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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ziniar

Kog'Maw - Time to Feast!

Ziniar Last updated on April 27, 2011
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Please do not view my guide just for the cheat sheet, please take the time to read what i have to say, and why i chose the things i did.

Hello. Welcome to my guide for Kog'Maw. Kog'Maw is one of my favorite champions. He is fun to play and he can be built many ways. In this build, i will show you my opinion on a good build for Kog'Maw, and how to correctly utilize his abilities. This build mainly focuses on attack speed, and a mix of some ability power towards end game. Lets begin.

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Pros and Cons


    Good ganker
    Deals amazing damage, and fast too
    Huge Harasser, thanks to his Ultimate
    Long range of attacks
    Once build is complete, Kog'Maw will be literally unstoppable

    Very squishy
    Targeted first in team fights
    Not many escape tactics
    Targeted for ganks, especially in mid

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Kog'maws Abilities

I will now explain Kog'Maws Abilities:

Icathian Surprise: This is Kog'maws passive. It lets Kog'maw move around for 4 seconds after he dies, then he explodes, damaging nearby minions and enemy champions. It does a lot of damage, increasing with Kog'maws level. You should not be trying to die to kill champions, but if you end up dieing this is very useful to finish off almost dead enemies, and if you end up dieing in team fights, it can change the outcome of the battle if all the enemy champions are stacked. If you find yourself in a situation where you getting ganked/teamed up on and theres no means of escape, i usually try to inflict as much damage on the current weakest or most squishy champion, and hopefully finish them off with this skill, or make them have to recall.

Caustic Spittle: This ability is very useful for Kog'Maw. It passively increases his attack speed, increasing as you level it up. When you use it, its fires a projectile, doing a fair amount of damage, and decreasing the targets armor for 4 seconds. The skill is mostly used for the passive. I usually start battles with this for the armor pen and damage, and sometimes finish with it if its not on cooldown. The part that stinks is that the skill has an extremely low range.

Bio-Arcane Barage: This is probably Kog'Maws most important ability. It increases Kog'maws attack range, and also deals an extra % of magic damage(6% extra at 5). I chose this first because it is Kog'Maws most important ability, and can help him get first blood, or possible early game kills. You should always be using this ability while in 1v1 combat or team fights, or if someone is almost dead and out of your normal range of attacks. In addition to this being a great skill, it also costs a very low amount of mana.

Void Ooze: This ability is a straight line of of ooze that Kog'Maw spits out. It comes out as a ball, and leaves a trail. The ball does decent damage, and the trail behind it slows anyone who stand in it. You should aim this ability to slow people who are running from you, or if you need to get away. I chose to keep it at 1 till end game, because as the skill increases, the slow does not, only the damage. Towards the end of the game you will be getting this skill up, and hopefully starting to get your AP up, which makes a great difference in the damage. Once you are 18 and have some AP, you should starting using this when you begin fights, then following with Bio-Arcane Barrage for some heavy damage towards your enemies.

Living Artillery: This is Kog'Maws ultimate. It has a 1 second cooldown. He shoots a delayed blast to a location, crashing down on enemy champions(or minions), and, if successful, letting Kog'Maw see them for a short amount of time. This attack should not be used for Kog'Maws main ability, for each time it is used, it does more damage, but at the cost of more mana. Kog'maw can lose mana quickly doing this, especially early game. This ability though, in my opinion, is one of the best harassing skills. I use this ability to flush out bushes, so i can see whoever is in them, get some minion kills or harass champions while i am at low health and hugging a turret, or to just plainly weaken champions or damage/finish the job at there own turrets. With my build, this skill will be a huge harassment end game, due to ability increasing its damage. Also, the best part about this ability is that its range increases as you increase the skill level.

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For Runes, I chose Magic Penetration Marks, Health per Level Seals, Ability Power per Level Glyphs, and Ability Power per Level Quintessences.

Greater Mark of Insight The reason i chose Magic Penetration marks for Kog'maw is to penetrate enemies magic defense for Kog'Maws main ability, Bio-Arcane Barrage, and hopefully letting it do more damage.

Greater Seal of Vitality I chose Health per Level marks for some increased health end game, since this is when you'll need it most, seeing that your enemies will most likely have there builds finished by then. I chose this since Seals specialize in defense, but if you feel like it you can swap these out for Magic penetration marks, Ability power, or whatever you feel is necessary.

