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League of Legends Build Guide Author Krexel

Kog'Maw - The Tank Melter

Krexel Last updated on January 24, 2011
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Hello everyone! This is my first Kog'Maw build on Mobafire, so I might make a few mistakes while writing down this guide. But I will fix that anyway. When I started with LoL, Kog'Maw was free and after playing my first game I was in love. I used to play Kog'Maw as AP builded, but after playing many games and trying the AD build I loved him even more. I used some other guides here on Mobafire, but I changed a few things now and then and so I made my own build. I'm from Europe, but i play on the USA server since al my school buddies play there too. *My English can be bad sometimes xD*

24/01/2011 > Edited Table of Contents, Item Sequence

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Kog'Maw Introduction

1.1 Short Introduction

Kog'Maw is a long-range DPS champion. His ultimate has a very short cooldown and a very long range. When played as AP build, his ultimate is very strong, but his normal attacks very weak. With AD build your mortar deals still some pretty nice damage, though it's less. When you finished your Bloodrazor and use your Bio-Arcane Barrage skill, you hit 10% enemy hp excluding your normal damage. No matter how high hp and/or how many armor. This guide will focus on the AD build, since it's much more effective.

1.2 Pros/Cons

- Very long range ultimate
- With Bio-Arcane Barrage you outrange everyone (based on normal attacks only)
- With Bloodrazor and many attack speed, you kill tanks like they are squishies
- Can slow
- With Caustic Spittle and your items, you have massive armor penetration
- Kills retreating enemies with low hp easy with mortar
- Can scout forests with mortar

- No escape skills
- Get ganked pretty easily
- Without Bio-Arcane Barrage your damage is bad
- Bio-Arcane Barrage got a longer cooldown then use time
- Mostly you get attacked first in a team battle

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Summoner Spells

2.1 What to Take

I reccomend you to take Ghost and Flash to Escape or either to Chase.

You can also take one of the following spells, but i recommend if you take one of those, to take at least Flash or Ghost.

- Clairvoyance; Use it to avoid being ganked or to scout Nashor if you are not near him.
- Cleanse; It's awesome if you get snared, stunned etc. during an escape.

2.2 What NOT to Take

All other spells, but that's kinda obvious.

But why?

- Clarity; As AD Kog'Maw, u barely use any mp. You won't need it.
- Exhaust; You should always stay far from an enemy. Its range is too short. You can use it during an escape, but i won't recommend it.
- Fortify; Almost all towers will be destroyed in late game anyway. Who cares. And its cooldown is way too long.
- Heal; Early Game you won't take much damage. Late Game you got your Bloodthirster, so you won't need it.
- Ignite; Same story as Exhaust, except for the escape part.
- Rally; It's improvements ain't that good. Use your spell slot for someting more usefull.
- Revive; A good Kog'Maw rarely dies, so why should you need it?
- Smite; Seriously, Kog'Maw AIN'T a jungler.
- Teleport; Removes the element of suprise. Not usefull.

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3.1 Marks

Magic Penetration all the way.
Since all you skills and bloodrazor / bio-arcane barrage bonus damage are magic damage.

3.2 Seals

Late Game, you start to use Void Ooze and mortar more often. It's usefull to have a bit more MP Regeneration since your items won't give you.

Personally, i take dodge to help you stay alive a bit easier.

3.3 Glyphs

Like said before, without Bio-Arcane Barrage, your damage fails. Using these Runes, will make you have a bit more damage output. Also, with the itembuild you should end around 2.1att each second. With runes you might hit 2.5 (max).

3.4 Quintessences

Flat HP to improve your HP in Early Game.

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I like to use the 9/0/21 build, even if you are AD.
It reduces cooldowns which is usefull for your Arcane Barrage and your summoner spells to avoid being ganked easily.

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5.1 How and When to Use Your Skills

- Caustic Spittle; I never use it Early/Mid Game. I use it for it's passive attack speed improvement. Late Game, always use it on tanks during team fights. You crush their armor and u can PWN them even more!

- Bio-Arcane Barrage; When fighting champions or neutrals mobs, always put this skill on. During teamfights, use it when you are in range (with skill ofcourse). When the skill is over, move a bit back and start useing Living Artilery. When the cooldown is done, repeat.

- Void Ooze; I get this 1 point at level 4 to chase or escape. U can shoot through walls, so if your teammate is being chased in the forest, shoot a void too slow his chasers down. It's also awesome to chase people.

- Living Artillery; It's kinda hard to use this skill. You must predict where the enemy moves to and shoot in front of him. Use it at level 6 to push your lane a bit. You got to love Ryze and others who can stun/snare. Easy mortart targets.

