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LeBlanc Build Guide by SinSorel

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SinSorel

Leblanc CDR Build

SinSorel Last updated on November 7, 2011
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Hello all, this is my first guide, so it might be a bit rough around the edges. If the info from above doesn't make total sense I will explain everything down below including other item paths, or different summoner spells. I actually JUST practiced the build above before writing this and (with some lag) and went 19/9/15 with 6 captures/6 neutralization and 2 capture/neutralization assists at 1st place with 1840 points. So there's a show of what this build CAN do, if not more. Just to specify in case someone is in the wrong area: This is a build for Leblanc in DOMINION games. I have NOT tested this in Classic, and although I believe it could work the same, Leblanc's game play is slightly different in Classic because of lane phase.

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Skill Sequence

Ok I just want to mention really quick that the reason I level up E before W is because E does more damage IF YOU CAN GET IT TO SNARE. If you are bad with skill shots or feel that you need Distortion more often because of lag, better enemy team, or whatever than PLEASE take Distortion and save yourself and the team the grief of having a dying Leblanc. As powerful as she is, if she dies a few times in a row she is set back a LOT, unless already fed enough to have core items.

As with just about every Leblanc build you should max Sigil first and get Mimic at 6, 11, 16.

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The runes I use are those listed above: Mpen Reds, AP/lvl Blues and Quints, and Health/lvl Yellows. I sometimes swap out the Quints for Move Speed to help Leblanc escape ganks while on foot since she is VERY SLOW. If you feel you run out of mana quickly you can trade the health for mana regen or mana, but be warned Leblanc is already squishy as it is, and my basic build does not help that at all outside of a little bit of health.

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Ok I use a pretty typical caster spec, with a few exceptions.

Improved Ignite: I take this because you can usually kill someone at top around lvl 3-5 or if not than by 6, and tossing ignite out before your combo blows someone up gives you 10 more AP for your next several combos, especially in late game when you have a 19 second Ult. If you don't want it then you can put this point in Presence of the Master.

Improved Ghost: I take this for the extra run speed, same reason I sometimes take Move Speed Quints. If you don't want it or don't use Ghost put this point in Reduced Death Time.

Awareness (Exp Boost): I take this because it helps you fly through your levels in Dominion, which helps since you can't farm peons very well until mid/late game, and if you have a rough early game you won't be getting a lot of kills either. If you don't want this talent put 2 points into Inc Buff Duration, and 2 points into Reduced Death Time.

1 point in CDR: So you might be wondering, "Sin, this is a CDR build, why don't you take the CDR in masteries?" And the reason I don't is because from the items I use I get 35% CDR in game. And 3% from Offensive so that I can get 15% Mpen. So that means 2% left to cap, so put a point in here. This is pretty much tbe bread and butter of this spec so you should leave this point here at all times.

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Summoner Spells

For Summoner Spells I take Ghost/Ignite. Ghost is a huge help in Dominion because of the speed boost + Speed Shrines. Ghosting at the end of the fountain trail, will carry you to a speed shrine (with normal boots) which then puts you at Top.

Ignite is a helpful DoT and also stops self healing toons for the most part, since toons like Vlad or Akali or Jax who get gunblade are very common on Dominion.

If you don't want Ghost/Ignite some other options are (*- Bad choice, ***- Best choice):

Flash: A helpful escape/initiate, and if you're fast enough you can Distort- Mimic: Distort: Flash- grab a kill- Distort back to where your mimic was cast. I've done it ONCE so far in my play time and it was in Classic, so it is possible. ***

Cleanse: Not a great option, but it could save you by letting you Distort away. **

Promote: VERY helpful if you get stuck bottom. If used at the right time can turn a lane push around, and it also gives you some gold. However, Leblanc's burst is better helpful at Top or Mid fights, where peon waves are generally ignored. **

Revive: I've never taken revive on Leblanc...or any toon for that matter. It could be helpful so that you can stop them from capping your base towers, but Leblanc is a slow and squishy threat and will most likely be over powered by more than 2 people, so any brave attempts will most likely turn into a suicide mission. *

Smite: Only helpful...if you are specced into it? Seeing Leblanc with Smite would most likely confuse your enemy and the 5 gold every 75 second IS helpful to you since your farm is low, but a good Leblanc should focus on getting kill gold instead of creep gold. *

Clarity: If you have mana issues than take this over Ignite, and keep your health runes! It will help you be not so squishy and give you (and your friends) a free mana burst. AND if you don't take Ignite you can even spec into Clarity! ***

Garrison: A helpful spell, and you can take it if you want, but I think Garrison is better for toons who can really push on towers/multiple toons, or for fast toons who can rescue towers under attack. **

Clairvoyance: Kind of meh on Dominion since like 60% of the map is visible at all times anyway. If you want you can, but there are better options. *

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Ok now we're down to where things will usually differ between fights; the item build.