Greater Glyph of Force I chose Ability Power per Level for Glyphs. Ability power isnt used until the end game with this build, so these glyphs are absolutely perfect!

Greater Quintessence of Force I chose Ability Power per Level quintessences for the exact same reason as i did the Glyphs, but Quints making a greater difference.

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For Masteries, i chose mostly Utility, giving Kog'maw increased Health and Mana, Mana regeneration, and Increased experience gain. I put the rest into Offense, giving Kog'maw increased Ability power, and Magic penetration, which is perfect. I usually use teleport and ghost for Kog'maw (which i will explain next), so i put masteries into ghost and teleport. If you do not like these, you can put them into to other summoner spell specializations, or whatever you like, and if you like Exhaust, you can put the mastery into improved exhaust, rather than the critical strike chance under the offense tree.

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Summoner Spells

For Summoner spells, i chose to go with teleport and ghost. Why? Teleport in my opinion is a good spell, not just for being lazy to get places faster. If you are weakened and need to recall, teleport offers a quick way back into battle, so you do not become under leveled. I also like it because it can bring you to weak champions, or allies, and help them get a kill. You will be wanting to get many kills fast, because many items in this build cost a bank load, but do not go completely bloodthirsty. Remember, Kog'maw is a squishy champion and sometimes might not be the one with most the kills, but he is one of the best harassers. I choose Ghost because Kog'maw is very squishy, and ghost is a quick mean of escape if you are running from an enemy champion(s), or vice versa if you are trying to kill someone. In 3v3's , I usually drop Teleport, and add something like cleanse or exhaust, because i personally find teleport useless in 3v3. Other spells i like are Cleanse, which is very use full to escape from stuns, especially Ashe's ultimate, Exhaust, in case you need a gank while your void ooze is on cooldown our missed, or flash, which is also useful for get aways or.. get ins? Anyways, this is what i recommend for summoner spells, but it is your choice.

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Berserker's Grieves: Berserker's grieves are a great start out, giving you attack speed and movement, and allowing you to buy a dagger and a potion and the beginning of the game.

Madred's Bloodrazor:Madreds bloodrazor is perfect for kog'maw, stacking with his Bio-Arcane Barrage for amazing damage. By the time you get this your caustic spittle should be nearly maxed, allowing fast attack speed combined with amazing damage.

Malady: Now with the bloodrazor, we need attack speed, so malady fits the job perfectly. Very low in price, nice attack speed, a little ability power, and magic pen stacks, this item is a must have for kog.

Sword of the Divine: SotD is a nice cheap item, with great attack speed, and a nice 100 magic damage per 4th hit, great to stack with your malady's magic pen and your bloodrazor + bio-arcane barrage, plus a nice way to take out tanks with high dodge and jax.

Void Staff: Now, you should be around level 18, and if you have runes like i do, your ability power form them should be kicking in. Void staff gives nice ability powers, its cheap, and LOTS of magic penetration for tanks or people building magic defense.

Rabadons Deathcap: Great ability power, plus a passive to increase it all, this is great for end game. If you use runes that i recommended and have a void staff, with this your bio arcane barrage will be doing 10%, plus the 4% from your bloodrazor!

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Kog'Maw in my opinion is best laning with someone else, but he can be mid. You should always be harassing your enemies with your Ultimate as much as possible, to get your kill or make them recall, leading towards breaking towers and such. I usually put vision wards or use oracle elixirs for teemo, twitch, and other stealth champions such as Evelynn. It especially comes in handy for teemo so you can take down his mushroom spores, and to know when evelynn is coming in for a stun. I personally like laning with champions who have stuns, such as sion and taric. I like going with melee and tank champions such as malphite, and shen is nice too, especially for his ultimate(teleports to you and protects you from damage), which can be a real life saver.

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I hope you enjoyed my guide, considering if you're reading this you most likely read the rest of the guide, and i thank you for that. I will update the build, add screenshots and videos, and make tweaks to it when needed, based on my thoughts and your opinions. Thank you for reading my Build and taking the time to give a look at it.

Thanks for checking out my build, now don't dissapoint Kog'Maw, go and FEAST!