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Lee Sin Build Guide by Finoli

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Finoli

Lane Sin

Finoli Last updated on July 12, 2011
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how the f*ck should Lee Sin be played?

In my opinion, he should mainly be a bursting AD carry, LANING.

In this build Lee Sin becomes very tanky later in the game. Early game he may be kinda squishy, but this won't affect you in any way.
Thanks to the brutalizer you can boost in to an enemy and kill them almost instantly, without having to risk your life. If you are trying to kill a harder enemy, you simply exhaust. (Try to save it for AD champs)
As you get used to Lee Sin's abilities, you'll be able to pull off the most insanely awesome kills ever.

Later in this guide I will tell you about a few ways to pull of these kinds of kills.

Here's some proof that this build really does work ( ofc some skill is involved ;) ) :

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I go with armor penetration marks and quints for the add-up with brutalizer (insane penetration).

The reason I pick armor seals is because in ranked games you will likely lane bot with a support, against the same kind of setup (support + AD carry), and the extra survivability is really nice.

For glyphs I go with cooldown per level, because you will not have to rely so badly on the cooldowns early on, but the extra CD reduction the /level runes give is great.

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Items (!)

I start with a Doran's Blade, for obvious reasons.

Next item is ALWAYS brutalizer. Since the big difference is noted earlier on in the match, getting other items before will waste its awesomeness.

Next is boots of speed, and ONLY boots of speed, even if you can afford the entire mercury's threads. (you wanna save the extra gold for the B.F. Sword)

Guess what's next? B.F. Sword. As soon as you can afford it, go and get it. This is the turning point in any potentially bad game you may have, i.e. if you didn't perform well earlier, you will now.
Now that you've gotten B.F. sword you can e.g. easily solo dragon without leaving yourself too vulnerable (i.e. you wont lose a lot of health)

Next is Black Cleaver for obvious reasons. Now it's okay to finish your Merc. threads, even though I rarely ever finish them in a match. (This of course depends on whether the enemy team is CC heavy)

NOW, you have all the damage you REALLY need, (you will get more later though) so now it's time for your Warmog's. You will be so tanky thanks to lee sin's basic health + the Warmog's.

Getting Atma's Impaler after this isn't a must, but I tend to get it, since it gives you a lot of AD (approx. 60), a bit of critical chance and a lot of armor. If you're up against a heavy AD team, you may wanna get a Thornmail instead, since it will return enough damage to even out the difference of damage between it and Atma's.

Next item is up to you. I recommend defensive items to counter their damage or Trinity force.

When you're fully bought you'll still have Brutalizer. This you should switch out for last whisper to maintain and add to your armor penetration and damage.

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Skill Sequence

All I feel I have to say about this is that you may want to max out Safeguard/Iron will before Tempest/Cripple if you're up against a heavy AD team, or if you're a fan of life steal.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust I usually get to counter their ad carries, but you sometimes want ignite instead (e.g. vs fiddle, mundo, swain etc.)

First of all, it's excellent for chase and for escape, but you can do some pretty awesome stuff if you combine it with Dragon's Rage (ulti)
I will tell you about some stuff in the next chapter.

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Here are some tips and tricks on how to play Lee Sin

  • Harassing with Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike is a very efficient way to scare and weaken your enemies. Don't be too greedy with this though.

  • After pouncing to an enemy with Resonating Strike, use Safeguard on a friendly unit to quickly get out of harms way. The enemy wont have time to react before you're out of there again, with some practice.

  • Using your Dragon's Rage the right way will get you and your team plenty of kills and

    - Using Dragon's Rage to relocate your enemy is a great way to help your team and to kill them. You can use it by kicking your enemy into and AoE spell, such as Nunu's or Kata's ultimate, or into a tower.

    - When chasing an enemy with a relatively big amount of health left, you can flash ahead of him and kick him away from wherever he was going, TO e.g. your team, so they can finish them off.

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So what have we learned from this guide and build?

Lee Sin is a nuker, and I see no reason to play him offtank early on. Late game it is required though, so don't move away from this too much just because you get a ***** from high damage.

Last few items are more or less up to you, but I have selected for this build the ones I get most often.

Any questions or critique, add a comment, and don't forget to rate! Happy pwning