You're core items should ALWAYS be Rabadon's Deathcap, Morello's Evil Tome, and Deathfire Grasp. In almost every case you should get Sorcerer's Shoes for the Mpen, unless you're fearing CC (Merc Treads), or a lot of AS toons (Ninja Tabi/Boots of Swiftness). Always remember to use Deathfire at the start of your combo to take out 1/3 of the enemy health- and to pop ignite if its up!

My main build uses a Wrath of the Ancients for some sustain while in fights, Void Staff(OR Abyssal Scepter depending on Enemy MR) for Mpen and AP. If you need more MR then get an Abyssal Scepter > Void Staff and an Odyn's Veil > WotA. Just remember to use Odyn's when it's full! If you need armor swap in Zhonya's Hourglass > Wota for the stasis and armor, and if you need a lot of armor get that and a Thornmail as well.

When building your items NEVER get two Fiendish Codex's at the same time. The CDR on them is unique so until you upgrade you're wasting the bonus. If you need more gold finish your Deathfire, then build a Kage's Lucky Pick and hold it until you can sell it. Morello's Evil Tome should be your 2nd or 3rd item finish depending on when you finish your Sorcerer Shoes.

When building items this is my item path with the basic build:
Boots of Speed + Meki Pendent + Amplifying Tome. When I go back the first time I make my 1st Fiendish Codex, and if I have it I buy a Kage's Lucky Pick outright. After that I finish Deathcap and if I can finish my boots, or start buying items for my next Fiendish Codex. I try to not go back until I can buy Morello's outright at this point, and then from there I rush a Deathcap. After a Deathcap is when you can QUICKLY and EASILY farm peons for extra gold using Sigil, Distort or Mimic:Distort to hurt them [NOTE: Try to NEVER use all your spells on peons. You never know when you're going to get ganked] After this I start grabbing Amplifying Tomes- 3 to turn into a Wrath of the Ancient and 1 To build into a Void Staff. Most games I don't finish the Void Staff, but it never hurts to push towards it.

If you use different items than make sure to get them as you need them. If you need an Odyn's Veil because the enemy has a Kassadin, Veigar, and Karthus don't wait until you have a Deathcap to get it. Same logic applies to heavy AD toons and getting an Hourglass or Thornmail

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As I've said before Leblanc's farming is pretty much dead until she gets a lot of AP, unless you are a GOD at last hitting peons with either your AA or Sigil. Once she hits about 300+ AP she can almost one shot/one shot peons or blow up a huge group with Distort-Mimic:Distort.

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Team Work

As Leblanc your job is to be a high burst, but you're also an assassin. You're MAIN combo should be something like:

Ignite - Deathfire - Sigil - Mimic:Sigil - Distort - Chains - Sigil -Chains Pop. At the end of your combo you MIGHT have to AA while waiting for Chains to pop, so make sure you don't die by being to close to someone! Also using Mimic is situational so make sure you pay attention: need to go a vast distance double Distort, slow or root 2 enemies or once twice double Chains.

Also since you can silence someone for upwards of 8 seconds, it's your job to keep casters off of your teammates. A Katarina just shumpo-Death Lotus your team? Silence her and blow her up. A Veigar pin your carry with a stun and is plucking at him? Silence him before he gets to far.

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Pros / Cons

*40% CDR at about 10 minutes into the game at the latest assuming you get Morello's and Deathfire back to back.
*High burst equal to or just slightly lower than other Leblanc builds assuming all items and spells are used.
*Very high AP, and a decent amount of health to survive 1v1/ 1v2 fights.
*Easily adaptable build that allows 2 (3 if you change boots) slots to change on a fight by fight basis.

*Squishy champs with only certain items to help.
*Lag or bad ability with skill shots lowers the efficiency of this build and character.
*Cannot farm by typical means until mid/late game, so needs champion kills to get fed.