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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Deathemself

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deathemself

Kog'maw -the quick moving Nuke

Deathemself Last updated on September 25, 2011
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This build is here to make Kog'ma more of a moving anti-tank than a stationary target. Kog'ma being one of the slowest champs in the game needs to be able to take extra care entering and exiting fights. Though giving him certain Items will not only increase his speed of movement but also make him a pro ganker that can easily move from one to the next without having to worry about using the ghost spell (or needing it in that fact of the matter) This build executes a very strong attack speed rate as well as stacking movement speed so that kog'ma can get in and out of fights victoriously.

(this build is made for after the recent kog'ma buff)


(I Often use this build in ranks now that I am lv 30 and it does really well. though I will often replace the blood thirster with Phantom dancers, as well as buying them before the black cleaver)

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Pros / Cons

Pros -

  • mobility and not being restricted to slow!
  • extremely high damage out put making tanks seem like sponges instead of hard rocks
  • people will not be able to escape your rein of terror
  • perfect for helping your team out with ganks beginning, mid, and end game.

cons -
  • Smart teams will usually end up focus targeting you end game because of how fast you are taking out their tanks
  • mana deprived beginning game (blue buff will fix this allowing you to spam your ult)
  • a little bit squishy, but not as squishy as other squishies

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Skill Sequence

I start out with the void ooze mainly because it gives the person you are laning with a better chance for first blood, or if you are going to be fighting in mid it will keep your target at bay as well as the minions while you push that lane. It just gives kog'ma that cc that you need in the beginning to be able to not only push but keep your enemies at bay. Yes one of the down falls is a huge mana cost but that is also why you get the mana pot at the beginning.

Next I follow that up with Caustic Spittle mainly for the passive but also because of the beginning game damage output as well as giving a little bit of that magic penetration and armor penetration. giving who you are laning with even better chance at helping you killing your foes.

(up to lv 6 this build will mainly focus on being a support than being a top dps-er. giving you some assists and a couple of kills as well)

Next level you want to finally get Bio-Arcane barage, or depending on how things are going you can switch it with another caustic spittle for the increased attack speed, even more damage out put, and increased magic and armor penetration. Though If you went with Bio arcane barage (as the guide suggests) this gives you a little bit of extra range you can use when your foes are trying to run away from you and your partner though it does do % of hp into dmg during early game thats not really going to do you very much as most champs will have low hp

At lv 5 I have another bio-arcane barrage to maintain your distance from the champ you are fighting against and to keep your kills up so you can keep up your item buying (aka being fed) especially when champs are trying to get away

lv 6 when you get your ultimate you can finally start harassing the other players, make sure your watching their planned movement before actually firing it down. plan on using this every couple of seconds when the timer cools down so you are only using the initial 40 mana cost it will do significant damage as well as keep those pesky champions at bay (if you can actually smartly hit them, the range on this is more than enough to hit a champion that is trying to stay alive and turret hug)

Lv 7 grab your last void ooze till end game. the main focus is attack speed and range but you also don't want your slow to not slow your enemies enough. You still need to be able to get away or chase enemy champs

By this time you want to max out your Caustic Spittle maximizing the attack speed it gives you as well as the damage and the penetration output which will help a lot in team fights. this in combination with your ult should give you a couple of kills as champs are trying to scramble out of team fights and are trying to live.

After you have your Caustic spittle maxed out it is finally time to max out bio arcane barrage (granted you can also put one more point into this before the 5th point of caustic spittle but you truly need the attack speed to back this up) this will give you the range and with the ap runes will give you around 6 - 7% hp dmg stacked with a madrad's razor gives you 10 - 11% hp dmg (awesome for taking out those pesky tanks during team battles)

Make sure you are upgrading your ult every single time you can as this is one of your key things from keeping enemy champions from getting away alive

Last of all max out your void ooze this is a key part in team battles great for keeping champs from running away as well as getting to close. though it doesn't do very much damage it is hard to catch a kog'ma that has sprayed this all over your feet.

