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Malzahar Build Guide by King Killa III

Laugh With Me! MALZAHAHAHA! A Malz Guide To Success!

Laugh With Me! MALZAHAHAHA! A Malz Guide To Success!

Updated on April 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author King Killa III Build Guide By King Killa III 10 2 18,985 Views 20 Comments
10 2 18,985 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author King Killa III Malzahar Build Guide By King Killa III Updated on April 26, 2012
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Introduction + Pros & Cons

Please note that the Solomid Guide is way more updated then this and more in-depth. Please take the time to make an account there and thumbs up the guide on there as well. Trolls are getting to the guide there. Thank you all for the support! Guide to solomid account is below!
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Hello Summoners! If you're here, that means you wanna learn the way of the malz. Well you came to the right place. Malzahar is a very tactical/bursty champion. You gotta know when to use your abilities, who to use them on, and how to position yourself to the best possible way. I've recently played this setup and I will never go back. You'll have so much mana regen, you don't need to leave the lane. His voidling don't a ton of damage as well! If you wanna dominate mid, this is your build.

Malzahar is a champion that deals a ton of damage when used correctly. When your use his combo correctly (Combo: Q --> E --> W --> then R) You'll either wiper out your enemy, or let the team do the rest, which will probably be one or two hits. I personally love the E ability due to it's strength and the fact that it bounces to another nearby target after death. So if there's like 3 people near death and they are turret hugging, dive, use E, and enjoy your triple.

If you like burst champions and if you like to CC (Farm/kill minions) Like a boss, then this is your champion.

    Amazing at farming.
    Wears purple like a boss. Be jelly of him.
    Silences and does a ton of damage.
    He fkin floats!
    Summons spiderman's little brother who fell into the void named the voidling.


    More slow then my grandmother.
    Has no way to escape other then flash.
    Voidling only lasts so long.
    Always the target of the enemy team cuz they fear you.
Here's some proof at Malzahars awesomeness:

First Half:

Second Half:

Bonus Wins Afterwards:

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Ah yes, the runes. My beautiful beautiful runes.

I take Mana regen per level seals to not have to run back to get mana potions of to not be able to use my abilities. It may not seem like it's useful but trust me. If you use it on malz and this guide, you'll never ever go back. It allows you to spam your abilities with ease and to be able to have more lane sustainability once you have your hextech.

With Ap per level glyphs, I'm able to deal insane damage after level 6. Ap per level glyphs are amazing mid game that allow hard hits, and lots of farming.

Magic pen marks are amazing for people who think Magic resist will stop Malz from destroying them. As well as shredding through tanks.

Flat Ap Quints are to balance the playing field early game because you don't wanna sit there with no ap, getting pummled and to not be able to do anything about it. You need to stay in the game and to be able to farm and push like a boss.
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Summoner Spells

Flash & ignite


Flash: So malzahar has no way to dash away from a situation where he will most likely die. So to fix that, I use flash. There are also times where you can flash to the enemy and burst with your moves and get a kill.

Ignite: I use this to drain enemies down insanely in sync with Malefic Visions. Combining those two with your ulti means almost certain death for any non-tanky champion.

Alternative Summoner Spells:

Promote - Can help push lane, deal damage to enemy minion with Malefic Visions onto it, and last a long time in lane.

Exhaust - due to malz slow start, he could use this to slow champs down and get kills like a boss.

Teleport - When you go back, it takes a while to get back and this would help. Also would be a big help to get outta bad situations fast

Ghost - Much like exhaust, but you can chase them down with a speed boost as well as get outta situations that end in death for you.
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So I max everything involving AP on the offensive tree to deal as much damage as possible. I also get the Cooldown reduction for more spamming of my moves. Now onto utility.

I decide to go to the utility tree rather then defense for a few reasons. Summoners insight helps my flash summoner spell and Expanded mind helps my mana. Meditation is to help my mana regen, Runic Affinity for when i get blue our we get baron, and swiftness cuz without it, malzahar is kinda slow.
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Item Build

Start With: Boots of speed & 3 health pots

Rest of the build:

Dorans ring - To be able to spam your abilities more often.

Hextech Revolver - Sustainability Health-wise to be able to lane longer and earn more gold.

Sorcerers shoes - Magic pen = more damage!

At this point, you have two options:

Option #1: Doing well: Needlessly Large Rod + Blasting Wand then getWill of the Ancients then Rabadon's Deathcap

Option #2: Oh shiz, Fallin behind: Will of the Ancients Then build for Rabadon's Deathcap

(If you're enough gold away from any of these items that you could sell dorans ring and buy them, then sell dorans ring.)

Follow up With:

Rylais Crystal Scepter - For health, and ability power. Also slows enemies so you can catch up and Kill them.

Last Two Items are Situational. Choose one or the other first then get the other item last:

If the other team has more AD Champs choose these items:
Zhonya's Hourglass - For not dying so quick to ad champs and more ap as well as the unique active.

Frozen Heart - Cooldown Reduction, Armor and Mana. Every Malz's Dream.

If the other team has more AP Champs choose one of the following :

Banshees Veil - +375 Health +375 Mana +50 Magic Resist UNIQUE Passive: Gain a spell shield that blocks the next incoming enemy ability (45 second cooldown).

or Abyssal Scepter - +70 Ability Power +57 Magic Resist UNIQUE Aura: Reduces the Magic Resist of nearby enemy champions by 20.

