around (twice), and B) they have to run through the whole thing, rather than maybe half of it, depending on how close they are to you.

Living Artillery: Where to begin? This is another of my favorite abilities in the entire game. First things first: You must, MUST master this ability. If you can learn to aim it like a pro, it will be your best friend next to your W. This is what lets me burst people down one-on-one. You just auto-attack with your W active, and your Q's debuff on them, and then use your ult whenever it's up until they get out of range. It does an okay amount of damage until late game, and even then it does just fine against the squishier members of the other team. It's great for checking bushes because of the added bonus of revealing enemies that are hit by it. It's one of the best harassing moves in the game, to the point where I usually end up making people afraid to get within the range of it, because I've gotten so good at landing it. Once you hit level 6, assuming you still have some mana and that you don't WASTE IT by using his ult in quick succession, you should control the lane easily against almost ANY enemy champion, assuming you haven't fed them too much. It's also a great thing to use while chasing people, because you can probably take out half of their health with just this move between the time that they get out of range of your auto attack, and the time that they get out of range of your ult. I'll admit that I've stolen plenty of kills with this move as well, though I generally only steal them from my good friends.

So, main points about his ult:
- decent damage
- be careful about using it too many times in a row because you'll run out of mana
- use it to check bushes
- great for using while chasing people
- I'm pretty sure that at max level its range is actually slightly larger than your sight radius. Yeah.

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I've played quite a few games as Kog'Maw. While he isn't as classy as Gentleman Cho'Gath, he's still pretty awesome, and looks great in a top hat:

Anywho, he's by far my favorite champion in the game. Here's some tips to make your time more enjoyable while playing as Kog'Maw:

- When you die, if you manage to kill somebody with your passive, or if they narrowly escape you, type something along the lines of "GIVE KOG'MAW A HUG!" in /all.
- Just listen to what he says, and make sure to check out his dance, joke, and taunt, as they are all hilarious.
- Start up the trumpet noise, and then rush into a teamfight
- At the beginning of the game, after you grab Bio-Arcane Barrage, if you're in mid lane, go check to see if they're standing next to/in front of their turret. If they are, and if you line yourself up just right, you can still hit them as long as your Bio-Arcane Barrage is active, without taking turret aggro. I've actually gotten kills this way when people weren't paying attention