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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lamar Namou

LeBlanc - A Tricky Guide

Lamar Namou Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello. So, you want to learn how to play LeBlanc? Cool. Let's get started then, I'm not gonna waste too much time on an introduction, but I will discuss this much.

LeBlanc is a tricky character if you allow her to be so. However, she has quite a few faults and is hard to use in team fights due to being squishy and having to distort into battle at times. I have a few tricks that will possibly help you get past all that.

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Pros / Cons

LeBlanc does heavy nuke damage.
She can escape being chased pretty well.
She has several different utilities such as her silence and chains.
She can trick the other team and do a lot of work if played well.
She can harass very well.
She does great early game and in 1Vs1s. (Don't expect to be ganked by 1 champ too often.)
She doesn't waste too much mana (That's why I don't get clarity. I never run out of mana often with her, especially with my runes.)

She is extremely squishy.
She has a hard time providing in team fights.
She can be a bit slow at times as far as running speed.
If you're predictable, the other team might just nuke you and take you down.
Her chain is somewhat hard to land and almost isn't even worth it.
Her farming ability involves her getting too close for comfort.
Her AOE (Area Of Effect) isn't that great. She's mostly good for focusing one person at a time. If you're smart though, you can alter that slightly in a team battle.

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Summoner Spells

Great choices

Ghost - Good for running away. Even if your distortion can basically get you out of situations, LeBlanc still moves a little slow so this is basically an insurance policy.

Exhaust - More insurance that you can get away. Not only that, but it also makes ganking a lot easier. You can chase down someone, nuke then and possibly land a silence while they can't do any attack damage. Not to mention that if you're in a team fight and the DPS or Mage characters try to screw you over during a team battle (Not so much the Mages. You can usually beat down a Mage well), you can use this to keep safe and help support your team.

Ignite - Another good choice. Not my first recommendation, but still good if you're close to getting a kill and you need that extra damage. I see a bit less useful than Exhaust since you'll most likely be destroying your opponent in 3 blows. Usually this also destroys heals and such as well, but seeing as you can silence, I see less use to it. Still great though if you want extra damage and if you don't think you can kill them fast enough so that they can't heal.

Flash - Flash is great, but I don't usually get it since Distortion is basically a flash. Not to mention that once you get your ultimate, you basically have a double flash. Still, it's great for several reasons. If you don't want to waste your distortion and think you can get in on the enemy, it's a great move to get in. Also, a triple flash will most likely discourage an enemy to chase you. I find ghost more useful though because LeBlanc goes kinda slow and you can be chased easily enough by champs such as Teemo and Master Yii.

Good Choices

Teleport - You're probably gonna be laning mid early game, so it's a pretty decent choice, especially for early game. Also, if someone needs help in another lane, this is a good choice. Not highly recommend it, but I wouldn't look over it like it's nothing.

Clarity - Honestly, with the runes I have set, even that should cover you. LeBlanc doesn't use up too much mana. If you are, you shouldn't be. Her spells are not very good for farming early game, but they become better for that purpose later. By that time, your Mana Regen will be pretty high too. Still, if you feel you're losing too much mana, especially early game, grab this if you'd care. It's not totally worthless. Last hit minions during beginning laning phase. You usually want to use up mana on enemy champions early game.

Cleanse - It's alright. I wouldn't highly recommend it on LeBlanc because by the time you're stunned, you'll probably be dead too. However, she can distortion twice, so if you time it right, you can probably escape fast enough to not die. Again, not highly recommended.

Heal - While I pretty much never get it, I wouldn't say it's the worst thing on her. She's a really squishy champ and more survivability is nice.

Clairvoyance - Not highly recommended really, but alrightish. It's nice to know if someone's in the bushes so you don't get your *** handed to you. Don't really recommend getting it though cause people usually place wards.

**** Choices

Revive - Probably the worst summoner spell in the game. Why? Number one reason is the large cooldown time and number two would probably be, you're trying not to die very often.

Smite - Mostly used for jungling. To even consider this is a joke on LeBlanc cause she can hit minions pretty well on her own. Her buff wasn't totally useless too cause it made farming a little easier.

