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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quardah

Kog'Maw : Team Suited [Never Alone]

Quardah Last updated on October 5, 2010
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This build is the one i always use when i'm with my team. If you don't have a reliable team with at least a tank, i suggest you using other guides that gives Kog'Maw more survivability (And less awesomeness, lol)

Spell explanation :

CAUSTIC SPITTLE (Q) : I know most of people simply don't boost the first spell. That's ******ed. The first spell gives you attack speed, so an easy way to farm creeps. That's why i boost it more often than everyone. Also, since it can reduce an enemy armor, it's usefull in gank if you have heavy hitter such at Pantheon or Garen. Don't worry, this spell saved me more time you can imagine, even with his small range.

BIO-ARCANE BARRAGE (W) : The only reason i'm not rushing it is because it's only usefull to harass at the begining. Althought it's an awesome spell, it will start being usefull at his full utility only mid-game. At the begining you don't really aim for the kills, and if you're playing against noobs well you won't need this spell at his full capacity to r*pe them, really. (Oh and in gank, this spell is more usefull than your Ult. Just sayin'.)

VOID OOZE (E) : Really usefull, but quite Mana-noming spell. You'll use it to harass, farm and protect yourself. The two first level are way enought to protect yourself. You won't need to slow down everyone at this point of the game.

(ULTIMATE) LIVING ARTILLERY (R) : Always boost it when you can. Dead serious, even if it's not your N1 spell, you'll need it to nomz those running-away scared enemies. Oh and since it only cost 40 Mana, don't mind using it against creeps as an AoE, but don't spam it.

In Game :

From the laning phase team yourself with a tank. The first item you buy is the vampiric scepter to make sure you won't run out of health even if you have a Tank helping you out.

Your primary task here is to harass the enemy. With Kog'Maw long range, it should be an easy job. If you have nothing to harass, just keep on killing those minions and remember to aim for the final kill. It is important that you keep an eye on enemies, because even if the tank has an enormus amound of life at the begining, harassing enemies will make sure he won't take any damages and needs to recall.

-> Having those will make sure you won't get kill by enemies and it'll give you enought attack speed to farm creeps easily. Also, it'll help you harass.

From now on you should be level 6. If you don't have you Phage in your hands, well hurry up cause you want to slow those enemies if they get to close. (And by the way it raise your level of awesomeness, don't forget that).

Farm Farm Farm, and don't forget that if any of your team members required an enemy down to push, you'll be his best friend. Go gank whenever you have the opportunity.

From here you'll have that Razor. Omnomznomnom those creeps with your badass 600 damages a shot. Now you're serious, but only against creeps. lol.

Upgrade to the Frozen Mallet. That should mark Mid-game. Now the gank starts and you are the one that every body fears... and focus, sadly. If you are with your teamates, you only need to hit every enemy once and they'll be so slow they are gonna die. Just don't focus on ''I HAVE ALL THE KILL MINE MINE MINE''. No, that's kinda ****tard. Only hit them all once, then repeat. So they are gonna be slowpokes for ever.
-> Even with Suicide bomb, don't suicide, not even if the enemy is low. If he's next to a tower and you can't aim correctly with living artillery, DON'T pursuit him.

Keep being being the Main tank, and be the closest as possible to your towers. They are like your dad when you were 4 years old. Nothing can hurt you next to him. (No offence if you never had a dad :( )

With two or three kills, you should be able to buy your Stark's Fervor!1!one!!eleven!!!
-> Now your team loves you, and congratulation, you are now really awesome.

You are now near End Phase.

Keep on pushing and now you should always be under The golem buff (Blue Buff). Red is cool but not necessery. If you guys are winning preaty bad it's about time to do Nashor. Well go for it if you can, because Kog'Maw with Nashor is a MONSTER.

Now Upgrade that old Razor to a Blood-thirsty Razor. From now on your enemies should surrender, cause you are now more dangerous than Chuck Norris itself. In fact, you are Chuck Norris.

Keep on pushing, and farm for those Phantom Dancers. You should buy the Zeal first then the Cape of Agility, because you only have 2 slots, buy the Phantom Dancer dirrecly without the dagger.

If it's not over, If you haven't lost, If they haven't yet surrender, well time to build the infinity edge. Preaty classy for a Weapon, with that one you won't even need a team. If you have it just rush in the enemy base and r*pe everything.

Pro Tip 1: Everybody fears Kog'Maw, really. Play on that psycologie. Here's the trick : You know that in a one on one, you'll get completly own. But some player prefer running away. Play on that. If he's running away pursuit him. If he comes to you the GTFO. In a one on one you are a Squishy as Jello. Be smart, don't be a ******. They are preaty much always gonna run, but if he's to couragous keep on harassing from far.

Pro Tip 2 : If you are losing, make the game last, cause when you have the Phantom dancers, you'll be eating everything. Only need time, but Kog'Maw end game is by far the most indestructible character. Well played, you'll be eating everything. And if that's not enought, keep on defending until you have the infinity edge. With it, you'll win if they don't win like 10 seconds after you buy it.

That preaty much how i play. I would like as mush Feedback as possible to help me out. I've already checked other build and i realized no one really use Crit Kog'Maw, which is a real Monster (50% with 5 attacks every 2 seconds, everything is down in less than 5 seconds)

Don't hesitate to change summoners spells, they are all usefull depending on your gameplay. I like Fortify myself, prevent pushed, and heal can be awesome if you use it for somebody else.

Thanks to you reading my build.



(Si quelqu'un ici ne parle que Fran�§ais je suis pr�ªt a traduire mon guide et je peux aussi r�©ponde en Fran�§ais si ca vous chante. Suffit de demander avec un commentaire. :) )