- Icathian Suprise; You won't use it much, since you must stay alive. When you die, you are immortal for a few seconds. After a few seconds, you explode yourself. Dealing true damage based on level. (Around 500 at 18). When you die, aim for an enemy champion. Low hp you should kill easily. Even if you cant kill, just dive into them. The damage will help your team to finish them and you might get an assist. If no enemy champion is near you, dive into minions, you kill them even with full hp. Gives you a small money boost.

5.2 Build

Well, the build is above, but here are the reasons why i take this build:

- Max Bio-Arcane Barrage ASAP. It's your main skill.
- Your second important skill is Caustic Spittle for attack speed and penetration.
- Take Void Ooze at level 4. Use it for slow only, it's damage ain't that good while AD.
- Pick ur Ulti when you can ofcouse.

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Here is the reason behind my item build:

Start with the Scepter. With your low mana costs and lifesteal, you shouldn't have to B till midgame. You won't need any potions. Also, you upgrade this to The Bloodthirster later in the game.

Second, buy Sorcerer Shoes. Boosts your artillery early game to force enemies to go b. Also boosts your Bloodrazor.

After that, start building your Bloodrazor. It's your most important item. I recommend to first make the Bow, then the Razor and finish with the complete item.

Make an Malady for cheap attack speed. Some people like to buy a Witch's End, but Malady gives magic pen.

Now we need some more lifesteal, since we are Mid/Late Game. Upgrade your Scepter to a Bloodthirster. If you are facing an enemy Warwick/Mundo, you can also buy an Executioners Calling instead.

After that, start building a Phantom Dancer, for even more attack speed and crit + speed boost.

And if the game hasn't finished yet, buy a Frozen Mallet, slow your enemies and ace them all the way.

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7.1 Early Game

Kog'Maw can take a side lane or mid lane. Stay at your minions and try to hit the enemy with barrage to force them to go b (or kill them). I have to say, Kog'Maw fails at Early/Mid game, so don't feed and level! When side lane, don't push to much to avoid being ganked. Always watch your map. Some people refuse to call mia's ._.

7.2 Mid Game

Well, just do the same as Early Game. When a team battle starts, support your friends if they are close. You can also start killing Lizard and Golems for their buffs.

7.3 Late Game

You should have already your Bloodrazor by now, and your damage is awesome. Help in big team battles and destroy towers. STAY BEHIND MINIONS AT TOWERS. Your hp and defence is bad, don't tank towers or fights. You can easily do Nashor with a tank, since your damage and attack speed is awesome now. Learn to position yourself behind your tanks to avoid being killed. You will be targeted first in most battles.

7.4 What NOT to Do

- You ain't a tank, dont Tower Dive or Tank Fights/Bosses
- Don't stay in enemy range, always stay behind (your tanks).
- For the ones who love Kog'Maws % hp skill: KOG MAW AIN'T A JUNGLER

7.5 Neutral Mobs

Too bad the Dragon in Summoner's Rift has been buffed, so its harder now to solo.

For solo:

Lizard/Golem: Level 6-8+
Dragon (Treeline): 12+
Dragon: 12+
Nashor: NEVER, you will die

In most games with more experienced players, people know your power and will give you the buff since your likely to be the team's damage output.

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With Kog'Maw, you kill everone fast. But some resist more then others so be carefull.

Easy Targets

- Ezreal; He got nerfed so much, it's just fail.
- Garen; Only shortrange silence, and when your Barrage already is actived, you can just pwn him.
- Heimerdinger; Without his turrets, which you kill fast, he's nothing.
- Fiddlesticks; When not using ulti, should be no problem.
- Evelyn; Use an oracle elixer and she will be good for.

Hard Targets

- Ryze; His ulti in a group of minions or allies is deadly.
- Dr. Mundo; OP healing... When using his ulti, stay back and push when its over.
- Karthus; DONT move through wall of pain, your magic resist fails. Also, newbish ulti.
- Warwick; His ulti just pwns you. Never fight him alone.
- Katarina; Hard to hit with her flash skill. Also her ulti nukes you down in no-time.
- Annie; Her stun attack can deal pretty hard damage.

* For all other champions, always watch out but they shouldn't be a problemn *

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As last part of this guide, some tips:

- In Late Game, never walk alone. Always stick with your team.
- Buy Oracle Elixir if you got an enemy Twitch/Evelyn/Akali/Shaco
- Kill Nashor/Dragon with your team right after respawn late game.

But, the most important:


Don't cry if you lose or if your teammates fail.
Don't cry about ks.
It's a game, get real.

I hope this guide will help you to be a nice AD Kog'Maw.

If you have any questions, you can always ask them.

Thnx to Mowen for some edit tips.