Rally - Used for similar reasons that smite is. Also, it's not really that great for LeBlanc. You're a squishy character and you'll die too fast for your health to regenerate. Bad choice in my opinion.

Fortify - Honestly, they can tower dive you pretty well. I'd leave it to a tank to get this or someone that can stand up to a team and support very well.

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I have several reasons why I set my masteries that way.

Utility Masteries


More mana regen is good. Not to mention better health regen which is really good, especially for the early laning phase.


The speed up on ghost can better your chances at living if you're about to be ganked or if you're being chased.


The faster you level, the better. You can do a lot of damage once you reach level 6.

Expanded Mind

More insurance that you won't waste mana.


More mana regen. Obvious.


It'll help your survivability if you try to escape.


Cooldown reduction is good for LeBlanc, being a mage. She actually has low cooldowns for most of her moves, but a little more never hurts.

Presence of the Master

The faster you get ghost and exhaust back, the better in my opinion. They help out pretty well and have kept me alive often. Not to mention, they help in team fights so you don't have to get totally wasted.

Offensive Masteries


It improves exhaust, which is a good thing.

Archmage's Savy

A boost on your AP is good for mages. If you ask why, learn the game a bit more.


More cooldown Reduction.

Archaic Knowledge

You can do heavier damage as a mage with this.

NOTE: You don't have to follow my Masteries. This is just what I think works well with LeBlanc. If you got teleport instead, you might want to get spacial accuracy or something. If you think going offensive would do a better job with LeBlanc, be my guest. My only recommendation is not leveling the defensive tree for her considering it wouldn't really help.

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There's a lot to say about items. Honestly, I don't even like the items that I built up because it's not even how I want to express what you should probably get. This is a bit more out there and since Riot rebuilt some of the items, it's given a bit more to choose from and how to choose.

Base Items

Doran's Ring - Now, the reason you should get this is because it gives you better survivability early game and AP. This is just a good early game item. Sell it if you need.

Boots - Obvious reason to get it. I don't even need to explain.

Farm and/or gank till you can get a Needlessly Large Rod and buy your Sorcerer's Shoes for magic pen and better running ability. You can also try the Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you feel you want cooldown reduction.

If you feel you're being ganked a lot mid game, especially by a DPS, you probably want to get Zhonya's Hourglass first. That way, if they try to focus you during a team fight, you can go invincible and still have some good defense. Otherwise, move on to Rabadon's Cap.

Void Staff - If someone's very tanky and you can't seem to do any damage to them, you want to get this.

Rylai's Scepter - Honestly, I don't know why I put this down. I guess for more survivability. I never usually make it this far in the game since the items you have to get are soooo expensive in the first place. I guess I chose it just so that you can have more survivability and your chains can slow down enemies better. I'll leave this last item up to you.

Situational Items

Banshee's Veil - If you're taking heavy damage from someone like Ezrael (Just an example) early game or if the team is mage heavy, get a Banshee's veil. It's pretty effective. Then, rush to a Banshee's to increase survivability.

Thornmail - I'd get this if a AD champ is focusing you. You get a lot of armor and it's not ridiculously expensive. Not the cheapest either, but still a lot of armor for it's cost.

Guardian Angel - If you still feel like you're getting focused heavy, get this. You get revived after you die and if they wait for you to be revived while your team is attacking them, they're dumb.

Mercury Treads - If you find you're not dying immediately after being slowed or stunned, get these. Especially if the other team is CC (Crowd Control) heavy.

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Skill Sequence

The reason for the skill sequence has some obvious purposes, which of course, I will explain.

Mirror Image (Passive) - When LeBlanc is below 40% health, a mirror image comes out and attacks (But deals no damage). Once it disappears, the passive won't work for another minute. There are a few uses I can think of for this move. You can use it to lure an enemy into a trap and of course, to stall them so they think it's you. Not that great once people figure out how it works. They pretty much ignore once they realize it's not you.

Sigil Of Silence - A ranged nuke that puts a sign over the opponent's head. This sign means that, if you hit the opponent with another ability while it's still over their head, they will be silenced. The reason you level this a lot first is because it does heavy damage. This is basically your combo starter. Reason this gets leveled is cause it does really good damage.

