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LeBlanc General Guide by vabbydaddy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author vabbydaddy

LeBlanc Obliderates

vabbydaddy Last updated on August 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is for people who just want to spam the opposition with damage. I like LeBlanc. In fact i have been playing her and no other champion for about a month now, and she can over power almost any opposition if you play her the way i do, which i will explain in this build. This is LeBlanc Glass Cannon.

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In my runes i want something which will help me do damage. So, i give her magic penetration so if she is up against any one who would try and defend themselves against her ability power through magic resistance (all the smarter players will). If LeBlanc is up against them after they have reinforced their armoury she can still do some damage through the help of the Greater Mark of Insight runes.

For the seals section you are going to be spamming your abilities on your opponents. Manna will restrict your spamming, and also your chances of survival. In order for you to survive as long as you can you need manna, which the Greater Seal of Clarity runes can make sure you have a sustainable amount of manna regenerating. You can get the Greater Seal of Intellect, but i find that i exhaust my manna even more, because i spam more often and i am not left with any manna, so were back to square one. You want to have mana regeneration runes, so you can recover fast after a spam of your abilities. LeBlanc is all about brute force, when you initiate you use up all of your abilities in a flash. causing the most amount of damage in the shortest period of time, which is what your goal should be. In order to recover after each burst of abilities you need manna regeneration runes.
Another thing that effects your chances of survival are your abilities, and in order to use them you have to have them accessible the more accessible they are the more damage you can do the faster u can run the harder you can hit. Dont get too many cool down runes because LeBlanc's abilities are on a reasonably low cool downs its self and you'll start spamming more and more and run out of manna. so back to the same problem.

Then finally AP runes of course you want ap so you can pack a harder punch.

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masteries are straight up. As LeBlanc you would want, Manna, manna regen., speed, and cool down reduction.

My Summoner Spells are Ignite and Flash. So you would want a mastery point in them on the masteries page.

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start off with doran's ring. Gives you a broad base and a bit of everything such as health ability power and manna regen.

Now in order to be as hard hitting and impacting as possible your first item needs to upgrade your ability power as much as possible Rabadon's Deathcap provides enough ability power and its unique passive is very helpful, and boosts your AP.

So after getting dorans ring, get boots or blasting wand, or a needlessly large rod.
Your goal is max ap within smallest amount of time passed. So, first get a needlessly large rod if you have enough. if you dont then dont worry get boots or blasting wand. its still early in the game and your dominance is after level 6. I usually end up getting a blasting wand next.
Then boots.
then you would want a needlessly large rod or a blasting wand (depending on what you bought first)
Then i usually get level 2 boots. Sorc boots. they give you magic penetration. You NEED magic penetration.
Then rabadons. I am usually at level 11 or 12 by now.
Now is when you are OP. after you get your rabadons. you are OP as leblanc.
because you have about 168 or so ability power and all your abilities ALONG WITH IGNITE! can kill almost anyone. You need to be overly aggressive, however make sure it is a 1v1 situation or you have more team mates on your side of the battle. If you dont you will be focused and die fast.
You will earn money much faster now, so get a tear straight up.
then buy a blasting wand.
Now, let your tear stack up a little for the manna.
and in the mean time buy an amplifying tone.
build the amp tone, and blasting want into a viod staff.
Next, buy another blasting wand and build it into an Archangel's Staff.
if you are doing good. you should have around 400+ ability power.
then get a needlessly large rod and chain mail and build that into Zhonya's Hourglass.
That should give you over 500+ ability power and immense damage.

Later on in the game you can sell your dorans ring and buy any other ability power item like rylai's crystal cepter or if your doing amazing then get a Lich Bane.

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Skill Sequence

Your strongest spell is going to be sigil of silence.
Then Distortion
Then your Eternal Chains.
Your Mimic is valuable and can save your life and get you kills.

Alright so, when facing an opponent you should start off with your sigil of silence. Then Follow that up with your Mimic. That silences them
Then distortion onto them that will silence them again.
Chain them and ignite them.
then Distortion back out of the battle zone (minions and other champions do damage, yes minions your squishy in lower levels).
Your chains should still snare them, and give you that extra fire power for the kill, and if not. Ignite will finish them off.

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Summoner Spells

I chose Ignite and Flash
Well because sometimes you dont have enough fire power for whatever reason, and you go all in guns blazing. If by any chance your abilities do not have enough force to kill the opponent.
one of two things happen.
1) the opponent is not on the counter. he or she can run or attack back. If they attack back all you can do is distortion back and stall until you'r abilities are off cooldown, because your auto attacks do not do much. So you turn into a meat bag. Then you can flash out to the safety of your turret.

2) You use ignite and it gives you that extra push, the lethal edge does true damage and continues to do damage based on your level. Now you got the kill or they have low hp. feel free to either flash away or stand there and auto attack and wait for your Sigil of Silence to be back up. You have to judge the health of the opposition.

Either way the opponent has little or no hp left. You have the upper hand. So Ignite secures the kill. and Flash is a safety measure than you will make it back to the turret or can go through a wall and be safe.

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So basically LeBlanc is explosive. Its all determined on how fast you can hit the keys and click on the target. Try and follow this combination if you are the Aggressor.

Sigil of Silence ---> Mimic ---> Distortion ---> Eternal Chains ---> Distortion(If applicable)

so for dummies its Q --> R ---> W ---> E ---> W(if applicable)

you will be explosive if you follow this build. it gives you alot of ap and magic penetration. you can kill people at break neck pace.

If you want to counter an attack. Then follow.

Sigil of Silence ---> Mimic ---> Eternal Chains ---> Distortion(away from the opponent towards safety or over a wall or anything)


Q ---> R ---> E ---> W (away from opponent)

If your Screwed and everyones coming for you. and you need to run like a stereotypical African American. Then

Distortion(as far as you can) ---> Mimic (as far as you can) ---> Flash (if it is up)

W ---> R ---> F/G

So use surroundings to your advantage like bushes walls. attack from the side never be head on. Unless its a 1v1 situation.
When you go for it. Just go for it and SPAM your combination.

This is my first guide so don't be too harsh i know its not the best, but it will definitely give you crazy burst as LeBlanc.

GG mofaka


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