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Ryze General Guide by NextLevel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NextLevel

Lane Guides: Middle Lane (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

NextLevel Last updated on January 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction To The Middle Lane

Hi how are you guys doing? I´am here to make you go NextLevel>>> in the middle lane/mid.
First of all some thing you should know before you try mid lane:
If you want:
  • A tanky never backing champion, DON´T TRY MID;
  • Never end pushing lane, DON´T TRY MID;
  • Melee champion (there are for mid but i dont suggest), DON´T TRY MID;
  • Easy kills, DON´T TRY MID;
  • Playing without using your brain, DON´T TRY MID.

Ok, those are things that you are most probably not going to see in mid, almost never (until the Mid game team fights begin).

If you want:
  • A ranged skill type of champion, TRY MID;
  • A pure strategy game, TRY MID;
  • To be one of the game changers summoners, TRY MID;
  • To do kills because of your own strategy, TRY MID;
  • To use your imagination, your own knowledge, your mind, TRY MID.

Mid is one of my favorite lines of all the game, in fact, its the one in which i played the best games in my league of legends experience.

When you are going mid, you have a huge variety of champions to choose from, all with unique skills and their own ways to be played. You should choose wisely when picking your mid champ. We are going to talk about choosing a little bit later, but right now:

Let´s Start With This Guide!!!

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Pros / Cons

Ok here are the pros and cons of playing at mid lane:

  • You have only 1 enemy that farms/push the lane;
  • Because you are the only one farming, you level up fast;
  • You can easily go and gank other lanes;
  • Low amount of deaths if you are a good mid player (unlike other lanes in which you will always have deaths ._.);
  • When you are in trouble, you get the help fast from other lanes;
  • It´s just fun :3.


  • You will be focused in team fights (after the ADC);
  • With most of the champions, low sustain;
  • Focused by JUNGLERSSSS;
  • Needs practice (as all -__-);
  • You are the center of the attention because you are in the straight way to the nexus;
  • -_- hate playing mid with an enemy jungler.

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Middle Lane (avoid if you already know what it is)

Middle lane, also known as mid, its one of the routes minions (servants) take on their journey to the enemies base. There are 3 lines: Top lane, Mid lane and Bot lane. You will never see a minion out of those routes.
We call it middle lane as obvious because it is in the center of the map. As all the other lanes, it has 2 turret and 1 inhibitor turret, and 2 enemy turrets and 1 enemy inhibitor turret. Mid lane passes over the center of the jungle river and comunicates directly to the enemy´s nexus.


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