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LeBlanc Build Guide by thanhpi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thanhpi

LeBlanc Pro Gamer!

thanhpi Last updated on July 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello Before Rating Or commenting please read the full guide to make a full opinion of it and do also test it first just dont use the build i will write About how to play her to. Please Enjoy this guide and read on :D
(My First guide hope you enjoy :D:D:D)

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Early/Mid/Late game!

Between Early/Mid/Late game there will be some differences, In early game since you are ranged you can probably Get some minion kills and level up, You do not have to Go kill minions you can always stay in bush and jsut let your lane friend do all teh work while you gain XP and level up but the faster you level up the better, If you are using the runes i have recommended you should be able to get a kill or two in early game excactly before leveling to level 6 the enemys will think you wont be able to kill them but you will. Read Technique 2 on Skill sequence.

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Pros / Cons


    Leblanc is EPIC in 1v1s
    Leblanc is good at ganks

    Lebland is Quite Squishy
    Leblanc is Very Mana independant

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Skill Sequence/techniques

Technique 1
Leblancs Skill sequence is important because Leblanc is all AP and has quite a Cooldown Reduction if you havent stacked to the fully which gives you a 15% CD but without it its a pretty long CD so without the right Skill sequence you might not get the kill. So to start with depending on your situation there are different ways but usually you are quite a bit away from the enemy so your is probably out of range and a quick dash forward with either a flash or and then use etherial chains to slow them down and then combo that with sigil of silence because your Q will be teh Greater Damager out the whole game. and then go on and use to activate your silence with your first sigil of silence and then 1 or 2 seconds later your should have done its stun and there by dealing more damage plus activating your silence a second time to prevent any flashes and if they still would not be dead just use or another summoner spell. that shoulkd probably get you the kill if they wouldnt KS you.

Technique 2
as you probably are in Early game you will have a great chance of getting first blood but only if you are using the runes and have bought you will have quite high Ability power so start of with instead of and then go with sigil of silence to do the real damage and then a few seconds later get the stun with and to finsih he/she of do the chance of surviving it is about 20/80 depending if it is a tank or not you should probably have ignite if something would occur and use the again to escape.

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There are different choices of Builds but isuggest to always start with mejai's soulsteler to get that early Damage and then i see these 2 items as the basic but i do always want a for the AP boost and then void staff size032. i think that is expected for a mid game not later if you still in the game but if you get it earlier the its just great! then we start making choices you can either go for 2 more or 1 and 1 depending on what the enemy team is. if you find someone annoying stunning you or just doing alot of damage in AP build then take the second option for a bigger chance of killing him or her and dodging the first abilitie.

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Summoner Spells

There are lots of great summoner spells depending on your game style.

i see this spell as the strongest one thsi spell has got me lost of kills by dashing forward and then puting ignite and i ca n just escape while he is burning to death.

Yes of course This is a classic i see this as a MUST HAVE! because its great for hunting even with le blanc or escaping because sometimes you might run out of mana and there you go! FLASH FTW!

great spell gives health not teh best but saves you sometimes good for tricking people into battle for an example 100 hp vs 200 hp goes down to 40 hp vs 100 hp
BAM! HEALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! 250 hp vs 50 hp... darnit you are screwed so yeah it might get you a kill if both of you are meele AD.

Great spell what can i say it slows the enemy down
but in every battle i just dont see it usefull i use my instead and then sometimes even to get even closer and last much better for example Leblanc vs Master Yi you have 500hp Yi 100 He does Ulti and runs since He cant be slowed not even with spells! all you can do is have a speed race with him and thats where Exhaust looks bad and flash feels better and exhaust never really been this escape thing.
+ you have Ethereal chains to slow them down to.

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Preferably for a reat early game you should be using only Flat AP runes but id rather go for a full rune page of AP Per Level which will help out alot and will be more then Flat ap in a few levels

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LeBlanc is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!! PROOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! please Comment FAILS in this guide or miss spells and i will correct them and please also do vote so iknow how this guide was and in comments say what i was missing so my second gudie can be better!