Also make sure not to optimize your passive (as that can lead to feeding) only use your passive when you know you will get a champ kill late game and when you know it will be worth doing so to help out the team. (Late game being when it does the most damage early game is never worth it as it does almost no damage at all)

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Summoner Spells

Flash - I picked this mainly for survivability, most teams after you start building this will really start picking on you because of the damage out put and how fast you are starting to kill their tanks (It'll feel like you are cutting through butter, no joke) you could also use this to track down someone that is trying to get away from you and a little bit out of range of your void ooze

teleport - Gives you a little bit more mobility for ganking different lanes as well as going back to your lane after getting health and buying items. basically there to get right back into the fight and cause chaos.

Alternate Spells you could use (but often dont work as well):

Ignite - If you are fighting against a Warwick and want to slow down his life steal and healing abilities. (though other than that its not really any good for kog'ma because you already have excelent range)

Exhaust - To slow down and cripple one of the other teams AD dpsers. (late game this often doesn't have very much use, but just remember to keep it on cool downs during team battles)

Ghost Walk - For extra movement speed out of battle (or into battle if you substituted it with teleport) really good for countering exhaust so you can get out of the place.

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start with the basic boots of speed, health pot, and mana pot. the health pots and mana pots will give you a little bit more survivability during your first few battles the mana pot esspecially if your spamming void ooze (as it has a high mana cost) Your goal is to get the berserker greaves as soon as possible as kogma's speed already lacks in its self (his base speed is extremely slow and is often ganked because of that)

You can also start buy building a Philosopher's Stone as well as a Avarice Blade in the beginning to give you a bit of a gold income (since most of these items are quite expensive) this will also start you out with a bit of mana/health regeneration as well as a bit of critical strike allowing you to lane longer than your opponents thus gaining more xp then they are as well as even more gold from last hits on minions. (even if you give your kills to your lane partner the other team will think you are fed with this kind of income)

Zeal being next in line to get gives you a even more mobility as it gives you increased movement speed (this should catch you up to how fast everyone else is walking) as well as giving you a little bit more attack speed and starting to build your crit

Phage - This will allow you to slow your enemies from getting away or coming towards you during the fight as well as giving you an extra boost in hp during the game as well. this also boost your attack damage

Sheen - Great passive (deals 100% of your ability power to your next physical attack on a 2 sec cool down) as well as giving you an extra amount of mana giving you a little bit more control and longevity over your battles. this also will boost your ability power.

Trinity - this combines the force of the Sheen, Phage, and Zeal. Even bettering each of their abilities as well as making it take up only one slot. (this will also allow you not to have to get the frozen mallet to slow your enemies down as every hit will be slowing your enemies)

Nashor's Tooth - Starting with Stinger (gives you increased attack speed as well as a 10% cool down for your abilities) then Fiendish codex (giving you ability power, mana regen, and another 10% cool down) with these combined to make Nashor's it gives your 25% cool down increased attack speed, more ability power as well as more mana regen per 5 secs. the cool down will give you even more versatility with your abilities and allow you to spam them more often making you a deadly force to be reckoned with

(Most matches will be over by the time you are done purchasing these three items though if you are lucky enough, or unlucky depending on how you look at it, you go straight into building your madrad's bloodrazor)

madrad's bloodrazor will give you the last of your attack speed you need as well as giving you an extra 4% hp damage to your bio arcane barage. Making it so tanks are now squishies just like everyone else (remember the more hp they have the easier they will be to take down, not saying to focus target the tank first)

Now at this point you have a couple of options. you can either buy the Black Cleaver (If the tanks are being especially tanky). or you can buy Phantom Dancers (to max out your attack speed and counter act the tanks frozen heart) if you buy the phantom dancers I suggest selling your berserker greaves and buying the boots of swiftness (this will give you insane walk speed for a kog'ma as well as crits that happen almost every attack) though keeping your berserker greaves will benefit you by keeping your attack speed above 2.0 even with the frozen heart slowing you down in team battles

now if you bought the black cleaver you can go ahead and buy the Phantom Dancers now and sell the beserker greaves to switch out with the boots of swiftness or you can buy the blood thirster for insane attack damage as well as insane life steal (though you wont have any stacks this late in the game I put it last as the attack speed and movement are key for kog'ma to have over the life steal)

