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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author vertigo8892

Kog'Maw: Walking Artillery

vertigo8892 Last updated on May 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I've played around on LoL for about a year now and my heart has been stolen by the walking artillery which is Kog'Maw. His range is one of the most formidable obstacles created by any champions, This mixed with Attack Speed makes for a high dps that is hard to get to.Also for added threat his built in madred's helps you tear down tanks and squishys alike. Hope you're hungry cause you're about to get fed.

Caustic Spittle: CS or Q
Bio-Arcane Barrage: BAB or W
Void Ooze: VO or E
Living Artillery: LA, R, or Ulti
Madred's Blood Razor: Madred's
Kog'Maw: Kog

P.S. Sorry for the boring look of my guide i still dont know how to make all the fancy scroll over things yet. Also before you rate and all please read the whole thing! Also I'll be updating the guide to include:
- AP Kog (How Fun)
-Scroll over thingys (can anyone help me with this :(

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Pros / Cons

-Great range
-Great anti-tank
-His ultimate can be used to scout bushes
-He explodes when he dies, a semi-deterrent for killing him first.
-Great for farming, if getting kills is tough take out your anger on minions

- He is squishy
-In a close fight his range doesn't work to his advantage

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Summoner Spells

Clarity: Clarity is one of the most helpful spells with Kog'Maw. After you cast his ultimate a few times you'll be thankful that you have it.

Teleport:Teleport is chosen just due to it's utility. Its one of my favorite spells on almost any champ. The fact that you can be there when your team needs your or allowing you to snag that kill, teleport does work.

Other Acceptable Spells:
- Ignite: If you're going up against a vlad or a cho i guess but I find that BAB and a madred's solve these problematic champs just fine come mid-late game.
- Exhaust: Kog has a built in slow also if you're having to use exhaust your not hitting them fast enough ;P

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This is an on hit build. I have chosen the Items as such. It gets a little jumpy around mid game because I try not to waste a visit back to the nexus. There are many other optional items such as:

Wit's End: Riot decided that Wit's End was a broken item. I dislike their decision but i guess nothing can be done. For the sake of the guide i decided that Malady was a better item to use. It offers the same magic damage and attack speed that Wit's End does. If your enemy team is a bit magic heavy be my guest go with Wit's End.

Sword of the Divine: If you remember to use its active and you're fighting a jax i can see the use of this item. Ive just never found it that useful. Sorry if you're a big fan of it.

Stark's Fervor: If you really want that life steal and extra attack speed be my guest i just find that the stacks from blood thirter and its extra life steal a bit better of a support for your team. In my opinion team life steal is worthless if the entire enemy team is dead by the time the fight starts.

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Early Game

So the game starts after that one brolaf's computer finally decides its time to play. If you get mid that's great get down (or up) there and do you're dance until it's time to start. IF you're with a lane partner pick one that will attract the attention of the enemy without dying. I find tanks or tanky dps (even though those got nerfed) are the best to accomplish this goal. Also if your lane partner has a slow or stun that's just a cherry on top (Oh hai ther tank anivia!!!)

If your mid farm your minions. If the person is stupid (which is 80% of the time) they'll get to close to you make em pay with your W and your E. Once you get your ulty and first blood you can buy all your items. The buy order will not be the same every time EXCEPT FOR MADRED"S BLOOD RAZOR!!!!! This Weapon imho is MADE for Kog'Maw, So use it! After you finish this it should be mid game.

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Mid Game: The Sequel

This should be about the time when team fights start. Let your tank get hit then focus:

A: Tanky DPS: These guys still have the ability to mess everything up so just kill em while your totally competent team takes care of the glass cannon in the back of their team.

B: Tanks: I know most people are Like "W. T. F., your stupid, you should never focus tanks until all the carries are down." My answer to that, Kog is a TANK BUSTER. I'd be hard pressed to find anyone who could bring down that 4k hp Cho'Gath that just ate your anivia (You had your egg up right?) faster than Kog. He CAN kill tanks, and he CAN do it FAST.

C: Everyone else: You know who you are

Well now its late game right?

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By now you should be wrecking noobs and such. Your Anivia tank is no longer dying (Repetition of a joke makes it funny :D) and your pushing. Pick up any late game items you want if you haven't already finished your build. Wait you're not winning? Well then I guess its up to you to save the day! Let's say they're (the enemy team) is in y YOUR base and killing YOUR dudes. That's not cool. The way to deal with annoying teams is to be annyoing. Wait for them to get to the turret and focus the tank while he's being hit by the turret. If the rest of the team starts running at you E and move back. If they watch you mercilessly tear apart the tank that's bad and they should feel bad. After the tank is dead clean up anyone else who decides to an hero on the turret and with the ace you should be able to turn things around.

Wait... You're saying that's not working....well then, at least you get to troll the other team by blowing up that evelynn when you die.

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Good Job You won! (If you lost at least you can blame it on that tank anivia). I leave you with a few ending notes:
-Playing Kog'Maw is all about using his range to kill your enemies.
-Use that Ult. Riot gave it to you for a reason
-Remember tanks are scary so use acid to burn them alive
- +1 button is a good way to make friends!
- Tank Anivia actually works if done right. I'm super serial.