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Kog'Maw Build Guide by like a boss

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League of Legends Build Guide Author like a boss

Kog'Maw Death by Corrosion

like a boss Last updated on February 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build focuses on dealing massive damage with a ranged DPS Kog and then healing all of it with lifesteal. Generally, just stay far away and spam your ulti and w until you get a phantom dancer. This item, combined with a bloodthirster will drain your opponent's life away. In case they tank, you have a bloodthirster, your w, and a black cleaver to whittle away your opponent's armor. This build basically explains itself, with great attack speed, some massive damage, and high crit chance and damage. The only true skill you need to win with this build is to aim your slow and ulti correctly and predict where the opponent will move. Use your slow to block the opponent, and usually, they will move back. During this backup time, right click and watch as their life goes down. If they get too far away, flash or ghost can be used to catch them, but if those are on cooldown, spam away. In early game, get Void Ooze to harass and last hit multiple minions at once. This build is slow and expensive, and leaves Kog with absolutely no defense, but once you get lifesteal, you truly don't need too much defense. I don't usually recall from the beginning until I have at least 1500 gold. This may not be smart, but I am able to survive and lane for a long time due to the mana regen seals and the harassment of e. The lifesteal from items makes this even easier. Kog is best mid to gain solo exp and farm minions to buy the build. This build is a killer late game, and usually, by the time you get to the black cleaver, you should have exceptional damage output. Also, depending on if the opponent team likes to gank, buy a few wards and ward up the river because Kog'Maw has no escape abilities and this build gives no defense. With correct harassment, Kog should be able to push the mid turret with w and not get killed by the opponent enemy. To get this money, frequently check your minimap and gank when you see an opponent overextend. With DPS Kog, if you decide to gank and turret dive, you can make a quick dash into the jungle to heal yourself with lifesteal and possibly even grab a buff. With DPS Kog, his ulti doesn't do too much damage, and should be spammed a lot, so the blue buff is ideal for him. If you have time, grab the red buff as well. Once you grab the bloodrazors, ask your team tank to go Baron with you. ONLY DO THIS AT LEVEL 18. Ask your teammates to create a distraction and all push bot while you and your tank take out Baron. Now, a notice. If you are facing an Ashe or Caitlyn, usually, you should be able to win the lane easy. Ashe only gets one damaging spell until lvl 6, and you can avoid that by hiding behind your minions and pressing w. When Ashe fires her ulti, you can flash away if you have fast reflexes. With Cait, just pay attention to when she loads her Piltover Peacemaker and move left or right and aviod the Yordle Snap Traps. If you happen to be facing a Karthus, Teemo, or Lux, play defensively and turret hug. They will easily outrange you and take you down. When Morde is mid, max out Bio-Arcane first and mow him down. Happy farming!

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I will update the guide soon with more information, especially on AP Kog. Please comment and vote :D