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League of Legends Build Guide Author dom

Lane Controller Sona

dom Last updated on April 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Skill Sequence

I build Hymn of Valor so i can be able to deal damage and improve Abillity Power and damage of my allies to myself.I build Song of Celerity at lvl 2 only for passive.In combination of passive it can slow down enemy.Comes useful in battle.Aria of Perseverance doesnt need to be explained why to build it.Its great support-heal spell.

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I take 3-0-27 masteries.In offense i take abillity power and in utilly mana regens.Bonus mana improved neurtal buffs(ask your teamates to help you do golem at low lvl so you get mana buff)

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I get magic penaration for marks.
Magic resist seals (to absorb more damage-stay alive for longer becouse few seconds can save you and your ally)
I get coldown reduction glyphs becouse they match my seals.And i stay to seal moto(few seconds can save you or ally of yours)
Quitencesses:AP For stronger heals at begin and more damage(Comes useful at begin when u dont have enought money for ap items.

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I take boots of speed to move around lane faster which makes step one of controling lane.
I take Ryalis Crystal Scepter to have some health and to start building my AP.
Sometimes Sona cant assist many champions.Maybe 1 or 2 at same time but not in 5v5 battles.So i take Abysall Scepter so you can assist allies just by standing near by helping others.Zhryonas Hourglass helps her stay alive becouse her active passive.I also get some armor.I also continue getting AP so its good item for Sona.Banshees Veil gets helpful at higher levels when some people have much AP and can get you killed in few seconds.Banshees Veil can absorb atleast one of the hits.So it practicly gets very useful.I take Rabadon Deathcap to masterly improve my heals and damage so practicly this is where item build ends.

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Summoner Spells

I take Claviyorence to see where my enemies are going in begin and take peek in bushes before getting in gank trap.Clarity helps her stick in her lane(she doesnt have to recall to regen mana she can use Clarity) also its great support spell in long team fights.Maybe when your focusing on tank that has big armor and hp.You gonna kill him hard and waste mana There Calrity jumps in.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle isnt friend of Sona but doesnt mean she isnt capable jungling.I max Hymn of Valor fast as i can.And when at spawning pool i use it 3 times so i get my passive right away.Its good to start with golem if your going to.Also get smite and heal.Song of Celerity can help you escape

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Team Work

Allways be last in your team thats getting in team fights so enemies dont target you.They will target opponets(your allies) that have lost some HP already

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How to use Spells

Getting gold easily in champion fights isnt easy..But i think most of people use Cresendo(ultimate) as first hit in fights vs champions.But thats not good becouse Cresendo has really big coldown.So i suggest to max your passive use your Cresendo Hymn of Valor and basic attack.That way you know your Cresendo isnt used for nothing.

If your a kill stealer dont use Cresendo to kill steal becouse u wont succes.Use Hymn of Valor and Power Chord becouse Cresendo is over-time damage spell.