Final Build vs AD heavy Team:

Sorcerers Shoes
Will of the Ancients
Rabadon's Deathcap
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Zhonya's Hourglass or Frozen Heart
banshees-veil or abyssal scepter

Final Build vs Ap Heavy Team:

sorcerers shoes
will of the ancients
rylais crystal scepter
banshees veil or abyssal scepter
Zhonyas hourglass or frozen-heart

Other items which are good for malzahar:

deathfire grasp, frozen heart, morellos evil-tome, lich bane, void staff, quicksilver sash, rod of ages, abyssal scepter, banshees veil, archangels staff, haunting guise, shurelyas reverie
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Why This Skill Order?

Ok, So I Max out my (Malefic Visions) First because of it's strength at max and how well it farms the minions and drains power from the enemy. This move is great for poking, getting that kill and passing it on, Clearing a minion wave, and makin people respect your authoritah.

Next I want to max my (Call of the Void) for the damage output it gives, the power it has to wipe out minions in a single blow, and the silence to the enemy champs. A great poking move and an even better way to farm.

3rd ability to be maxed out is your ulti (Nether Grasp) Due to it's monstrous Damage output, it's supress allowing your team to catch up and kill your enemy, and the chance to bait people to dive by your turret to ult them and get a free kill.

Last but not least is your tank destroyer, (Null zone). With this move, it will damage opponent equal to a certain percentage of their max health.
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Early Game

Early game malz is all about farming and leveling up. Don't worry too much about poking till level 6. What you want to do is level up you E as much as possible to generate more damage and to farm with ease. More farming = More items. More items = More Op status.

You can also bait your opponent to get near to the minion with your Malefic Visions by backing off and acting as if you're retreating to your turret while the minion is near death. I use this to do a little poke from time to time. When and if your opponent gets hit with yourand you have your voidling out, Try to get close enough to where the voidling can hit him and deal even more damage. This will help you gain dominance in lane.

When you last hit, you want to either last hit with Malefic Visions + Voidling or just Malefic Visions. That'll give the best last hit damage.



Diffculty (Easy): When you face her, you want her to use her charm and miss. When she misses, you can jump on the opportunity and use malefic visions to give a good poke. Since her Orb of Deception has about as much range as your [imgsmall=skills/malzahar/q.png], you can wait till she tries to get close enough to use it and smack her around with [imgsmall=skills/malzahar/q.png]

Whenever you see ahri go to the side to get a clear shot of you, she's attempting to burst with her Charm and orb. When she uses those moves dodge them and land a Malefic Visions on her to give a good poke.


Difficulty (Medium) - Most morgana players tend to spam their pool of whatever the hell it is she uses. When they do, It can sometimes wipe out your front line or back line or even both! (Front line = 3 minions in front of a wave. Back line = Back 4 minions in a wave.)

What you want to do is use your malefic visions on morganas front line and hit the back line with your Call of The Void. What this will do is weaken morg's back line a lot and your malefic visions will do most of the work in the front line. When your Malefic Visions is strong enough to wipe out minions, it will bounce from the front line to the back. Since you've weakened morg's back line, the Malefic vision will shred through them like paper, giving morg no time to run and allowing your malefic visions to bounce onto her.

You have to be careful on when you use your ulti on morg. Her shield has the effect of taking no debuffs such as suppress. So do


Use your ulti on her when she has that up or you will have wasted your ult. Morg is a slow champ so take advantage of that. If you see that your jungler is ready to gank, use yout ulti to suppress her, 9 times outta 10 she'll die if she's overextended enough.

will update this more when I can.
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Mid Game

By this point you should be able to start pushing like a boss. When the enemy gets cocky and gets too aggressive, call your jungler over to get a kill for him. Have the jungle wait in the bush and once the opponent overextends, hit them with you ult and let the free kill be whoever's. It's smart to give the jungle the kill so he can maintain the lanes a little better and counter jungle, thus bringing down the enemy teams chance of winning even more. You can also start using your Malefic Visions To start Farming like a boss.
Oh noes Junglers:
Soon To Come Section for Which jungler to watch out for and their difficulty)
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Late Game

This is where you will carry the team. With your build and stats, you should be able to maintain pressure on turrets, gank like a god, and help your team get kills in the process. Malzahar is an AMAZING late game player. When your at turret, use your Malefic Visions on minions because at this point, your anility can pick off the minions one by one. Bringing up your cc and getting the turret and the gold.

Use all four of ur abilities on a tank that's alone while your team is near and you'll shred through them like scissors to a piece of paper.
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Team Fights

Aim for the weakest enemy champion with your Malefic Visions. This can pick up the kill and also pass it on to another for a double and so on. When a tank overextends, use your ult and your team will jump on him to make him learn not to overentend.
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Final Comments.

Well It took me forever to transfer my guide from solomid over to here but it's finally done! Lemme know what you think! If you have any success stories from this let me know! If you find any grammer errors or anything lemme know too. I hope this helps everyone understand Malzahars true power! :D
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League of Legends Build Guide Author King Killa III
King Killa III Malzahar Guide
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Laugh With Me! MALZAHAHAHA! A Malz Guide To Success!

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