If you bought the Phantom dancers you can either go with the black cleaver to start really cleaving your enemies or you can get Infinity Edge which will give you even more of a crit output on your enemies. turning your crits from 200% to 250%

Side note: instead of getting the boots of swiftness end game you could also go with mercery's treads for a bit more magic penetration (even though this build doesn't do much with ability power its still there)

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I play with a 25 - 0 - 5 build to utilize all of the goodies in the offensive bracket and still get a little bit more xp as well as mana and hp regen (mana regen highly needed towards end game though you will have no problem with your mana)

Since the latest kog'ma buff they made it so he not only does armor penetration but magic penetration as well which is the reason i have both of those slots selected. you could put 2 points into more dmg to minions for being able to push more but the hp and mana regen is a bit nicer to have early game and late game. Also because Kog'ma now does not only does armor penetration but magic penetration the last point in offensive is highly nessasary

putting the extra few points into extra xp (letting you lv a little bit quicker) as well as hp and mana regen (helpful in mid game mostly)

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Runes are there to optimize the last of your attack speed you need to hit 2.5 as well as magic penetration for the tanks (kog'ma being an anti tank champ and most of his damage being magic) the ability power is to start helping you with your bio arcane barage to get you the extra 1% hp to dmg you need, the Seals helping you with the spamability of your abilities making your bio arcane a deadly force to be reckoned with since its cooldown reduction in the last patch

if you dont want the attack speed Quintessences you can always switch them with movement speed ones this will make kog'ma even less of a snail and actually quite quick on his feet.

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How to play Kog'ma effectively

Kog'ma is an interesting champion that is very fun, and yet at the same time really hard to control. Most people think of him as a slow AP glass cannon kind of champion. However I'm here to tell you that he is none of the above. However if you do not know how to play as him he is one to easily feed the enemy and buff them up instead of you. Here is a guide to how to play him Earily game Mid game and Late game. as well as some ways to be able to use his abilities effectively to optimize your power to yourself as well as for the team.

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Being Able to play Kog'ma Early Game

With this build you are better off laning top or bottom. However you are still really effective for mid laning if you do not have a different champion that can mid. The only reason I say that you are better off laning top or bottom is because this build you will be able to push more as a team laner than you will be able to solo in mid. (this also allows you to buff another champion on your team instead of just you. as you will be getting lots of kills from team laning) Earily game for kog'ma is everything up to lv 6 as soon as you get your ult you are all ready to help gank mid or the other lane top/bottom depending on what you yourself were on.

To start off in early game make sure you have an aggressive lane partner as this will give your team first blood right off the bat. being able to throw your void ooze not only underneath your enemies feet, but also being able to throw it where they are going to be moving when they are trying to get away is key. you can also use void use as a wall to keep enemies from escaping across the whole lane. Using this slow factor in the beginning will guarantee you first blood as long as you have an aggressive lane partner. (or if you are laned with someone that has a stun you will be prime for first blood as well)

As void ooze will drain your mana quite a bit during early game make sure your picking up your pots before going into your lane to reduce the ammount of times you have to recall to base to fill up on mana. as well as being able to stay in lane to help your partner to keep pushing them. at the beginning of the game you can usually get the speed boots and one pot of each (you have enough gold for 3 pots but thats your call on what you get)

keep in mind that this build is very situational as to which abilities you pick up in which order and most can be switched for each other in most cases.

The ability sequence usually is (q) caustic spittle then as they are trying to run (e) void ooze them, making sure it is either blocking the whole lane so you slow both of the enemy champs in your lane, or so it is under neith your prey's feet as well as his future path. this way you get the most damage out of each battle. as they are running (w) bio-arcane barrage them to extend your reach and finish the fight. leaving you or your partner with a kill.

