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General Guide by KonKaizo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KonKaizo

KonKaizo's advanced guide to midlaning and AP Carrying

KonKaizo Last updated on April 13, 2012
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My name is KonKaizo and i play LoL for ~2 years now, having played around 1500 games, and around 60% of those being in the midlane. I have collected lots and lots of experience on the midlane that I would like to share with others, especially because I think midlane is a very hard lane if you don't know good strategies, and on the same time really hard to master, but you can make real fast progress with few practise.

I won't focus on champions in this build, I will structure it to different types of strategies (for example: veigar is an entirely different champion than cassiopeia and he is therefore meant to be played completely different), subsequently how you are supposed to behave in which stages of the game (early invasion - early laning - mid game [dragon phase] - end game) and which champions are suitable for the different strategy.

So, if you are interested in learning how to be effective in mid lane, continue reading!

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General questions and answers

Q: What is the job of the (AP) Midlaner?
A: Generally, farming on your lane and disturbing your opponent as much as possible, to become a steady source of damage for your team later in the game. There are of course exceptions, but i will get to those later. But the job of all midlaners is by no doubt doing damage.

Q: Why go mid?
A: Due to the lane being really small, the towers being really close to each other, mid lane is considered as a solo lane since dota. That means: farm. You can get a lot of farm without having to worry about others.



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Getting into the strategies

After this chapfter, i will list all the strategies that you can use mid. This is the structure:

Up- and Downsides:

The overall goal of the specific strategy, and the downsides of the strategy.

- Outharassing your opponent
- Denying a lot of experience and dollars
- Forcing the jungler to gank mid

- You'll lose money and experience too
- Risk dieing to ganks
- You can't support your team


The way you are supposed to behave in your lane while you do this build. Will be substituted into the different phases of the game: Early, Mid and Late game.

Build order:

The item build, or different build variants that are suitable for this build, listed and explained.
Note that only the core will be listed, the rest is situational! Read Chapter "Situational item consideration" for those items.


Champions that do very good at executing the different strategy and eventually abrevations or things you should pay special attention to. Also, champions that are unable to do the strategy are listed. Champions that are unlisted do okay at the specific strategy.
Notice that only common AP Carrys are in the pool. For example, if Urgot is not listed, it doesnt mean he can execute the build.


Champions that die to this strategy, and champions that hard counter the strategy. Unlisted champions CAN win against the strategy, but will generally lose to it if you execute it well.
Notice that again only common AP Carrys are in the pool.

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Situational Item consideration



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