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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Clamslamed

Kog'maw the protein cannon

Clamslamed Last updated on August 7, 2010
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Hey everyone this Clamslamed is my first build and this is how i play my Kog'maw... If you have suggestions id appreciate them and will do my best to test your ideas and respond to you. However i have yet to find a kog'maw who cant compete with me unless hes fed by my teammates
Coordination is unbelivibly key with Kog'maw if your are fortunate enough to play with your friends using skype wonderful, it allows you to get into position to snipe people after your allies have pushed them back to base assuming they can get away from your Void ooze(protein ball) and of course your awe inspiring Living Artillery(Protein shot).siting patiently behind jungle walls and waiting to blast people is what kog'maw dose best and once you get good with your living artillery you can harass and finish off people while they are far out of your line of sight with a few well placed living artillery shots(trust me when they die once they think they are free and clear after fleeing into the jungle or their base they will not be happy.

Pros: -Kog'maw is a amazing finisher
-destroys squishes and most melee
-kog'maws range allows a player to be hyper aggressive without having to over extend
-turret huggers' will learn a lesson to keep moving and are quite often pushed so far back by your range that they don't get any exp

Cons:-Kog'maw is extreamly ineffective against tanks his moves will do little more then tickle them so if you see them anywhere near u it is best to run away
-anyone who has alot of hp and immunity to slows(Garen and Olaf) is a kog'maw nightmare because you are a somewhat slow hero with your only real defense being your slow which has a long cooldown

Strat: Early game try and lane with someone who complements your range with a:Stun,slow,dash(or any other move that closes distance quickly I.e. jax's jump)or my favorite a clarity so that both have a ridiculously long lane time. my favorite lane partner if im not soloing is an Anivia harass with your void ooze and do your best too use it when you can hit enemy champs and the minions at the same time only use bio arcane when you are at the enemy's or your own turret unless you get into a fight and you need a little extra dmg to finish don't let the mana go to waste by popping it right of the bat because it has a short duration, be sure to cast Caustic spittle on them while they are still in range and running away to do a little extra dmg.

Mid game is where Kog'maw shines by then you should have lulled them into a false sense of security and you can start to really scare them with your Living artillery try to move around stop by mid and see if u can take down a turret and aid in a kill move down to the next lane and do the same there then return to base buy and go back to your lane and kick some more ***.(Golem is a must generally u can solo him till around 10 without any potions so get a teammate to help you if u can.

Late game you should have deathfires and you should allways begin a fight with it because during late game is where your going to need it most because thats when the tanks usually have the most health.during a center lane push one of my favorite things to do is go into the left side jungle and pick off champs with constant living artillery should you notice one of them heading towards you fire a void ooze through the bush and run your *** away.Golem buff is something that at this point you should be able to get by yourself it is helpful because it allows your to continuously spam living artillery with little mana cost and cooldown penalty. when you get into their base sit back and harass while your teammates do the tuff stuff.

Runes: the runes are chosen to give you a wide verity of options and viability in different situations.

cooldown reduction helps allot with your offense and your survivability because the more you can slow them the better

magic pen works well to finish low armor champs with bio arcane when low on or conserving mana

ability power over time is important because your going to need as much as you can late game to contribute to team fights against those high HP champs

Clarity:good because Kog'maw is a great harasser and is very mana hungry in just about all stages of the game
Ghost: Must have because allot of times you can end up in situations where your gonna die no matter what and popping ghost just before that helps you keep up with champs for the explosion....thats ontop of the obvious reason being an escape mechanism

Items: Deathfires is great for initiating a fight if you are close enough to use it or on the defensive

Sorceress shoes are great for magic pen. and for the movment if you want to go for something faster thats fine but the magic pen helps allot

Archangels staff helps allot with mana and your ap so spamming Living artilery is even better because it dose more than just allot of dmg

Rylia's Crystal scepter helps with the ability power and health and on top of the your living artillery gets a tasty slow that can make a big dif when your trying to get a finisher off

Zyonas ring is amazing for all the obvious reasons and the only thing better then a Zyonas ring is 2 of them for that massive ability power increase at the cost of only 1 item slot. Void staff is fine to..... Another option would be a lichbane but consider alot of the time you shouldn't be within the range to spit on them late game and by doing so you leave yourself open to getting hit hard by just about anything.

Please post advice and gimme them good votes =)