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League of Legends Build Guide Author edg0020

LeBlanc *Hybrid Build*

edg0020 Last updated on February 28, 2011
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LeBlanc *Hybrid Build*

LeBlanc is a very delicate champion who can kill champions instantly leaving your foes wondering what happened to them. Her skills give you so much versatility that its incredible. You should usually try to kill the enemy, but other times you will find it better to simply silence, slow or triple stun them for an assist. She is very difficult to play as because you must plan your skills during the battle.

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Trying out Leblanc

When you first play Leblanc you will notice that you will end up mimicking the wrong move several times. Do not get discouraged. This happened to me too. After several game practices you will automatically be able to react to the situation you are in.

Playing as Leblanc

Playing as Leblanc you must take note of the enemies magic resistance. Always attack enemies that have 40 or less magic resistance to do full damage in this build. Ignore the ones who have high magic resistance. Do not enter battle unless you have chosen your target. Building Leblanc, it is better to get magic penetration items over ability power items because she has high base spell damage and a low ability power ratios. It is best to play Leblanc by being stealthy, remaining out of sight of the enemy. Appear when your target is reachable, cast your spells and retreat. Once cool down finishes, enter battle again and do another combo with your spells. There will be times where you won't be able to kill any enemies because they are too tanky. In this scenario it is best to focus on the utility of your spells than trying to go for kills. Use your auto-attacks when you have in cool down as your auto-attacks in this build are very damaging. Try to silence champions who have channeling spells or are spell dependent. Try to slow and stun enemies that want to escape or are chasing you. Try to use your clone to lead an enemy to an ally opponent. Out of all that I have written, the most important part of playing Leblanc is knowing when your spell combos can kill your target and when your spells won't be able to. That way you can plan your escape effectively.

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Haunting Guise- I rush this item so that i immediately get 40 magic penetration and can do full damage to almost every champ during early and mid game.

Boots of Swiftness - buy these bad boys. With these you will be able to easily catch up to cast spells on enemies and escape better.

Nashor's Tooth - Great attack speed with ability power. But the main reason to get this item is for its Cool-down reduction. 25% CDR is awesome along with your already 10% from masteries.

Rage Blade - Very good item under this situation because you can do better auto attack damage.

Lich Bane - Great way to increase damage for tanks with your autoattack

Hex-tech Gun-blade - A great addition to any hybrid build. The on cast slow is very useful for aiming your illusionairy chains or for escaping.

Void Staff - Once the enemy gets to much Magic Resist. Sell your Haunting Guise and buy this item.

Deathcap - If you need more ability power sell your Nashor's Tooth and buy this item. Remember you just lost 25 percent CDR so go get the blue buff.

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Early, Mid and Late Game


Update: Clairvoyance Usefulness is amazing with leblanc. Leblanc main weakness is not being able to cast spells because the enemy went out of sight or went into a bush. So guess what, with Clairvoyance just cast on that bush and fire your spells away. The enemy might now even move because he or she believe they are safe.

Buy a Ruby Crystal for its HP and start farming for your haunting Guise. Do not harass the enemy. Her Sigil of Silence is too weak. It will be a waste of mana for you.

Once you level up to level 2. You can start harassing. Whenever the enemy gets in range fire a Sigil followed by deceive right at them. Start to auto attack the target if its safe. Cast deceive again when you want to return back to your starting position. Most of the times it is safe to auto attack at least once after performing the combo because the enemy is silenced. Continue to do this combo. If you are low in mana you have restore mana from fountain and return back to battle.

Once you are at level 6 you have Mimic. Now you have a few choices for your combo. You should start to do the following combo: Sigil -> Mimic -> Deceive when possible. This is a very fast combo. However, you can also do another combo but it is much slower and harder to perform because of cool downs. If you do it at level six its a guarantee kill. The combo is Sigil -> Mimic -> Sigil -> Deceive. If you perform this combo I am sure you got the kill. This combo can leave an enemy silenced for 6 seconds leaving them not being able to do nothing but run.


