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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CJJ

Kog'maw - Reverse Peristalsis

CJJ Last updated on August 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Let me start off by thanking Hell_Pet and HeAt as I learned to play kog'maw following their guides here on moba fire both are linked to their names take a loot at them one of their play styles may suit you.

Ill start off with the items since some people may look at them and think too expensive and boots too late. I hug the tower until level 6 unless the other team is prime for a kill plain and simple I play like a squishy little puss because I need to hang in hit level 6 for my ult its as simple as that boots are not needed for the way I play until roughly 8-11 which I know sounds late. The goal is to get Catalyst the protector around 5 and then tear of the godess at 6 the reason being my 40 mana ult and void ooze will fill up my tear and ill get mana when I level which lets you use that ult to harass whenever you would like. The other wtf? on my list is Guinsoos now the reason I put this in here is to make tank killing easier Bio-Arcane Barrage + Guinsoos + Ult = problem for a tank in group fights plain and simple.

For summoner skills I use ghost and teleport simply put Kog is squishy he needs to be able to get away a void ooze across the lane + ghost = you live some people like to point out just the void ooze is enough but remember were getting boots late. Teleport is there for pushing getting to a tower and just being able to be in the fights when they go down.

Level 1-5
Play defensive make sure you hit all the minions if you get pushed back to the tower so you atleast get experience. If you and your laning partner are getting them low set up a kill otherwise dont play risky theres no point your not a great threat at this point.

Level 6-10
Now your a problem your ult is cheap it hurts and you dont have to be within their range still you probably dont have boots so dont over extend yourself as tempting as it is. Lead with a void ooze and try to make sure before you fire your ooze off where your ult is gonna go try to do this without stacking your ult so your building up your tear of the goddess without going oom. If things seem suspicious like mid is MIA save your ooze for escape. You should be able to keep them pinned near their turret and firing off your ult every 10 seconds or so they will either go back or your gonna get some kills.

Level 11-17
In group fights try to be supportive use your void ooze to slow someone if your groups going for a kill dont wait and use it to get the kill you will have enough chances picking off low health tower defenders. If 2v1 while your pushing a lane run and spread ooze across the lane fire your ult where they are running through if they chase you they are gonna lose enough life to where you can kill 1 or both. Ive run almost the length of a lane slowing and ulting to pick off 2-3 of them so many times its not even funny and on top of it its easy its not that tricky.

Another trick is to get inside the jungle so you can fire all around their tower if they are defending force them out, back or dead. Dont be in a hurry you can harass/kill them from far enough dont get them the chance to kill you.

Level 18 - End game
If you have died more than 3-5 times without getting towers/inhibs in return there is an issue with either how your playing or your team. If they target you in team fights just run and slow let your team get the kills who cares as long as you win. If they dont target you slow/ult their dps/carry and Bio-Arcane the tank. Save your ooze when chasing especially in the jungle you can slow their entire team or stop 1 fleeing member. If you get to their inner towers and they are defending well just sit up by their middle inhib and blast them and their minions if they come out your team kills them if they stay you or your minions will either way the towers coming down.

One of the things that seems to happen consistently is other players QQing about you spamming your ult or running defending w/e it may be but thats how you play this type of kog'maw if you want to be right in their faces all the time or 1 v 1 standing in 1 spot choose another champ or a separate guide because thats not what this is meant for. You should be damn hard to kill and at very least getting huge assist numbers. Dont get drawn into their game of trying to 1 v1 and all that bs just win.

If you liked this one check out my other builds if not leave a comment feedback is always cool ill try and answer any questions you have.

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