Distortion - I can't emphasize how this move is so bad but so good. This is how you will be tricking people, silencing them, escaping, and chasing. This move has many uses. You basically teleport and crashes into enemies, cause a slight AOE damage. If you press W again (Assuming this is your Distortion button), you will go back to where you distorted from. There will be a pad on the floor to tell you where you will go back to. This will give you ways to trick your opponent in several manners. Don't be afraid to use it on an enemy if you know their teammate can't kill you and if they have a sigil over their head. Reason why this gets third priority is because it'll do pretty good damage later on.

Example: Let's say Garen is spinning. Hit him with your Sigil of Silence and then bash him with Distortion. It will be interrupted.

Etheral Chains: A skillshot that's not only hard to aim, but almost not worth it. It slows down the enemy if you hit someone and locks them in if they don't get out of range of the move. Can hit minions and you have to be pretty accurate with it. The reason you upgrade this once early game cause you get what you want from it then. Slow and snare.

Mimic: Her ultimate that does a stronger version of the last ability you cast. There are many purposes for this move and I intend to make a whole section for all these with in depth detail. Get this whenever you can because the percentage rises. Like most champs, get this ASAP.


Mimic> Sigil Of Silence > Distortion > Etheral Chains

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Trickery, Spell Usage, and Combos.

Sigil of Silence (Alone) - Mostly used for harassing early game alone. Keep doing it to keep your enemy's health low, but kind of conserve if you don't think it'll be worth landing. Doing it alone has limited purposes.

Distortion (Alone) - There are so many uses to using distortion. For starters, if you're about to be chased, you can use it to escape. Other uses for it alone is just to crash into minions if they're at low health to farm them. (Not recommended too much. Just if there are 3 minions that are low and you have more than enough mana to blow.) You can also use this to trick enemies such as Blitzkrank or Amumu into using their skill shot.

Let's say that you're right within the reach for Blitzkrank to use his grab on you. You can use Distortion to get away from it. Now, afterward, you can press W again to return to the place you used Distortion from (Knowing that his grab's now on cooldown) and nuke him with a Q. You can also use Distortion to chase down enemies as well. Be creative with this, but don't over think it.

NOTE: Even though I put so much emphasis on how great Distortion is, there is some flaw to it. Doing it on enemies during team fights could mean your fight and I wouldn't recommend doing it if several enemies are chasing. They'll probably use some form of CC and crush you.

Etheral Chains (Alone) - I see very few reasons to use this move alone. Keep you alive if someone's chasing, help your team gank, basic reasons. If the enemy seems too fast and seems like he's about to get out of the chain when you don't want him to, use Distortion to get closer to him and keep him stunned.

Mimic [Sigil Of Silence] (Alone) - Normally, I like using this for combos rather than using it alone. If you think it's strong enough to land a kill though, be my guest and use it.

Mimic [Distortion] (Alone) - If your regular distortion is on cooldown, I recommend using this for getaway situations. Have this ready if you're feeling uneasy. Try to really be careful about using your Distortion. It has the largest cooldown time of all your moves and can keep you alive.

Mimic [Etheral Chains] (Alone) - If you're being chased and your Etheral Chains is on cooldown, I suppose you should use it. Etheral Chains doesn't have a very long cooldown time though, so I don't think I'd waste it for that purpose.

Sigil Of Silence + Distortion (Combo) - This is your BnB, especially early game. Use Sigil of Silence and crash into your enemy if it's safe. Great combo for early ganks. Don't worry too much about the enemy hitting you if you crash into them, they should be silenced. If they do great auto-attack damage, just press W again to get away from the enemy.

Sigil Of Silence + Etheral Chains - This is better for later in the game. The reason being is that when the laning phase has ended, chances are, the other team is gonna be grouped up and your team should be too. Crashing into the enemy is not the first thing you want to do in a team fight. Getting off a ranged silence would be a better idea instead and it would help your teammates during a team fight if you have an enemy locked down and silenced.

Distortion + Etheral Chains - Not a combo I'd recommend too often, you can use Distortion to get close and land an Etheral, then press Distortion again in order to keep your distance just far enough. Walk forward if you think it's safe to keep them in the chain.