(also if you do not have a jungler in your team, ask your team if they will help you get blue buff very beginning of the game. This allows you to throw your void ooze all over the place with out having to buy pots.... Kog'ma is not a jungler and can't get blue buff on his own till around lv 5 or 6)

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Mid game with Kog'ma

As soon as you get your ult the fun really starts to happen. around this time your mid lanner could probably use a ganking hand. you can use the same tactics as before in early game play as you did here, however now you have an ult to use that has insane range and can hit anything as long as you plan it right.

his ult is delayed so you have to be able to plan accordingly (usually champions will move backwards when you ult them) so for ganking (any lane) make sure you are hidden before executing the initial attack. (if you have your lane partner get the blue buff before you start ganking this is best) when placing your ult make sure the tip of the circle is on the champ you are ulting the other end should be towards their base as they will start running towards it to try to get away from the blast zone. after ulting them make sure you lay down your (e) void ooze slowing them and allowing you to place a (q) caustic spittle and then directly after make sure you hit (w) bio-arcane barage to start finishing off the champ. If they try to turret hug the beauty with kog'ma's ult is that it has a further range than the turret has. you can either inch your way up to the turret and ult the unexpected champ, or you can go around to where the wall of trees are on the side closest to the tower. this will give you a bit of range after the turret allowing you a little leway in case you miss the initial killing blow, or if you need more than one ult to finish them off. (the bright side to this ult is that you can use it on minnions to see past the tower and what your enemies are trying to do. As anything hit with your ult will give you sight around that champ, minnion, or monster)

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End game with Kog'ma

This is the tricky part as the other team will start to catch onto you and will try to focus target you and kill you off first. (you are definitely a force to be reckoned with by this time)

by this time all of the fights are usually not stuck to any certain lane but mostly stuck with team fights in and outside of lanes and in the jungle as well. before the fight even ensues you can use your ult to harass the opposing team. making sure that your team has the most life out of the two teams before the fight even starts (also allowing you to see what the other team is trying to do) When the tank initiates the battle make sure to drop your (e) void ooze asap also make sure that it is either blocking the whole lane or it hits most of the enemy champions this will give you a bit of crowd control at the start of the battle also your cool downs should be low enough that you can spam this during the battle every once in awhile (if the fight even lasts that long) make sure you (q) caustic spittle first on your target, this will give your team armor and magic penetration on whom ever you are focus firing. Also the cool down on (w) bio arcane barrage is insanely low making it very spammable as it should be (bio arcane is the key to your damage out put as well as your insane range) any one that tries to get out the fight you can just ult them and finish them off (doing high ammounts of damage as well as giving you visibility of where they are going)

if your team doesn't have a tank, then you are more than able to initiate the battle yourself if you think your team is ready for a fight. To initiate a fight make sure you have an ult planted on them so you can see their movements. then lure them in by placing a (e) void ooze after they have taken the bate. this will slow them so your team has time to react to the initiation as well as give you time to get back behind your team making it so you dont have to tank the battle (if you are trying to tank you will most definately die)

To properly hit a moving target with your ult you need to be able to judge how fast they are going, which direction they are going to be going, then plant the ult where they aren't at the time but where they are going to be after the delay.

And finally your passive is a good way to kill off people end game that think they have won the fight (or people that have huge killing sprees and come at you 1v1 ) your passive upon death gives you 4x the amount of your movement speed and in 4 seconds you explode and anything in range takes damage based on your level. this is good for finishing off battles or if you die early fight in a team fight from being focused will allow you to turn the tides of battle to your favor even with out you there to support them at full strength. Also as a side note, if the enemy champions get away from you (are to fast for you to catch up for example) then it is always beneficial to kill of a wave of minions not only giving you gold upon death, but giving you a little push to your minion wave

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Have fun with kog'ma and I hope this build has and will help you a lot in your future kills. Remember kog'ma is always hungry so keep feeding him and enjoy killing people and watching the enemy team getting pissed at you because they can't get away from you. Please let me know how this goes for you and leave comments. please don't vote negative and not leave a comment as that doesn't give me anyway to improve this build.

and this is how kog'ma should be played... as an anti-tank!

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I have switched up the some of the items (as this build is meant for extreme damage as well as kog'ma being really fast around the battle field making it so people can't run away from you or catch you before or after battles)

I have also switched up some of the skills as I have been playing kog'ma more often in ranked battles I find it easier now with this skill set instead of what it used to be. allowing you to be an extremely fed kog'ma no matter what you do (lane or solo) also with this build you can solo a top or bottom lane for your jungling buddy. just ask him for a few ganks and you're golden!!

i am trying to keep this build up to date the more I play kog'ma in ranked battles and on what feed back i get from people!