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Nocturne Build Guide by Valryon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Valryon

Lane And The Best Jungler

Valryon Last updated on March 24, 2012
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Creeping / Jungling

How to jungle and always be highest lvl.

how is that possible, being higher level than the mid laner ? in only jungelng ? Yes my friend, that's why u need ghost , and improved ghost and the exp from awareness. You see, you start of with golem, with "Vampscepter" or cloth armor and 5 pots, and "tigerstance", hurry up to the mini wolf camp, as soon as you made the last hit on the last wolf, you Teleport back to base, get 2 pots (one mana and one hp) Rush with ghost to lizard, by that time, smite is exactly done, do the lizard. now your lvl 3 soon 4, with tiger, turtle and beer, (observe when u nuked lizard, use turtle on the 2 adds, and pot mana and hp pot at same time, so u can regenerate and get ready for a gank"). Go gank, if u succeed, very well, stay in lane for a few creeps, or for next golem, spawn, don't waste time doing nothing, always, gank if not succeed, stay in lane a little while to gain the extra exp (always remember a good gank is making the enemy use flash and/or ghost), go creep(jungle), for now u should be able to creep(jungle) whatever/whenever u feel for it, basicly creeping, and to make it better and easier buy the (for Udyr only) OP item, Wriggl'es lantern, it will take seconds to jungle, and use smite clever. Take dragon by lvl 6, and only if u got the lantern. Ward clever before doing it. And ofc, on your second, 3rd (or whatever) turn back, get mobility boots, the 5+ speed, will make it easy for u to gank, notice, when u gank, stay in bush and pop both beers stance and ghost to catch him in stun, NO ONE will escape, and th.x to at least one point on turtle, its possible to tower dive. Get back to jungle, or ganking, and remember, in team fights you will take out the squishies in a matter of a few seconds, or even second. You will crush tanks, and everything AS LONG as they do not focus you. Gotta play him a little like a smooth Assassin , so u need great micro. mobility kiteng. That's why we love bear form.

AS FOR THE NEWER slightly annoying patch, where they nerfed Wriggle's and boosted jungle mobs,U can take another jungle route, (the one i'm doing in my videos) You simply start of by golem, having someone to pull it for you, rush to wolf, with full hp, after poting once, rush to ghost camp (or wrath or whatever you'de like to call em), pot, and gank ( or take lizard if there are no good positioning Then gank).
I will explain this section more careful in the Chapter below!

Both jungle routes will work fine, Udyr is a great jungler, ImHo the best in the game.