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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lvx

LeBlanc - Increased survivability CC-*****

Lvx Last updated on November 3, 2010
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So, what am I supposed to find here?

You'll find an alternative, at least as nothing similar has been published here yet, concept how to play, survive and be a pain in the *** of your opponents, with LeBlanc.

As I refer to MR, MagPen, etc. in the following guide, you might want to check out the autors profile, with further information on that topics, here.

Okay, I've seen plenty of AP builds around, more or less all of them going for pure AP or AP+MagPen (I strongly recommend to get an idea of game mechanincs before suggesting to buy a void staff, by the way...).
This is pretty sad, as LeBlanc is quite a decent nuker (at least in 1v1 against squishies..), but neither is she the best nuker, nor nuking the best use you could make of her. As she has to close in on her enemies too far, without effective escape mechanisms (no, distortion aint your escape, as it will be on CD from nuking. And 12s is a long time in battles, you wont want to wait for it to cool down), her main function is being a supportive CC-*****.

Besides: Her skills scale pretty bad with AP. Okay, you cant see that from Mobafire yet, but her AP-scales are x0.6 for Sigil of Silence (0.3 for its secondary function) and Distortion, and x0.4 for Etheral Chains. Nothing to boil a gallon of water with...

Therefore I suggest this alternative build
In combination with your masteries you will still have:
54,22 MagPen flat (as reduced MR is, same as flat penetrated MR, taken out of calculations) and, after that is applied another 15% MagPen.
Your CDR will be 34%, pretty much all you need to have your Distortion ready every 8s. You dont have any spam skills anyway, so we wont go for any more CD.

But here is what does the trick:
99 Armor will grant you a nice extra dmg reduction (see below), as well as 154,5 MR will do with magic damage. Plus you get banshees passive every 30s.
An additional 1.100 HP... oh come on, I dont have to tell you that you love HP, you know it by yourself.

Your overall stats at lvl 18 will be:
1.740 + 1.100 = 2.840 Health
1.320 + 3.025 = 4.345 Mana (yeah, you dont need it, but take it as a boost for the archangel)
75 + 99 = 174 Armor (63,5% dmg reduction)
30 + 154.5 = 184,5 Magic Resistance (64,85% dmg reduction), and
195 + 0,03 * 4.345 = 325,35 AP*
That AP will still be enough to deal 260 + 0.6 * 325,35 + 100 + 0.3 * 325,35 + 250 + 0,6 * 325,35 + 1,5 * 250 + 0,9 * 325,35 = 1765,84 magic dmg with one Q-W-R combo.
So dont tell me LeBlanc would become weak.

Your CDs will be:
3,96s Sigil of Silence (6s w/o CDR)
7,92s Distortion (12s w/o CDR)
6,6s Etheral Chains (10s w/o CDR)
19,8 Mimic (30s w/o CDR)

With this build you should find it very easy to get your assists and kills togehter (after some practice you might want to swap archangels for mejais), support your team with great CC, and stand against all that guys that think LeBlanc is an squishy primary target.

Have fun with it, comment on it and please feel free to give me feedback how things went for you..