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LeBlanc Build Guide by bulmung

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bulmung

Leblanc Queen of mid

bulmung Last updated on August 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Long time reader, first time writer. I have been playing leblanc for a while now, and have come to the conclusion she is the queen of the mid. Leblanc is able to kill almost any champion by lvl 4, and at lvl 6 she can make an enemy disappear in under 2 seconds. Leblanc is an easy champ to dominate mid with, but very challenging to use in team fights. With this guide I will illustrate how to I build leblanc and wreak havoc on any unfortunate soul who has to solo against me.

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[*] can kill almost anyone early game near instantaneously.
[*] has 2 escape skills. (Distortion, and ult distortion)
[*] Extremely mobile with flash and distortion.
[*] Passive can block skill shots, and Caitlyn's ult

[*] Usually becomes the focus of the enemy team. (which could be a good thing if kited properly)
[*] loses a bit of her stopping power when tanks get geared up.
[*] lacking mana in the early game

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I use magic pen marks, for obvious reasons. These are really the only way to go for a caster.

I use a mixture of flat and per lvl mana per 5 seals. This helps alleviate the mana problem in the early game.

Great glyph of force for my glyph's. At lvl 6 these surpass the flat AP runes. Making these the superior choice when looking for some extra AP

Quints of potency are my quints of choice. This will give u a good bit more damage in the early game, allowing you to harass a bit more before you go in for the kill.

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For my masteries I prefer a 10/20/0 build. In offense I take the usual setup. Making sure to get the cool down reduction and magic pen.

Now the defense masteries is where I think this build differs from others. I choose the defense tree for extra survivability, and 4% bonus AP. Ardor is a great mastery for casters. Resistance and armor will keep you in lane just a tad bit longer, and could potentially save your life a few times. The extra health from the defense tree isn't bad to have either. 4% less damage can be a life saver as well.

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So i get amp tome first for a little boost in damage. I also take a single health pot to keep me in lane for just that little bit longer needed. I go back when I have enough for the soul stealer. At this point I already have 1-2 kills in mid (unless they are just sitting on the turret).

I go for my sorcerers shoes second to help me with getting away from potential ganks ( The enemy team should be a little worried that you have 2 kills on their mid already). You can buy the regular boots and opt to get the death cap before upgrading them. I prefer to have the upgraded boots myself but it is an option.

The third item is the death cap. Biggest boost in AP you can have. I don't really need to explain this choice.

Next I start building the hour glass, this give a big boost in AP while giving some armor. This is a great item to help leblanc be a little less squishy.

I follow this up with abyssal scepter, this is another boost in AP while giving MR and magic Penetration. This is a casters best friend.

The last item is entirely situational. I mostly go for Morello's evil tome, Ap boost and CDR. Or if their team is heavy AD get a thornmail, and if they are a little heavy in the AP get a banshees veil.

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SKill Sequence

This is pretty much standard. You want to max your Q first. This is your bread and butter. Your W is mainly used to kill minions and get in close to enemy targets. Leblanc's E is used to slow an enemy down so you can Q them to death. And Leblanc's ult should always be a duplicate of her Q (unless used to escape certain death).

The 4 button combination I use at lvl 6 and up to kill any enemy is very simple but must be hit very quickly. W Q R E that is all you have to do. W is used to close the distance and potentially hurt the enemy champ. Q is your damage output. R mimics your Q skill while boosting its damage output. and E to either finish them off or keep them in range long enough to kill them with another Q shot. Land this combo and be amazed at how fast an enemey can fall.

Tip on Leblanc's passive. Her passive will spawn a clone that doesn't really do much other than confuse the enemy. Yes this can be used to your advantage. The obvious use is a misdirection act to allow your to escape. I found that if Caitlin begins using her ult on me I am able to have my clone absorb the bullet for me keeping me alive and annoying the enemy. This also works for ashes ult and others.

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Summoner Spells

For me there are only 2 choices in this category. Ignite for extra harass ability plus a finish move for runners, and the bonus 10 AP doesn't hurt either.

And flash, flash is so versatile as a skill. it is an offensive and defensive skill. You can use flash to make a quick escape, as well as use flash to get close enough for distortion to land on an enemy opponent.

For me there is no other options.

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Your Job

Dominate mid look for potential ganks early game. Once team fights begin your play style will change because Leblanc is no team fighter, she is an assassin. Your job is to stay back pick a target distortion/flash in take him out and escape. Leblanc picks off the weak, and cowardly. She uses her speed and maneuverability to snipe enemy players. You should always be aiming for enemy carries. You should be able to kill an enemy Tryndamere before he can even hit the R key. You will find that later int he game enemies will run at the mere sight of you if they do not have back up.

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Dominating mid was never so easy. using this setup will allow you to control mid so bad the enemy team will more than likely send replacement mid chars to defend. Only to find out they cant handle you either. Leblanc is a great mid and I feel can be a useful asset to any team.

Side note, first build be gentile and constructive criticism please.