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Warwick Build Guide by Semiazaas

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Semiazaas

Lanewick, because Jungling is Boring

Semiazaas Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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If you think that being a werewolf who gnaws people's faces off is the best thing in the world, then we think alike. Warwick is the single most bad *** character in the game and that is why i was crushed when i discovered that most of the guides for him were for jungle. If you agree with me that jungle is too boring for your incredibly short attention span and think all of this AP Warwick stuff is **** then this guide is right were you want to be.

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Pros / Cons


    Great Lane Survivability
    Great Sustained DPS
    Very good Suppress
    Can chase down anyone with ease
    Great at bringing down turrets fast
    Can kill tanks with percent damage easy
    Can win almost any 1v1
    No ranged harass moves
    Must commit to most fights

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Mark of Desolation is a must have for any melee character who just wants to eat things because a high amount of kills tastes good.
Mark of Insight would be better in the early game for Warwick's hungering strike but the drop off would be too big at end game with the way this guide Builds.

Seal of Clarity because i like mana.

Glyph of Shielding helps with the survivability of the initial nuke from any hard hitting mage, stay alive enough to get up the them and you can steal all of your health back.
Glyph of Focus is also a viable option to lower your ultimate's cool down but you will require a defensive item.

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The masteries are for basic melee dps along with mana regen, comment with any suggestions for changes to the Masteries.

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The item build ends you up with alot of attack speed along with a fair ammount of lifesteal and in the end you get a Bloodrazor for that nice chunk of percent damage.

Starting items are a Meki's Pendant and some Health Pots. These items will allow you to stay in lane at the start for a long time especially with all of Warwick's life stealing abilities.

An early rush for a page allows you to slow down your enemies because this build focuses more on the auto attack aspect of playing so you need them to move slow so you can hit them. This also can build into a frozen mallet later fore a nice chunk of health with a 100% slow effect.

Stark's Fervor combined with Hunters Call will make taking down turrets go alot faster, You could build this before Page if you have a lane partner with a stun or a slow or even if you are willing to give up a few kills. Champions respawn, turrets don't.

Sorcerer's Shoes or Berzerker's Greaves are both viable options, i prefer the Sorcerer's shoes for early game for my harassing of eating their face, however Berzerker's Greaves late game isn't that bad of an idea because most of your damage will be coming from auto attacks for the more you do the faster they die.

Malady is a great weapon for stacking that attack speed because of how cheep it is and the effect it has on Warwick makes it a must have item.

Madred's Razor is a good item to grab here if you are going to start trying to ninja their turrets and will make minion farming a lot faster. Push this item to last if you would rather continue stacking attack speed instead.

Wits End because attack speed helps us eat people!

Frozen Mallet should be completed near the end to give you some health along with making escape from your talon...claw...metal..hand things impossible.

Madred's Bloodrazor because with all the attack speed the extra percent damage is just so much more effective than any other item.

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Skill Sequence

The first point you want to place is in your Hungering strike, the life steal and damage from this makes it easy to use to harass along with allowing you to stay in lane for forever, it is a little mana heavy based on Warwick's health pool but our good old Meki's pendant fixes that problem right up. Hungering Strike is the first skill you want to max.

Hunters call is great from mid to end game when you actually start getting in serious battles instead of just tickling eachother then running off. It will give you an amazing advantage against them and is even better for destroying turrets.

Blood Scent is great for map awareness and will help you pick up the kills when it is needed, Your team might start to call your Captain Kill Steal if you do it well enough.

Infinite Duress you want to grab whenever you can! It is great for locking down an important target while your group brings then down or you can disable their support. Someone needs to start a petition to make this skill hold true to its name.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is great for escaping along with jumping past turrets to pursue your target.

Ghost is also a viable spell to choose, it doesn't have the same run away ability as Flash but it is better at chasing when combined with Blood Scent.

Ignite is great for locking down the heals while you burn em down (Get it!) or for doping em while the run out of your reach.

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Warwick isn't the greatest at farming extremely fast, all he can really do against minions is wack em till they die extremely fast. He is not the worst at Farming but he definitely isn't the best.

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Creeping / Jungling

Warwick is a natural Jungler, In this build he is able to grab the buffs in no time and can grab dragon incredibly fast. If you fall behind on levels and need a quick boost or you want to grab a buff real fast before you engage in a small fight then Warwick can easily accomplish those and with great speed.