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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Djotax

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Djotax

last hit creeps? no thank you.

Djotax Last updated on April 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Table of Contents
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well this is my first build ever made, first off i wanna make some stuff clear...
1- my main language isn't English so i offtenly have some horrific orthography and you might eyebleed and die.
2- this build is an inspiration from the trendy build right now, solo top from SINJUSTICE player.. i wanna say thank you a LOT to show me a path i can take on solo top , cause i love to play jarvanIV he is my main fighter in whole league, also i tried to contact you but its sorta impossible
3- any opinion is well received as long as is constructive critics rather than flaming and trolling, which i wont hesitate to report, anything else is totally welcome =)

ok, lets start then =)
My idea of this guide as the title says is to be able to solo top easiest way as possible , without forgetting farming, but at the same time killing your oslo top opponent as soon as practical by your own hands or by your jungler, yes sir i like to play Tanky assassin at solo top.

the Exemplar of Demacia jarvan DA FOUR
hes classified as tank dps champion which you with obvious reasons will want to level up as soon as possible his defense but same time, building up his damage output.
hes is a fun champion despite the fact i wish riot would buff his damage output a little, talking more about his basic attacks, because in my opinion almost any other fighter class can give jarvan a bad time if the player is not so well skilled, for example..nasus, Sion and renekton.

Guide Top


For Runes my main idea was to make jarvan a really durable solo top , but also a good chaser and bit tanky against wizzards or any ap champion.
so we gona take:

-9 Greater mark of desolation :
this will give jarvan the entire game the power to shred or help carrys shred tough opponents , or you can even slain champions by your own
armor penetration is the armor your champion ignores when fighting and using physical damage
for example if you possess 20 armor penetration and your rival have 30, you gona be ignoring 20 of his armor, which you will be dealing with just 10 armor!!!!. =)

-9 Greater Seals of clarity:
as i called in the introduction, we want to make sure jarvan can farm and fight the most time as possible instead of recall each 2 seconds because your mana hungry or low hp, so pick these packman guys and stay forever alone in top. (this will grant you around 7 mana regen per second at level 18, if im not incorrect, wich is almost a meki pendant ;)

PD: if your smart enough to save your mana for your ganker or your having tons of help from your jungler part you might reconsider getting flat armor yellow (Greater seals of Resilience) which will give you even more sustainability and tankyness along with your Demacian standart passive.

-9 Greater Glyphs of shielding:
this is really good set of runes since you wont be stacking magic resistance till midgame, plus you could be fighting either Chogath or Sion ap at solo top and this could make your life tiny bit easier , just dont get too cocky in my opinion glyph magic resistance arent that good... but for sure had saved my life lot of times. Another good choice as Sinjustice would say is cool down reduction runes, wich in my opinion could even work better, ive died trying to wait for my cooldowns and they just dont come

-3 Quintessences of movement speed:
Since Jarvan is a pretty slow champion, you surely will make him move faster,and THATS! when this runes appear, after you purchase your first boots of mobility you will feel the difference between using this babies or not.
You can also may want to change this runes by more desolation ones, for more damage output.