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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grem

Lane command Vlad

Grem Last updated on December 27, 2010
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Essentially this Vlad build is meant to command a lane, prevent pushes..He's not a turret breaker, but hey, clear minions fast enough your minions will do all the work anyways.
Focus on Transfusion and Tides of blood, those are your farming tools and will harass any champ remarkably well. The whole game, I pretty much only use Sanguine pool as an extra boost to run away in case I get ganked. Vlad is very tanky because of his passive specifically, however I dont rely on buying health so much for the AP boost because its not worth it, buying AP to increase health is.

Most of the time I dont even get Sorcerers shoes, I never have to leave having the basic boots just for speed. Void staff is essential, considering most people will start building for Mdef once you start kicking their ***, stacking two will give you 80% Mpen which is enough to get through anything. Randuin's is essential to the build because of the extra cool down reduction, bringing your Transfusion closer to spammable, a lot of times I'll throw in Deathfire as well but its not important, will of the ancients is good for the spell vamp and extra AP but again its really only if you feel it.
Go with either Thornmail or Force of Nature depending on who you're up against, whether they're AP or Phys bound.
As far as skills, its pretty much what you think will be most useful, obviously level Hemoplague whenever you can, and max Transfusion first.