Etheral Chains + Sigil Of Silence - This one's pretty good. Once the snare goes off, the Sigil's silence goes off too. I'd recommend this if you land a chain.

Sigil of Silence + Mimic (Sigil of Silence) + *Distortion* or *Etheral Chains* - This is a great combo. It deals so much damage if you're leveling right. I've taken people's health down to half with this two hit combo. Not only do you hit for large sums of damage at long range, you get a silence by doing this combo. It's optional whether you want to follow up with Distortion or Etheral Chains. I just suggest it cause the second Sigil of Silence will allow you to re-silence the enemy. Sometimes, I wouldn't recommend either. You can also split up Sigil of Silence and possibly multisilence. This is a bit harder to due because Distortion doesn't have a huge AOE.

Distortion + Mimic (Distortion) - Used for the same reason as regular distortion. Chasing if you think you can last hit a running opponent and getting away. Doing this will usually persuade the enemy to stop chasing you.

*Sigil Of Silence* + Etheral Chains + Mimic (Etheral Chains) - Sigil of Silence is optional, I'd recommend using it. You can either split up your Etheral Chains in order to help your team out during fights and/or get away if being chased. You can also use both chains on one enemy to double stun them and make sure your team gets the gank (Or that you do.)

That's about it for combos. All I can think of really. If anyone has other creative uses for these techniques, suggestions are much appreciated.

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Creeping / Jungling

Don't do it. The only times you will jungle is if your lane is pushed but you don't want to overextend. Even then, you'll mostly be hitting the Wraiths and Wolves for EXP or extra Gold while enemy minions come to your tower.

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Early game, last hit minions. Late game, use Distortion and nuke into minions if you think it's safe. Not much to say otherwise. It's a pretty simple and straightforward procedure with LeBlanc.

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In Game

Early Game Phase

Normally, you will want middle lane if you don't have a good middle lane champion. If you don't have middle lane, it's fine. You can work around that pretty easily.

Start off by buying a Doran's ring for survivability and a health potion if you get harassed a lot early game. Hit minions and gank if you can. Most of the time, LeBlanc has the upper hand early game. Keep your map awareness up and keep last hitting minions. Your objective right now is to keep the enemy underleveled or underfarmed. If you're laning with an ally, you can usually take out an enemy champ fairly easily early game. If someone is jungling near your lane, be careful and keep your eyes out. If you get hit by someone like Eve and her teammates are nearby, you're pretty much dead. (That doesn't mean you shouldn't try and get away if they aren't fast enough.)
If such is the case, buy a ward and place it down after reviving.

(Note: There's no order for the item purchases per se. This is just the priority of which you would usually go. Sometimes, you might want to get Zhonya's HourGlass first for survivability. Go for what would make the most sense to you.)

Mid Game - Around now, someone's tower should be down. If you can, start ganking anyone who's wondered off on their own. You can usually win 1V1s pretty easily. As for as team fights, I'd keep my distance still. If you continue to get focused, get an item that will counter whomever is ganking you the most. Try to keep your distance during team fights. Stay behind the tank or less squishy ally. Help out by tossing out chains and such. I wouldn't recommend using Distortion in team fights unless you know you won't die and they're not paying attention to you. (If you can land that double silence from earlier without getting hit, be my guest)

Late Game - Not too much different from Mid game. Do what you can, when you can, but don't overextend if you're playing defense. If you are on the defense and your team suffered a near whipe, I would recommend abandoning any towers with low health. Chances are, they can just tower dive and destroy you. Stay far enough so that none of them can really hit you, but if you can, get close enough to throw out a nuke and use Etheral Chains if you think they're gonna try tower diving you. That way, they get hit by the tower, you can get away easier, and keep the tower alive a little longer.

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So that's about all I can think to write about LeBlanc. If you have any constructive criticism on my build, please give a proper feedback and constructive criticism. I want to help improve this guide, so if you think something is wrong, please give a reason for thumbing me down.

Thank you for reading this guide. I'll try to improve on the look of it. I realize it looks a little bland.