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League of Legends Build Guide Author Korean Jesus

Korean Jesus guide riven for dinguses

Korean Jesus Last updated on July 28, 2014
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HI, This guide is mainly for future reference to myself, but I have added in some extra things that people who come across guide may find useful.
If you are just starting riven, there are a few things to take note of:

Riven can be played as both a bursty assasin and sustain-based fighter.
A high percentage of her damage comes from her passive, which increases the damage of her autoattacks by a large amount.Therefore it is clever to autoattack between your broken wings and other abilities too if possible.
But rivens autoattack, ki strike animation and ultimate channel is sluggish and quite frankly ****. But there are multiple ways to work around this so that you can get your damage off as quickly as possible, improving how well you trade, and you burst damage against carries.
I will describe in detail, how these animation cancelling techniques work.

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riven animation cancelling

Here are a few links to ************ajbfba

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Riven is a mobile top/mid laner who benefits heavily from ad, cooldown reduction and armour penetration (depending on lane matchup).
rune page 1.

Quintessences- 3 flat ad
marks- all flat ad
seals-all flat armour
glyphs-all flat magic resist
notes- I recommend this page to most riven players and just any ad based top laners

Rune page 2
Quintessences- 3 flat ad
marks- all flat ad
seals- all flat armour
glyphs- 3 flat cooldown reduction, 6 flat magic resist
notes- you may be wondering why i opted for the cooldown reduction glyphs. Well, combined with masteries, this will give me 5% cooldown reduction, and because certain full build rivens give an awkward 35% cdr(10% from youmous ghost blade,10% from brutalizer and 15% from lucidity boots) , this will round it up to the comfortable 40% cdr.I take this rune page when the top laner and jungler I am up against dont do ap damage.

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*** masteries you dumn nerd


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