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League of Legends Build Guide Author Titoduke

Kog'Maw: In-depth into the mouth of the abyss (AS/AP)

Titoduke Last updated on December 31, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone, this is my first guide so don't be too mean with your comments plz! First of all, I want to say that Kog'maw is quite an strange champion, cause despite he does auto-attacks, the main stream of his damage is magic damage coming from Bio-Arcane Barrage. Due to this, almost every enemy that tries to counter me fails, cause they start to build armor items, instead of magic resist. Said that, let's move on to his skills.


: Although it doesn't look like a great skill, specially after nerf, it's really sweet to have a little "Vendetta" against those ones who focus you. Dont forget never ever that, upon death, you deal a nice amount of TRUE damage. Even if is not enough to kill, it can score you one or two assist.
: In this build, this skill is going to be our second focus. Overall a great skill, a decent amount of AS and a nice amount of damage from active. I pick this skill because of AS, and I only use the active of this skill, along with Void Ooze, when i'm blinded.
: Now, this is what makes Kog'Maw the main focus on a teamfight. When you hit BAB and right click, you start to see some serious ****. Seriously, with this, Madred, and a bit of AP, you can, basically, deal magic damage on each attack equal to their 12 or 13% of their total life, plus allowing you to fire from far away, allowing you to scape or chase easily.
: I personally dont like this skill, but it can be handy in certain situations. As I've said before, I only use this while blinded and to allow my team to chase someone or saving an ally from a gank.
: A great, great multi-task tool. Low cost, decent damage, HUGE rank and sight of enemies hit by this. Use LA for everything: harassing, chasing, scouting, last hit, etc... It may take a bit of practise to use LA well, but it's worth. Remember not to spam it, or you'll run out of mana in a matter of seconds.


Since the nerf of Doran's blade, I usually start with a dagger for extra AS. This allows to harass better with BAB and to pick some last hits easily. Of course I also pick a health pot to stay longer in lane. Try to stay in lane until you hit lvl 6 and you've got 1550 gold. With this, you can pick Recurve bow and berzerk. With the AS rush and your LA, you can start gathering some kills. With this starting items, just keep buying the rest of the items, specially finish Madred and get a Needle. With this, teamfights are 99% of times won if you are in a correct position. If you're being focused, swap items and buy your Frozen Mallet before other items.

Playing with Kog'Maw

If you can, go mid, but if you can't or are other champs in your team that need mid (such as Karthus or Vladimir) just go in a side lane. Your main job before hitting lvl 6 is: to harass with BAB and to last hit minions, cause you need lots of gold. If you cant harass them (i.e. Fiddle, Mundo or Morde) just get lasthits. At lvl 6 is when kog starts to shine and to be hated: just hit LA everytime it's inner CD ends (by inner CD I mean the one that makes the next cost more mana). If you hit enought times, you'll force them to hug tower, to lose experience and gold and to make your laning far more comfortable. When pushing tower, watch out with the enemy champs: if they're with low hp, and your lane mate has some sort of stun, fear, or CC, just tower dive and eat'em.

At mid game, try to gank other lanes. How? Pretty easy: wait in a bush until your prey is close enough your tower, then ram into him, smash your W key in your keyboard and right click. If you dont kill him with BAB, kill him with LA and shout "THREEEEEEEE POINTS". Your main role in teamfights is to tear down asap their carries. For this, is very important to know where to move and where to stay. Try to appear a few seconds after the teamfight has started to avoid initial focus, then aproach your prey, falcon-punch your W key, and kill. If you happen to be blinded during the teamfight, dont panic, just hit'em with LA, Q and E. If you die, dont worry, just make them pay for that. As I've said before, it doesnt matter if you kill them or not, you'll help your team with your explosion.

Thought about Kog'Maw

I find playing Kog'Maw very funny, specially for your Innate skill. Also, as happens with less-known champs, it's hard to counter, because they just dont know what you do or what type of damage you do. That's the reason why I build him in AS/AP, to attack xtra fast and to buff BAB with AP to increase the % of health per shot. I hope you like my build, and please feel free to coment it.