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Kog'Maw Build Guide by TQuaty

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TQuaty

Kog'Maw Spit'in Style

TQuaty Last updated on July 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first guide for anything, but I simply love my squishy ugly-cute death spitting machine gun. Kog'Maw is a AD Dps carry weapons platform of doom. He comes equipped with Machine Gun(Auto-Attack and W), Biological weapon (Q), Chemical weapon (E) and Artillery (R).

This walking weapons platform can destroy most champions in 2 seconds from Bio-Arcane Barrage and AA with maxed speed and a BloodRazor.

My build is based on Attack Speed and magic damage, though you can build a ap build I find that this build overwhelms most enemies who get close with stacked damage effects.

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Pros / Cons


Long AA range
Rips towers apart
Able to take 2+ opponents
Large area slow
Built in escape (not amazing but decent)
Able to kill after death with a aoe explosion
Long Range AOE
Good Hit and Run
Amazing Harasser
Spam Ult

Targetted usually
Skillshots are slow
Skillsshots take practice
Moderatly Low mana
Ult mana use scales per use.
A gank target

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Masteries are personal Preference but I take a 9/0/21

Basically I take:
Offense 9
3 Archmages Savvy for a extra percent in Bio-Arcane Barrage quicker deaths.

1 Deadliness for a small increase in crit chance and because we need the extra point.

4 Sorcery for increased spammability

1 Archaic Knowledge for more spell damage

Utility 21
3 Good Hands LOL is a game of seconds and being dead for less time can make or break a team on defense.

1 Haste for increased survivability and chase ability.

4 Awareness Again Lol is a game of seconds the quicker you reach 18 and the less farming you have to do the quicker you can win. Not to mention enemies with this will out level you if done right.

2 Utility Master for longer buffs.

3 Meditation quicker regen means more abilities over time which means more survivability dps and less returning to base game of seconds again.

3 Quickeness more movement speed = more chasing and escape and more survivability.

1 Blink of a Eye more chase and escape.

3 Intelligence More dps and spam.

1 Presence of a Master More escape and chase and survivability.

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Skill Sequence

I start with Void Ooze because is does decent damage at lower levels and has a large slow range so it works well with escaping and harassing early, I then take a caustic Spittle for the increased Attack Speed as the first level gives 10%. I then get Rio-arcane barrage to let me harass from safe distance and deal decent chunks of damage. I follow by increasing void ooze (E) and Bio-arcane Barrage until maxed taking Living Artillery (R) when its available finally maxing caustic spittle around this time you should be close or already have 2.500 Attack Speed with items.

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I take Mark and Seal of Alacrity for attack speed the quick you get to that hard capped 2.500 the quicker you make people run.

I take Glyphs and Quints of Insight to get as much dps as I can. Next is the Wit's End for more attack speed and magic damage and your own magic resistance. We then finish our Madred's Bloodrazor we should be leveled up and destroying health bars by now. And we finish with a Sword of the Divine for a maxed attack speed cap and another 100 damage for every 4 attacks. At this point in time we should destroy pretty much every enemy champ except those with high magic resistance and they just take a little more time.

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The point of my build is to deal as much damage in as you can in as short of a time as you can, early game I go greaves and then a razor to speed up farming, and then I start stacking on the attack speed and magic damage procs. I add in a banshee's veil for survivability now I was using a executioner's calling for my magic damage and the lifesteal but I like the veil better and the life difference is more then the calling was netting. Plus the passive on the veil is probally the most amazing defensive ability in the game.

I get the Banshee's veil around the time the enemy starts ganking, since your a squishy target and it helps a escape, blocking that pesky cc or initiation which is usually the start of a gank it seems.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Flash chasing and survivabilty

Exhaust Ignite and Clarity are also acceptable but I find that escaping and chasing are much more useful.

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A Cheap Shot

A little trick I've found out is on a 3v3 match is after the turret next to the nexus is destroyed you can safely shot the nexus with Bio-Arcane Barrage if you stand next to the nook just north of the center of the nexus.

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I find this build to quickly topple enemy champs and buildings as well as farm very fast.
By learning when and when not over extend you can make great pushes and destroy the turrets quickly. I prefer to lane alone but a team mate works very well with Kog'Maw. Its all preference find what works for you.

I usually start with my E>R>W if they get close I will throw a Q in their face but it is not usually needed.

Harrass often with your R but let it cooldown the added mana unless you need to burst it out. If they are running away a leaded Living Artillery will usually end them when they have low health.

I hope you like my guide its my first and its not flashy or to witty just my style that I like. Feedback would be appreciated though as I'm a fairly new player but I appreciate constructive criticism.