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League of Legends Build Guide Author DemonicSnow

Kog'Maw Rips Through Armor (He Eats It)

DemonicSnow Last updated on August 12, 2010
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First, let me explain what I feel Kog'Maw is. He is the anti-tank. Sure, he cam DPS carry if needed. Yeah, he can be called a caster if forced to. But Kog excels at taken high health, high armor heroes and running them into the ground. Kog gets delight every time you stack armor knowing he will rip through it. This worm will shred thornmails like never before. And the best part of this build? Once he becomes an Anti-tank and acquires his items, he runs through enemy DPS'ers like mad. Because for each piece of armor penetration that he gets to rape tank, he uses that same armor penetration to get squishy DPS down to little to no armor.

So this is the Kog'Maw's Anti-Tank Build. The core items are Last Whisper and Madred's Bloodrazor. The armor penetration stacks with your abilities armor pen and tanks who stack health will be torn apart by Madred's. Sadly, this build is mediocre against non-health stacking units. That's where the last minute Black Cleaver and Malady come in. Malady first if you can barely survive a 1v1 or Cleaver first if you can deal damage but the tank is still surviving. Lastly, although the game should be over far before this or the Black Cleaver, farm an infinity edge.

Start Game: Kog'Maw is weak without items and without silly tanks to eat. I'm not saying he can't get kills, I'm just saying he is a tiny bit too squishy. Stay behind your creeps unless you are going for a gank. Last hit and harass the enemy melees. That's all there is to it.

Team Fights (Early): These should be happening as soon as the middle laner's decide enough is enough and its time for pushes. Your job is to sneaky snake into team fights and eat tanks. With a decent farm you should have Boots and Last Whisper by now. With all your skills up and ult on constant usage you should eat the tank fairly quickly. You then focus fire the second most important target, the enemy DPS. Most people are like "OMG Noob, you focus tank." But Kog excels at destroying tanks, which hurts the enemy team more. Why? Because most DPS champions have very little crown control and require a tank to help them survive fights and eventually become extremely farmed. Early game tanks are the backbone of the team and destroying them can be the end all for team fights.

Team Fights (Late): This is the same as early except you should now have Madred's and you can wipe a tank in seconds. Just use 'E' then 'Q' then 'W', so simple. The only main difference is that know you are super scary. This doesn't mean run in guns blazin'. It means you don't have to sneaky snake. Get in the thick of it and shred through the enemy team.

Your Passive: You basically run around like a chicken with his head cut off after the closest target hoping to land some major final damage. Kog'Maw becomes a living bomb as he deals damage based on level. Now, just because you have this last damage is you die doesn't mean it is okay to suicide, but if you are sure of a win and want to have some fun, chase a low health champion forever. If you do enough damage while alive your passive could kill him for some major funnies.

Last Minute Things: So you may think, why would anybody ever focus a tank? One of the most important reasons is that tanks protect their teams DPS. With many tanks possessing huge CC abilities like taunts from Rammus, Galio, and Shen or stuns like Amumu and Malaphite a tank killer is needed. When the enemy tank dies the their team's DPS think 1 of 2 things. The first is "OMFG imma gonna dieeeeeeeeeeee, damnnnn youuuu Kog'Maw". The second thing is "OMG bad tank on our team. Learn to play. You made us lose because you can't tank". Either way, you just made them rage. Congrats.

The most important rule of Kog'Maw playing is always, ALWAYS use /joke before your push any tower. If you don't /joke you can't make awesomesauce happen.

P.S. Beware indigestion from eating the tank armors all game long :'(