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Team Guide by Azelwish

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Azelwish

Laning Phase:Dominate in ur Lane

Azelwish Last updated on June 2, 2011
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Before everything else,ive just want to apologize(everyone who's going to read this guide)that my english is not my native language so give me a little patience.

Its my first guide so please dont laugh me or tease me..

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Laning Phase

Laning phase,should i explain these?haha..for other's sake..okay

Its the time of the game where you should be in a lane:Top,Middle,or Bottom (unless you're a jungler)

In this phase you should DO YOUR BEST to earn gold,gain lvl advantage(if possible), eat your enemies, dont be a feed LMAO, preventing ur tower to be pushed, and as usual-push ur enemy turrets.

PS:teamwork w/ your partner is a MUST

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Gotta buy some item and stay on the bush.but beware of really dont know if ur enemy is also in the bush so Claivoryance is a BIG HELP.

What if there's no enemy in the bush?
-Its a big decision if to stay in the grass or not..WHY?
Its bcoz maybe ur enemy is planning to FB so if you got a jungler..ask him to scout around
-What if ur enemies dont have any plan to FB?
-The chance is yours, FB for your team is a 50% now
-Receiving damage is normal in this minute so as long as you have the time go home..regen.go back to your it fast bcoz the minions are coming

Do your best in this early minute what you need is patience.dont rush a kill.Youre going to have it later. But sometimes if luck comes~grab it

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Minions has been spawned

Its just mean damaging ur enemies w/o the total intention to kill him

For a range partner it would be a great thing.
But melee champs. like jax can harass more than a range champs
So harassing is a skill not just simply a champ-dependent thingy.

PRO's of Harassing
-Though what you give is not a real huge big damage.if you continuesly harass the enemy it would leave them low life.of course he would go home instead of dying..right? and if he go back to his base??do you know what you have got?let me enumerize 1. Minion advantage 2.Gold Advantage 3.Damage that has been done to the enemy turret.
Con's of Harassing
-If you hit the enemy champ,his minions will automatically hit you so what if the damage you reciv is bigger than the damage you have given to ur enemy..
-Hitting enemy champ in the front of the turret will make his turret hit you.remember youre still squishy
-Now that he's back he's ful of life and mana so harassing may be different at this time. Beware also Change Lane may be done or they might just GANK you so map awareness in laning phase is a must.

Harassing may bring damage to enemy it maybe huge or minimal depending how squishy they are but remember ur still paper at this moment so harassing may be good and bad.

Enemy is TOWER HUG

~Damn it my enemies in my lane is so gay they keep staying at their tower~
-So what else can i say?you are squishy tower dive is not a good thing
-What you should gonna do is kill minions.stay away to him and his turret coz CC may be done to you
-If both of your lane partner has enough strength to tower dive a poor low life then you can both of you should go at the same time if possible hit the enemy at the same time.Enemy champs may see you and run..DONT CHASE HIM.just push the tower it would be a better thing
-Before doing what i have mentioned before.think what your enemy ability is. For example Fiddlesticks tower hugs bcoz he's life is only 1 bar and both of your lane mate plan to tower dive..and a clever FiddleSticks fear and lifesteal from you and what he got? he has just pawned b4 tower diving think and think and think for what his abilities are

My Team is Tower hug

So Just stay near the turret where he can protect you.
When the right time comes.ask the mid laner to gank enemies in your lane..but in case your mid laner cannot do that.let your minions go push and when enemies could not really give a sight to you. go home and go back to your lane do it fast they may be push ur turret..again Do only this if your minions have already push a good distance

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Near mid game time

It's the time where usually gank is happening and it would be a Advantage

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By the way i end up my guide here coz my guide is only for early game.

If i also have the time i make guide of a mid game

I wish this guide would be a little help and please no flame

So if there's anything you want to ask and to add just comment it would be a GREAT BIG appreciation and dont forget also to vote

EARLY GAME let the Domination begins..!!


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