Mid Game is when teams start to GANK and work as a team. So by now champs should be around level 7-10. It varies by game. You should have your haunting Guise by now along with your Boots of Swiftness. As well as Ethereal Chains. With Ethereal Chains you have even more versatility. Here are the list of combos and some good examples of when to use them

Chains -> Sigil -> Mimic -> Sigil -> Decieve -> Flash = This combo is the most damaging combo. First approach the enemy and chain them. Follow them and cast a Sigil followed by a Mimic. You must cast Sigil and Mimic before ethereal chains stuns the enemy that way the enemy takes full damage. Once the enemy is stunned your sigil should be ready to cast again. Cast it followed by a deceive right at the enemy. Flash to escape.

Decieve -> Chains -> Sigil -> Mimic -> Flash = This combo is best used when you want to go through a thin wall and surprise attack the enemy. The moment you use Mimic you cannot return back with decieve so use flash to escape. You can also Flash first then Decieve to get away. For example, you want to gank ryze that is standing by his tower. Decieve through the trees. Cast Chains so that he can't run away. Sigil then Mimic and flash away. Remember to Flash to a place that is not to far away from ryze but the tower can't reach you so that ethereal chains can stun ryze.

Decieve -> Sigil -> Mimic -> Deceive = This combo is used in the same way as the combo above only that you don't have to use flash to get away. You could simply deceive back to your starting position. However the damage output of this move is less. So this is a better choice if the enemy has low hp.

Ethereal Chains -> Mimic -> Ethereal Chains = This combo can stun the enemy three times if timed right. It is best used when you are being chased or to save a teammate that is being attacked. A good example is an enemy Tryndemere. Lets say Tryn is attacking a teammate. He does his ultimate which prevents him from dieing and you teammate is in trouble. Cast Ethereal Chains and wait one second. Cast Mimic and wait another second. Then cast the next Ethereal Chains. Tryn won't be able to escape because of the three stuns. In addition, if you timed it right the last stun should trigger when his endless rage ends. Killing him.


Late Game is all about countering your enemies builds. For Leblanc, the most important thing is to pay attention to YOUR ENEMIES MAGIC RESISTANCE. I cannot stress this enough. Focus your attention to the enemies with low Magic Resistance and if the majority of the enemy have high Magic Resistance then its time to sell that Haunting Guise and buy a Void staff. If adding the void staff still doesn't help then you must use your auto attacks more and use your spells utilities in battle instead of their damage.

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Defensive Strategies


LeBlanc isn't all offense. She has some tricky defensive moves. Most of which come from her Passive and Deceive. They are listed below:


LeBlanc has a passive that activates when you have less than 40 percent of you health. She disappears for a second and reappears with a clone of herself. Here are some tricks to perform to trick your enemies.

a. The moment your passive activates flash to the nearest bush. Stay there hiddin while you move your clone around in the area. If the enemy attacks your clone, start attacking him with your combo.

b. When your passive activates and you don't know what to do with it, just send the clone to scout. Send it to the bush to check for possible ganks, send it to check baron or dragon, or send it around common areas where temo's shrooms are usually there to detonate them.

c. Play Possum. When your passive activates. Stop your character. (I have the "S" key set for the stop command) and send your clone running as if it was trying to escaping. If the enemy chases your clone send the clone to your nearest teammate. If the enemy attacks you. Either activate Zhoyna's Hourglass (if you got this) or Flash/Deceive away.

d. When your passive activates. Send both you and the clone to the bush and then send out either you or the clone. The enemy will be confused. They do not know if its you or the clone.


a. Run to the nearest bush. Then activate deceive in the bush and continue to make your escape. If the enemy is still on your tail, you have three seconds to decide to keep on running or return back to the bush. If you obviously can't make it, activate deceive. You will return back to the bush and take another path. Doing this usually leaves the enemy stumped. Most likely they forgot where your deceive starting location was. If the enemy is still following you remember you can repeat this again with a Mimicked Deceive at another bush.

b. You can simply Deceive then Mimic and if still necessary Flash for some great distance.

c. Deceive through a wall. If still in trouble, go back to the other side of wall and try another escape.

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At the beginning, LeBlanc can only last hit minions to farm. Do not use your spells to last hit you will waste your mana quickly. Instead auto attack them. However, once you are at level 7 get ethereal chains. That is when you can start going into the jungle and doing your combos at creep camps. Just use mimic wisley as it costs too much mana. Once you reach level 11 you unlock Mimic level 2. That is when you can start spamming it at creep camps since the cost of mana goes down to 50.

Deceive -> Mimic is great for farming waves of minions.


Sigil -> Deceive