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LeBlanc Build Guide by CoffeeSauhl

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CoffeeSauhl

LeBlanc - Find and Burst

CoffeeSauhl Last updated on November 11, 2011
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As you probably know, LeBlanc is one of the better burst in League of Legend. If you wanna play her, you have to keep that in mind. With this build, you'll be a little squishy but her escapes will keep you alive.

The main problem is getting through the early game (before level 6), so be carefull don't try anything risky for now, you will crush these anoying harassers soon enough. Don't let people harass you too much, get your xp and as many creeps as you can while playing safe.

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Cooldown or cooldown per level seems the most appropriate choice to me. You don't realy need an extra 20 flat AP, you will not dominate early game like we said. I prefer having the possibility to escape or burst down someone as often as possible, rather than hitting a little harder harder. your best ratio is on your Ethereal Chains, (2 times 50%) if you keep the target long enough for the cage to activate.

I also like mana regeneration, but that's up to you, maybe some feel confortable even without, though i think they fit best with the CDR runes. More spamming *_*.

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I take 10/0/20 over a more conventional 9/0/21.
With a good reduction of cooldown, you don't realy need the blue, so you can give up the [item = Utility Masteriy size = 30] Flash can be usefull but you don't need it most of the time, it's more like your last resource in case something went wrong that's why the 21 in the Utility is not that helpfull.

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I like starting with the and 2 health potions it's a really good choice for early laning, more mana regeneration mean more spamming, either to harass or to get that low health minion focused by your tower (that's where you will probably be standing the first 10-15 min of the game)also it allows you to get your Mephitic Codex faster than a Doran ring, the 2 potions are here to help you stay on your lane longer.
It has bees said enough times, you are not and early game champion, and Kage's lucky pick fits in your build just fine, always get gold per second items very fast if they fit in your build. I recommend uprading to Deathfire Grasp only after reaching 200+ AP i don't think your Deathfire is effective before, so start building your Rabadon's or eventually your Abyssal scepter if the enemy mages hit too hard, or your Zhonya if the AD carry is doing his job too well.

The last 2 items are situational.

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Skill Sequence

At the level 1, the ethereal chain is a very good choice. . . Slow + cage is a big help to invade or keep safe a jungle. You can also take distortion if you don't feel safe, don't take the sigil. It is useless if you can't blow it up, that deal less damages than any other spell, and don't have any special affect without another spell.

Then max your Sigil and your Distotion. The chain is good, but the first level is enough. Up your flash to get less cooldown and be able to farm with it eventually.

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Nuke Combo & Skill Use

The first important thing to know is the second effect of the Ethernal Chain blow up the sigil of silence. So, the ennemie champ is snare, and silence.

The second thing to know is that you can't go back after a distortion if you're snare, stun, suppressed, silence. . . It's obvious but I have to tell it. So don't dash on a Kassadin, a Malz, a Sion, even a lane with Taric or Soraka, if you're not sure you're target is already silenced or it's your kill move.

Remember you have 2 nuke combo :

1 - You're sure the champion in front of you is alone, and you realy want to see him dead.
Ethereal Chain - Sigil of Silence - Mimic ]- again a Sigil as fast as you can - Distortion

2 - you wanna deal some damages, but not waste your escape, because you don't feel safe.
Sigil - Mimic - Etheral Chain - Sigil

And don't forgot to use your Deathfire, which makes you even more powerful in late.

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Your Work

In very early game, you can't actually kill someone, so farm as well as you can, harass if you want/can, and finish your opponent when you get your level 6.

Your work in mid - late game, as LeBlanc, is to shut down the ennemy carry before the team fight or as fast as you can during a team fight. Don't be affraid to hide yourself in a bush, gank top or bot lane, help your jungle invade. If your target don't see you coming, that's a kill. A nocturne or sivir shield, purge, or QSS ? Silence this guy again, that's not a problem.