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LeBlanc Build Guide by elfkid999

AP Carry LeBlanc single target burst to the max!

AP Carry LeBlanc single target burst to the max!

Updated on November 3, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author elfkid999 Build Guide By elfkid999 2,105 Views 0 Comments
2,105 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author elfkid999 LeBlanc Build Guide By elfkid999 Updated on November 3, 2012
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Introduction that isn't really necessary to read!

Hello summoners this is my first guide and I decide to make it about one of my favorite champions Leblanc,
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pros and cons


-high mobility
-best single target burst in game
-great at ganking other champs

-fairly squishy with this build
-early game kinda blue dependent
-will get targeted just because your feared.
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build guide

With LB you want to start out with boots of speedand 2 hp pots and a mana pot Your text to link here..., on your first recall ( or b for short ) you should have enough or close to enough for your Mejai's soulstealer.after soul stealer move onto your hextex revolver YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS ITEM EARLY GAME! It will help you stay in lane longer and I can't count how many times this items saved my life with its passive. after that move onto your death cap! This item should be pretty much self explanatory. After death cap buy your self a rylias crystal speter dont be afraid to by this item before your death cap if you need more surviablity its 500 hp should definitely keep you in longer. Now the other team should relise your fed (which you should be) and is now building a ton of mr. This is where you build a void staff. Its magic pan and ap will help you kill those who dare stand against you. now you upgrade your hextex revolver into a Amplifying tomeNOw at this point if your dying to much ( or before this point) and the crystal scepter wasn't enough to keep you from dying. sell the soul stealer and by a hour glass. Its passive puts you into a state to where you cant be targeted but cant move attack or use any spells for 2 seconds. ( I know it doesn't seem like a long time but It can really save your behind many of times.
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ablitity comboing

for farming just use your w skill (in lower levels youll need to wait till there roughed up a bit.)

When hitting champs u go q-r-w-e-q
This combo should almost always kill your enemy. unless there galio. (I hate galios)

when under level 6 q-w-e-q
this will usually take away more then half there hp.
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the end

I know the guide format isn't good or anything like that lets be honest. first guide first try its harder then it looks please comment on how I could improve this guide. and constructive feed back is always welcome. Have a good day my fellow summoners.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author elfkid999
elfkid999 LeBlanc Guide
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LeBlanc single target burst to the max!

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