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LeBlanc Build Guide by Twinkiey

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Twinkiey

Le***** - The Burst Queen

Twinkiey Last updated on September 19, 2011
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"The Black Rose shall bloom once more."

Hello all, this is my first build. LeBlanc is my favorite champion and my main. She is one of the most fun champions to play due to her nuking capabilities, because who doesn't like destroying ones body and mind before they even notice. Some allies may complain about how LeBlanc may be useless late game, but don't fret. If you show them how good LeBlanc can get with the proper build once late game hits, they should take back what they said. :D

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- "Would I lie?"

Leblanc can be pretty sufficient with any normal combination of runes.

9x - Greater Mark of Insight, the early game MP can make or break your game. It allows you to kill enemies MUCH easier, allowing you to get fed early game, which leads to fun. :D

9x - Greater Seal of Force, extra AP always helps. If you find you are constantly running out of mana, switch this out for Greater Seals of Replenishment.

9x - Greater Glyph of Force, aforementioned comment works here

9x - Greater Quintessence of Force, aforementioned comment works here

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- "It's all smoke and mirrors."

I start with a Doran's Ring for obvious reasons, and go back as soon as I have the money for my Sorcerer's Shoes. After that i get my Mejai's Soulstealer and start ganking lanes. You should be able to afford your Void Staff soon, and start building your Rod of Ages. Although building Rod of Ages this late into a game may decrease it's effectiveness in a short game, getting that Void Staff as soon as possible is imperative for the Magic Penetration. After that I would build a Rabadon's Deathcap and then sell my Doran's Ring for another item, depending on your enemy team.

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Skill Sequence

-"For my next trick I'll make their life bar disappear."

First priority is your Sigil of Silence. This is your money maker and one of the fastest ways to destroy your opponent in every sense of the word. You can use this move from the bushes, or during a sneak attack, in quick conjunction with your other abilities to amass great damage to your enemies.

Second Priority is your Distortion. This in conjunction with your Sigil of Silence and Mimic: Sigil of Silence is your main combo. It allows you to chase and avoid chasers like a boss.

Third Priority is your Ethereal Chain. This is a good ability don't get me wrong, but is nowhere near as important as your other two abilities, even early game.

It should go without saying to upgrade your Mimic as soon as possible.

When entering the fray, one should locate the carry doing the most damage or with the lowest health. cast Sigil of Silence and Mimic: Sigil of Silence upon them immediately, and finish it with a quick Distortion. This should do enough damage to completely destroy them. when reaching the point where you level up Ethereal Chains, you that after Distortion. If when fighting multiple opponents, you think you can take an opponent out without expending all of your cooldowns, do so; Leblanc is extremely vulnerable after her abilities are spent.

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Summoner Spells

- "There's no escape."

I take Flash and Ignite, it helps you to get that all important first blood just a bit better, and allows you to get away from and ganks or tough situations you may be put in. Who doesn't love a champion with triple flash?

Although not recommended, i have dabbled in Teleport and Flash, it works and keeps you in lane longer, but its not as good at getting you first blood. the major pro though, is that if your allies are good at placing wards, ganks can be achieved FAR easier

I don't recommend standard caster spells like Clarity, Clairvoyance, etc

I abhor the usage of Revive on ANY champion in the League

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Creeping / Jungling

- "Right where I want them."

LeBlanc may usually have a low creep score do to her ganking phase being initiated so early. It might be smart to use Distortion or Sigil of Silence to last hit minions. However, do not use your abilities to last hit if your mana starts to dwindle fast. Luckily, your auto attack has a very fast animation, allowing you to last hit easily. Just wait until the minions have enough health and attack, simple

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Pros / Cons

- "Looks can be deceiving."


Pro: Great early game

Pro: Double/Triple flash for epic misdirection

Pro: Silences and Binds are so much fun are they not?

Pro: She can take out enemies before they even notice that she is there

Pro: If you're fighting an enemy mid that has never fought LeBlanc, have fun, they'll never see their deaths coming


Con: Squishy as all hell, remember to avoid direct conflict with enemies, surprise attacks are preferred

Con: Late game use is limited without experience, a Rod of Ages will allow you to stick around for a lot longer, increasing your effectiveness.

Con: Once abilities are used, you are next to useless, try to stay out of fights without Mimic up

Con: Allies may complain about LeBlanc, they sometimes see her as a useless champion. they are DEAD WRONG, teach em.

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-"For a moment I thought I'd broken a sweat."

All in all, LeBlanc is one of the strongest AP burst champions in the game, and with a little skill, has a great game throughout. be sure to practice your skills as much as possible, because a little experience can go a long way when late game hits