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League of Legends Build Guide Author imDecipher

Leauge of Noobs (Beginner Guide)

imDecipher Last updated on December 11, 2013
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Leauge of Noobs (Beginner's Guide)

This is a guide to Leauge of Legends mainly dirrected to the newer player base. This guide will expand your mind and knowledge with Leauge of Legends, and over all make you a greater player.
This guide will include stuff like
  • Basic Knowledge
  • Champion Guides
  • Strategies

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What is Leauge of Legends?

Leauge of Legends is a multiplayer strategy game that requires team work and knowledge to win the game. There are various modes that make the game more fun an diverse. The main goal of most the game modes revolve around taking out the Nexus. Each team has a nexus that is protected by multiple towers to get there. You are called a 'summoner' as a summoner you get to choose which champion you would like to summon. Summoning a champion gives you control of the champion and will change the outcome of the game. Some examples of champions are :

The current modes as of 11/12/2013 are

  • 5v5 Summoners Rift
    There are many modes for this map. There is a solo/duo ranked queue which only allows you to invite one of your friends to play with, and you play competitively with 3 bans for each team. There is a ranked 5v5 where you create a ranked team and play with them competitively. (Both ranked modes are unlocked upon reaching level 30) The normal mode you play without any bans and can play with anybody you want to invite. Draft mode is similar to ranked solo/duo, but without getting your rank higher.
  • 5v5 ARAM
    ARAM stands for all random all mid. This was originally not an official mode, but so many people enjoyed playing ARAM in custom games, so Riot turned it into an official mode. This mode like the title explains chooses a champion at random and you only have one lane to go into.
  • 3v3 Twisted Tree Line
    Twisted Tree Line has a normal mode and a ranked mode, no solo/duo queue ranking though. This map is smaller and made for 6 people. This map is very different from Summoners Rift, some of the champions you find good for Summoners Rift you will find they aren't as good in this map.
  • 5v5 Dominion
    Dominion is a map where similar to domination in the Call of Duty series. Where you hold down 5 points. When you are in control of a point it drains the enemy's nexus until it is destroyed. The more control points you have the faster it drains. There is only a normal queue for this mode.

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Leauge of Legends Language.

There are a lot of acronyms for Leauge of Legends and a lot of terms as well. Such as :

  • MIA - Missing in action, used when your enemy is out of your lane, or out of your sight. Example : If you are up against an Ezreal and he can't be seen on the map he is MIA. A common mistake that people do is when they see their enemy recalls ( teleports back to base ) they don't call MIA. When this happens, although usually after a recall they come back to your lane, they can GANKother lanes. Which brings us to the next term.
  • GANK - Go around and kill, this is used when you either need help or you just want to completely shut down the enemy opponent. Example : You fed your opponent and you need help you would ask for a GANK.
  • Fed/Feeding - A fed opponent would mean they are ahead of everyone, and it would be nearly impossible to kill them alone. A score for a 'fed' opponent could be 10/1/5. A feeding ally would mean that your team mates performing badly which results in a lot of their deaths. An example of this score would be 0/5, 0/10, 1/15. Another note is that just because they have kills to compensate for their deaths does not mean they are not feeding. A score of 20/20 shall still be considered feeding so the best way to not be called a feeder is to minimize your deaths.
  • Creeps/CS/Farming/Last hitting - Creeps is another term for minions, CS takes that term in mind and basically means how many minions you have killed AKA Creep Score (CS). Farming is just the action of killing minions. Last hitting on the other hand refers to waiting till the minion close to no health and attacking it than causing your lane to be balanced with other minions.

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There is a variety of champions in Leauge of Legend this part of the guide will give you links to my in-depth champion guides. Champions are divided into roles, the five roles are

  • ADC
  • TOP
  • MID


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